The Obama Healthcare Ruse

Another Obama Ruse – perhaps one that trumps any slight of hand to date.  Granted, the following thesis treads deeply into the pool of cynicism, but with the constant barrage of twisted logic and outright lies the Obama administration now deserves nothing short of contemptuous mistrust.

House Bill  H.R 3962 will open the door to complete government control over the citizenry.  Once passed, there is no limit to what the government will be able to regulate.  From the food you eat to the products and services you buy, the government will regulate it.  The larger issue of governmental authority will be the sinister backdrop.  Beyond health care, the precedent the bill makes is not just dangerous, but fatal to the Republic.  With such a grand reward for our Progressive in Chief, the bill must be passed.   The anti-abortion provisions are a ruse to pass the bill.

But not in the way you might think.

During October, when the 2000 page bill was being crafted, the notion that the bill provided national subsidies for abortion began surfacing with more and more frequency.  This was by design.  In response, the predictable voices on the Republican side began crowing about how terrible this would be and how they could never support a bill that included this type of funding.

Enter the Stupak-Pitts amendment – an amendment that specifically prevents the public option from covering abortion costs as part of the regular coverage.  Great, right?  Wrong.  All this did was set off the, again predictable, firestorm of political confrontation.  The left wants no such amendment, the right doesn’t want any of it, and the squishy middle sits its collective ass on the fence, waiting on a resolution before they’ll make their decision.

Suddenly, the argument is almost exclusively about whether or not abortion is covered in the bill.

If the left caves in, the progressive Republican Senators (think Snowe, McCain, Graham) may well get behind this bill.  If the moderate liberals cave in, the left gets what they want with support of the entire Democrat party – enough to win passage.

This is all conventional wisdom and none of it matters.

The discussion about abortion provisions, or lack thereof is a moot point because there are already plenty of vehicles for the federal government to provide abortion funding.  Planned Parenthood alone receives some $300,000,000.00 per year in federal grants and subsidies.  Make no mistake, the federal government is already very much involved with funding abortions.

Abortion provisions are a grand distraction, designed to change the discussion and deflect the more important debate; the one about government power, constitutional limits, and the erosion of freedom.

Obama has most likely calculated that the discussion about abortion is the one he wants to have.  If the left loses the battle and the Stupak-Pitts amendment remains part of the bill it doesn’t matter because the federal government will just funnel abortion funding through another channel, like Planned Parenthood.  If the left wins the battle and gains support from moderate Democrats, the bill will pass anyway, since the Democrats have a majority sufficient to pass the bill without any Republicans.

By keeping the argument about abortion, the real debate never has a chance to surface because the inflammatory abortion chatter is all that can be heard.  With the distraction firmly in place, the bill passes, Obama wins and the Republic dies.

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