ObamaCare Public Opinion – Even Liberals Hate It!

Even the liberals hate ObamaCare, or at least Democrats. It looks like ObamaCare got a little bump in the polls after last week’s theatrics, but still 52% of the country thinks it’s a bad idea – that covers all the “independent’s” who voted for Obama.

Any real scrutiny of this constitutional abomination reveals how bad ObamaCare really is. The National Review Online has a great piece by Stephen Spruiell, which lays out the case against ObamaCare with one twist – the case is made by a team from NPR. Well, well, well…even the left doesn’t like it. The headline of the piece is priceless: Welcome to the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Funny thing is…usually the left doesn’t like it because it doesn’t go far enough, vis a vis the public option, funding abortions, etc. But in this case, it is on actual humanitarian grounds – it provides poor coverage.

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