CSI Las Vegas Takes a Cheap Shot at Tea Party

Last night, I watched CSI on my DVR. It was the season opener. I generally like CSI Miami and CSI New York better than the original, but I still DVR all the episodes in case I need something reliable to watch on an otherwise unoccupied evening. For the record, Miami and New York are not on the boycott list.

Setting the stage for their cheap political statement…

In the course of the episode, a series of bombs explode at a police funeral. The CSI team uncovers a clue that leads them to a community center, where some items used in construction of the bombs were traced. When the CSI team gets to the community center, there is a small rally going on – maybe 60 or 70 people, sitting on chairs paying enthusiastic attention to the leader/speaker, who is on the stage in a bizarre rant.

The rally is clearly meant to be a Tea Party type rally.

The speaker’s rant was all confused – the speaker attacked credit card companies, banks, and capitalism. It actually sounded more like a communist party rally speech. But at the same time, the connotation was that the people in attendance were backyard bunker-building, libertarian nutbags. The presence of patriotic stage signs and slogans made it clear: this was a representation of the Tea Party movement.

It gets even better…during the rally, guest star Justine Bieber stands up and says something about how the police are bullies and the enemy. Again – this is the stuff of 1970’s leftist, Black Panther “stand up to the man” crap.

When the CSI’s arrive at the rally to question the attendees about the possible bomb-making, the attendees immediately get violent and a rumble ensues. A couple of the CSI’s are left with sprained hands and black eyes, from throwing and receiving punches. Of course, this is to paint the Tea Party as inherently violent – unhinged, violent maniacs.

Through the course of the episode, the CSI’s encounter more bombs and the implication is that it is a group of anti-establishment, conservative, violent, white people, who are the perpetrators.  The closing shot was of the young Bieber, with an evil smirk on his face.  We’re left thinking he may well be the mastermind behind the bombings, as a way of standing up the “the man,” who has hurt his family so.

It is interesting that Bruckheimer got the messaging so wrong (in the interest of fairness, I suppose a good bit of blame could go to director, Alec Smight). The speech was so utterly disjointed, it’s hard to tell whether it was intentional, so that it was not an overt attack on the Tea party, or if the producers genuinely have no idea what the Tea Party movement really is all about. I am guessing the latter.  Just listen to loud-mouthed, leftist spokespeople like Jenean Garofalo say the Tea Party movement is violent and racist, or Bill Maher say that the American people are too stupid to understand any public policy issue.  I’d say that Hollywood’s position is pretty clear – Tea Party people are racist, violent, maniacs, bent on oppressing women and minorities, while re-instituting living conditions from the wild west.

For such a ridiculous attempt to demonize the Tea Party movement, CSI Las Vegas is hereby boycotted. I have no illusions about my reach – this will just be my personal little “screw you” to the show for such a stupid storyline.


  1. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
    Thomas Jefferson

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