Is Obama a Brilliant Saint, or an Evil Dumb-Dumb?

Trying to make sense of Obama is like trying to have a conversation with a fish. You can’t do it. Since we can’t make sense of it, we can at least try to understand the motivations behind the nonsensical policies.

Let’s take the expiring Bush tax cut, for example. The Bush tax cuts were applied to every single income bracket, top to bottom. So if these tax cuts expire, everyone who pays taxes will get a tax increase. Even if only the top brackets get a tax increase, it is catastrophic to the economy. As we’ve cited many times in these pages, the top 5% of income earners pay about 60% of all taxes!

So, Answer this question: If you are a business owner and you become less profitable, what would you do?

The answer is simple: either cut costs or raise prices.

If you cut costs, the number one place to do that is in headcount. Employees are EXPENSIVE. If you raise prices, you’re hurting consumers. Both are bad for the economy.

I have no problem figuring this out, and I was a mediocre student at an average state school.

This begs the question: Does Barack Obama know that that increasing taxes will hurt the economy?

Here are some other questions that seem pretty easy to answer…

  • Is adding trillions of dollars to the national debt good for the economy?
  • Is taxing carbon emissions good for consumers?
  • Is wealth redistribution allowed for in the Constitution?

Simple questions, all.

To follow the line of thinking then, we come to a crossroads: These are all Obama policies; increase taxes, increase debt, taxing carbon emissions, and wealth redistribution. Here are the options…

  1. Obama thinks these things are actually good and will help the USA. If he thinks this, he is dumb, inept, or both.
  2. Obama knows these things won’t help the USA and doesn’t care. If this is true, he is evil.
  3. Obama is not sure what will happen if he does these things, but does them anyway. If this is true, he is dumb, inept and evil.

Now we’ll throw a curve ball into the mix. Publicly, Obama claims that his policies are really great (see #1 above). Since he is saying this for all to hear, that gives credence to the first option: that Obama is a dumb-dumb.


What if he is #2?   That would mean that he is not only evil, but also a liar.  That would be a really bad one, don’t you think?


  1. Great minds think alike! Marcia was thinking along similar lines when she penned Inept of Adept on modernconservative.

  2. Wonderrful! Marcia’s post was an excellent read. I am still shocked at the 54 page report idetailing the antibusiness policies being pushed by the Obama administration. Unbelievable.

    I’m going to add a link over to that blog…

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