Christine O’Donnell – The Schizo-Conservative

Christine O’Donnell is a curious case.  Of course the main stream media and leftists (is there a difference?) are just hammering away at her.  This is to be expected, I suppose.  After all, she is a conservative. So let’s dispatch with the obligatory observations that, frankly, have already been made.

  1. She’s a woman and a conservative – she will get beaten up by Hollywood, MSM, and the GOP old school.
  2. The has a terrible background.
  3. Her seat was thought to be a lock had Mike Castle won the primary.
  4. Tea Party support can be used by the left as a bludgeon. (Effectively?)
  5. GOP old-school doesn’t like her for some reason – they say electability.
  6. The Rove/Krauthammer syndrome is in itself an interesting soap opera.
  7. She has publicly discusses her fooling around with a bunch of Wicans in high school.  (WTF?)

Okay – got that out of the way…Now on to what’s really interesting…

The dynamics between Christine O’Donnell all her opposition (from the left and right) is completely schizophrenic.

First, the left is coming after her with everything they’ve got.  We’re coming into a mid-term election that the democrats are getting killed in the polls.  Why on earth would the left make target #1 a no-name candidate, from Deleware, who is behind by 11 points in the polls?  That’s the political question and we could probably answer it with the simplest solution: The left hates young, energetic, conservative women.  Case closed.  But not so fast.  See, O’Donnell is a bit of a misfit.  She “dabbled in witchcraft” for crying out loud!  But beyond that bit of high school foolishness, she also had tax problems, mortgage issues, never really achieved much on the employment front.  In short, she is exactly the type of misfit that the left typically embraces.  Anyone with a dis-empowered status – by any measure – would typically be snuggled up under the leftist blanket of the Democrat party.  Not in the case, however.

Second, it would not be surprising for someone with her background to be a lefty.  She has a great story of  lack of achievement.  Usually, when you have public figures of any stripe who are down-trodden or dis-empowered in some way, we expect to hear how they need government help.

  • “I can’t make my mortgage payment.”
  • “I only made $6,000.00 last year, I need help.”
  • “I can’t find a good job.”
  • “Sure, I’ve had some strange habits (witchcraft), but that’s behind me.”

You get the picture.  In this day and age, we would expect someone with this background to be clamoring for government assistance.

That this woman, with no money, no job, and no resume is saying “I am for limited government, lower taxes and an adherence to the Constitution,” is a testament to her credibility.  Because she is such a misfit on so many levels, it is giving her the authority to take a conservative position.  Her lack of wealth (or a job for that matter) lack of an ivy league law degree, and lack of any political bona fides makes her a credible conservative candidate.

One thing is for sure – this election cycle is not like any others in history.  There’s a storm a comin’.  Oh, and for the record, I’m liking this lady.  I think we need some real conservatism (read: not Republican) in the Senate.


  1. Christine O’Donnell is certainly stirring things up, both on the Republican and Democratic sides of the spectrum. A lot of people have said she can not defeat the Democratic candidate, but they said the same thing about her chances of defeating Mike Castle. She pulled that one off quite handily, so who is to say she can’t win in November? It’s something to think about, that’s for sure.

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