How Many Times Do You Pay Taxes – EACH DAY?

Leave me alone! It is such a simple concept, but one so burdened with contempt. Interestingly, liberals at once demand a complete lack of judgment or infringement by any one person to any other, yet they also seek to take more and more of our personal freedom through legislation and judicial fiat. Ah, the dichotomy of the modern liberal. On closer examination, we see that the former is really a means to the latter. By removing any sense of personal responsibility and moral conduct the left paves the way for government intrusion. After all, if the people cannot be entrusted with their own well-being, surely the government must step forward and help, right?


Both of these liberal constructs, acceptance of irresponsibility and a subsequent government replacement thereof, need to be systematically destroyed. The result will be smaller government and a more prosperous citizenry.

Leave me alone.

Throughout every step of every day, the government intrudes on our lives in ways that were never intended. Stop at a local coffee shop for a latte and a bagel and see what I mean…

* The government regulates the processing of the milk used in your drink
* They compel the shop owner to pay a certain wage
* They regulate the nutrition label on the cream cheese container
* They mandate messaging on the sweetener packets
* There are occupancy ratings compelled by government
* Health licensing certificates

Then you walk back to the restroom…

* The government regulates the design of the restroom, compelling distances between sink and toilet
* Mandates placards displaying hand washing standards
* Regulates water flow rates of the toilet
* Regulates handicapped access

Then you go to pay for your cup and bagel…

* The shop owner had to pay taxes on the wholesale products he purchased
* He must file a quarterly retail sales tax document
* A special food tax is applied
* You will pay the state sales tax

Leave me alone! This is just at the local coffee shop, and is grossly understated – I’m surely missing many other encroachments. Indeed, if you tracked your entire day you would encounter oppressive government every step of the way. Each encounter would, by itself, be small and therefore seemingly benign. But taken holistically, it becomes a nine-headed Hydra with razor-sharp fangs oozing with the red, white and blue blood of freedom.

We should be left alone in the proper manner. Left alone with our sense of reason. Left to our own God given sense of morality. Left to keep the money that we work so hard for. Left alone to raise our children in the way we see fit. Left alone to succeed or to fail and to try over and over again if we do fail. Left alone to get a cup of coffee without seeing the government every step of the way. Left alone to bump an elbow on the sink in a coffee shop bathroom!

The left would have us left alone to behave in any manner, no matter how socially or morally repugnant, and then excuse it as the result of some free-market induced disparity or grievance. The next step is to devise some government program to confiscate wealth of those who make good decisions and give it to those who lead the aforementioned ill-mannered life. The circle is then complete.


Leave me alone.

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