Tea Party Movement Crushes Racist FaceBook Commenter

This afternoon I glanced through my Facebook page to get caught up on all the comments posted by friends over the weekend. A link from the Tea Party Patriots popped up with a link to Hot Tea Radio, an internet broadcast.  As I often do, I “liked” the link and started perusing the comments.

About 5 or 10 comments down was the most vile, racist comment I have seen.

My wife came in from the other room as she heard me exclaim, “What the heck is this!?”  I sat there with my jaw on the floor wondering what exactly I had just read.  The post cannot be repeated here, because it was such a vile attack.  It prompted me to write the following in the comments:

I don’t know who you people are but you disgust me. There is zero room for you in FB, the Tea Party movement or in civilized society.

I simply could not believe what I had read.  My best guess is that the comments were made by someone from an opposition, leftist group, who was seeking to harm the Tea Party movement, or paint us as racist.

They failed utterly.

I checked back in about 5 minutes and what I observed made a profound statement about the Tea Party Movement.  Within 10 minutes, 88 people had commented under this link.  The comments were not about the link itself, but about the vile comments that were made.  As of the writing of this blog, there were 109 comments and 218 “likes” to comments, all delivering a group flogging to the bigot.

The speed and wrath with which Tea Party supporters came down on the offending comments was a sight to behold. Every comment excoriated the hateful remarks.  Some even added a prayer after offering advice for the (obviously) troubled commenter.  They were all different, but every comment had the same theme:

There is no place for bigotry of any kind in the Tea Party movement, and the Tea-Party people make sure of that.

That a group of unconnected people would independently crush some bigot in a forum like this speaks volumes about the motivations and character of the average Tea Party movement member.  I am proud to be associated with this grass roots movement, which seeks to return our country back to its founding ideals: limited government, free markets, personal responsibility, and fiscal restraint.

I am proud of the Tea Party. This episode only furthers my support for them and my resolve to help them take back our country.

Fortunately, Facebook seems to be on top of situations like this.  Within a half hour from the initial post, the racists were blocked from Facebook.  Good riddance.

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