Restoring Honor 8/28 – The Good and the Bad

8/28 Rally Crowd SizeI’m finding myself defending my opinion about the 8/28 rally to a whole bunch of conservatives.  I didn’t intend for it, but that’s the way it has shaken out.  So I figured some notes of explanation may be in order…

First, anyone who has spent even a few minutes on these pages knows full-well that we believe passionately that our freedom is granted by God.  No man or government can deliver freedom, it is left only to God.  This is a simple and powerful precept: If man is the arbiter of freedom, how much freedom should you have?  Who decides?  See the problem with this?

So, let’s put that behind us…the message Glenn Beck delivered on 8/28 was essentially that we must turn toward the fundamental belief in God-given rights.  Once we all accept that our freedom is inherent to our being, we are less apt to allow another man to take control of our lives through public policy or otherwise.

Second, part of the message of 8/28 was to look inward first.  By focusing on Judeo-Christian morals and traditions, we can become better individuals.  When we take time to nurture our families, to encourage faith, to act honorably by telling the truth and keeping our word, it makes us better people.  If everyone, or at least more people, would follow these simple life guidelines, it will make the country a much better and stronger country.

Lastly, the message the Rally itself sent was a powerful one.  As I stood at the Rally talking to a very nice couple in from Chicago (he has a law practice), I found myself saying, “The best thing about this rally and the number of people is that down the street at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, people are watching their TV’s saying ‘oh sh&%.'”  It’s true.  I bet Obama, Emanuel and Axelrod had a few “oh sh&%” moments on Saturday – even if they feigned nonchalance.  I bet they are in a panic.

I enthusiastically agree with these core messages of the 8/28 rally.

I enthusiastically disagree with the timing of the 8/28 rally.

It has been said time and again that we are at a crossroads.  We are.  When a man like Barrack Hussein Obama comes along and attempts to re-make the country into his own vision, for his own power and glory, there is a real problem.  The policy initiatives put forth by this President and this Congress are nothing short of subversive.  They must be stopped.

We have only one vehicle to stop a power-hungry socialist like Obama:  neuter him in the elections.  This is the only power we have as citizens.

If our only power as citizens is to vote those who would subjugate us out of office, we must make every effort to do so.  We have an election coming up in two short months.  So the problem is not with the content of Glenn Beck’s Restoring Honor Rally, rather it was the timing of it, and the priority of action.

Glenn BeckWhat good is a belief in God-granted freedom if we live under oppressive tyranny?  If we become powerless to fight off the tyranny, having honor does no good.  What good did honor do for the millions who died under Stalin?  Was being honorable able to free Jews from Auschwitz?  If the people of Russia and Germany had organized and worked to politically disable Stalin and Hitler, there may well have been time to work on restoring honor, faith and charity.

Sure, in the after-life we will be saved.  But in the here and now I’d like my children to grow up with freedom and liberty.

Honor is a must, but focusing the public discussion on it at a time when the elections are so near, and so important, is bad prioritization.  Especially when Beck has the power to really make a difference in this election.  To ensure that we maintain our freedom and the nature of our Republic as it was originally intended, we must elect people who will help to restore America back to it’s original form of government.  Glenn Beck would agree with this, I am sure.  But our tactics would be executed in a different order.

Between now and the November elections, we should work tirelessly to promote conservative ideals, promote good conservative (Republican) candidates, and focus intensely on maintaining intensity in the conservative movement, all in the context of the election.

After a routing in November, THEN is the time to sit back and reflect on what to do with the new found breathing room.  Once we have neutered the President in his ability to further erode our freedom, then we can set about promoting the benefits of faith, hope and charity.

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