Is Everyone On Crazy Pills?

This is re-printed with permission…a fantastic piece…Thanks, Bobby for your passion and patriotism!

Written by: Robert Johns, concerned US Citizen

It is a sad state of affairs when illness could strike any one of us and bankrupt our families even with health insurance.  One thing both sides of the aisle agree upon is we need health care reform.  Our dollar is depreciating while health care costs are rising.  The number of available doctors is shrinking in relation to our country’s growing health care needs.  Every year we pay health insurance companies more money… and they do less.  We pay for plans that cover what we don’t need while lacking many benefits we do need.  A business could go claim free for an entire year and rates still go up.  We have all seen and or heard of health insurance companies trying to find ways out of their contractual obligations.  Patients often purchase medical equipment through insurance companies at a far greater cost than what can be found on the free market.  They don’t seem to make too much sense with the things they do and could use an overhaul.

With health care, identifying the problems is an easier task than coming up with the solutions.  Each passing day, our confidence in Congress’s ability to fix these major flaws in our system becomes more and more questionable.  Many progressives in the media are quick to point out how the free market system is failing when it comes to health care without factoring in how government regulations put a stranglehold on options to the public.  Why on earth would our state and federal government limit our ability to purchase from companies all across this nation?  This would increase competition giving us more choices and forcing prices down.  With that being said, businesses in our country are already taxed higher than almost any nation on the planet.  As much as we would like to believe the number is greater, an Associated Press report shows health insurance companies operate on average with a less than 3% profit margin.  An industry that makes up 1/6th of our country’s economic being… only sees a 3% profit!  If we allow a lower quality and cheaper government option, it will diminish any chance of the nation’s insurance companies being viable businesses.

A government plan will slowly kill private insurance.  Companies throughout the nation have been switching to cheaper and lower quality plans for years to save money.  As soon as the government health care option comes about, those companies will gradually move that direction.  Private carriers will not be able to compete with a bare bones system like the government option and will see no reason to continue in the red.  What we will be operating under is an equivalent of the Medicare system.  The Medicare system is so inefficiently run that it is almost completely bankrupt.  The American Medical Association’s 2008 National Health Insurer Report Card shows Medicare has more denied claims than any private insurance company.  An ABC News health report tells us that every year, more and more doctors stop taking Medicare because they don’t want to provide the same service for 50% less money and deal with slow reimbursement turn-a-round and three times the paperwork.  Research at the H.S. Dent foundation brings to light that soon, the largest demographic in the country, the baby boomers, will be overwhelming Medicare.  The level of inefficiency will rise and the system’s funding will be completely drained.  With the funds depleted, doctors fear the reimbursement for their services will be reduced even further.  Considering there will already be a shortage of doctors serving this nation’s increasing medical needs, it doesn’t make sense for them to serve a failing program.

This brings us to the doctors.  Our MD’s are being crucified under our current system with the outrageous costs that have nothing to do with taking care of people.  Doctors are being forced to waste time and money covering their backsides by running every single possible test so they can tell you what “the test” said instead of just giving you their professional opinion.  Why do they do this?  We live in a society where attorneys prey on emotions of the unfortunate.  Even if these attorneys know a lawsuit is unwinnable, they still move forward, racking up billable hours while continuing to clog up our court system.  Our doctors pay out astronomical insurance premiums just so they have protection when they inevitably go to court and have “the tests” on trial.  Can you believe this?  These doctors go through four years of pre med, four years of medical school, two years interning and two years of residency just so we can rest everything on “the test”… which in all likelihood someone without all that education could perform.  We can lower our costs and improve the quality with tort reform.  Our doctors should not need to focus on protecting themselves when we walk into their office.  Running fifty million tests to get the answers to questions the doctors already know is wasteful.  Our tax dollars being wasted in the courts on these frivolous lawsuits is insane.  The suggestion is not to eliminate testing or leave folks with botched procedures high and dry.  We need to look closely at the wasted time and money these doctors are dealing with in our legal system.  Sadly, most politicians know this and the evidence is out there, but yet not one word of tort reform in this proposed plan.  For those with doubt, talking to your family physician is a good start for information.

Our nation is facing a potential economic catastrophe.  The government is borrowing money from foreign nations at an alarming rate, and paying it back by confiscatory taxes and by printing more money, thus further devaluing the currency.  A government system will cause taxes to skyrocket.  This comes at a time when unemployment is at its highest in decades and the dollar becomes weaker every day. There are concerns oil will stop being traded on the world market with the American dollar as the standard currency. This alone would cause the price of a barrel of oil to rise dramatically.  A Cap & Trade tax is coming down the line that is expected to increase our energy costs.  CNN and other news agencies are talking about a commercial real estate bubble heading our way.  Our nation is fighting “a war of necessity” and journalists on the ground are saying this has a far greater potential to cross borders and last for years. According to the US Debt Clock, our national debt is over $11 trillion with over $105 trillion in unfunded liabilities.  Everything our government spends must get paid back by us through our taxes.  The government doesn’t make money…we do.  When you consider our population is over 307 million and of that, less than half pay income tax, it is a frightening proposition, indeed.  The current pattern is unsustainable… and the government solution seems to be is to pile more debt on top of this?

It is said that this will not cover folks that are here illegally.  The interesting thing is, immigration reform is on this administration’s agenda and nothing has been discussed.  Why on Earth would we pass this with such a huge question mark on how many people could potentially be added to this equation?

Bottom line, our constitution was put in place to protect us from government.  Accepting this plan would surrender you and your family’s lives to them.  You will be completely at the government’s mercy as they will be making your health care decisions.  They are going to fine people for not purchasing something.  It is unconstitutional for the government to compel citizens to purchase a product or service!  Doing so will be at the cost of our personal liberty.

We all want better healthcare at a lower cost.  We don’t want our family to lose everything if we get sick.  We don’t want to be told we can’t afford to live.  Though these problems exist, what is in this proposal is not going to fix anything and it will come at a cost greater than this nation can bear.  We need to implement careful and smart steps to reach our goal of affordable quality health care for our nation.  The select few in congress that threw this 1,990 page document filled with legal jargon together behind closed doors with zero transparency are not serving this country.  This is not something that should be forced down our collective throat.  Citizens need to make sure their representatives read all 1,990 pages of the bill.  This is something that should be watched closely and we need to take the time to write letters to our politicians.  The clock is ticking!!!  This is the time for Americans to let Washington know what we want, what we don’t want and what we won’t tolerate.  We are the ones that hired them to serve our needs.  They must understand our demands and expectations.


  1. “Private carriers will not be able to compete with a bare bones system like the government option”
    “The Medicare system is so inefficiently run that it is almost completely bankrupt. ”

    Wait, so the the problem with Medicare that’s its too cheap or its too expensive? In fact, its probably the most cost-effective medicare coverage (the Veterans Health Administration socialized medicine system excepted) in the country. What’s curious about Medicare is that people with actual experience as Medicare patients like it, its people too young to enjoy Medicare coverage who talk junk about the “government plan”.

    Six years ago, the Kaiser Foundation asked a national sample of adults to rate the Medicare program. Medicare was hugely popular among those aged 65 or greater. Eighty percent rated Medicare favorably. Similarly, more than half of seniors (62 percent) considered Medicare “well run” compared to only 28 percent willing to say the same of “private health plans such as PPOs and HMOs that people get through their jobs.”… Those under 65, however, had very different views. Only 45 percent rated Medicare favorably. Only 36 percent considered it well run, as compared to 47 percent who said the same about private health plans. While 73 percent of those over 65 said Medicare allowed patients to choose any doctor, only 28 percent of those under 65 agree.

    P.S. Nixon took us off the gold standard in 1971 and since then we’ve had zero debts outside our own currency. Since the US Government pays its bills in currency it controls, it can never go bankrupt or “run out of money”.

  2. You are so spot on re defensive medicine, which is throttling medical practices and wasting billions of dollars that we could use elsewhere. Only one consitutency worships the medical liability status quo. Take a guess! See under Legal Quality.

  3. You’re right that the elderly enjoy Medicare benefits. My parents are no exception. The point here is not that services are bad; services are rendered by private professionals in most cases, save for the VA. So service satisfaction comes, in part, from an appreciation of the doctors that performed, not of the fiscal stability of the system that reimburses the doctors. Moreover, satisfaction with customer experience from an administrative perspective also does not address the fiscal stability of the system. Nor does it address the federal dependency issues, redistributive issues or the myriad public policy issues. User satisfaction and responsible public policy are mutually exclusive.

    It is this system that is broken.

    Medicare reimbursements are a fraction of what they are in an unencumbered market. Because doctors are reimbursed at a reduced rate, they are less likely to perform services for patients under that system and will throttle back the number of these patients.

    On Sunday, I had a long conversation with an Occuloplastic Surgeon in the DC area. This doctor explained that because reimbursements are so low, and with further medicare reimbursement cuts planned, he has no choice but to shift his business to fee-for-service treatments, like cosmetic surgery and other elective procedures.

    So, to answer beowulf, Medicare is bad because it is costs doctors too much to service medicare patients, while offering full coverage for little money to patients. That is, it’s too expensive on the supply side, and too cheap on the demand side.


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