Remember Why We Hate Obamacare! Watch This…

I have had recent conversations with a few strong conservatives regarding the real catalyst behind the Tea Party movement. I contend that the real fire was ignited when health care legislation was being pushed through Congress last Summer. But I have been reminded that the Porkulus bill was probably what set off the movement. The April 15th 2009 Tea Party was really what kicked everything off and that was purely driven by debt and out of control government. I probably stand corrected.

Still, Obamacare is like pour gasoline on the fire. Every person in the country should listen to the following six minutes of video, then listen again, and again. This is what was forced upon us. And the recent news is that the costs savings were a big lie too. Watch this…


  1. I remember seeing this exchange before. You have to give Paul Ryan credit, he doesn’t back down, even from the President himself.

  2. Andy Barreras says:

    Don’t you just hate it when mathematical certainty bites you in the ass?

  3. I am ashamed of the Republican leadership for not sticking up for Paul Ryan. His plans to right Social Security and Medicare were unsupported by the establishment.

    It makes me want to purge the R ranks even deeper.

    Yes, Andy…you’re right on…that math thing is a bitch, eh? Ironic that liberals give us ideas like multicultural math, that emphasizes feeling good about a math answer rather than the correct answer. Turns out that to a liberal, 2+2 is actually 5 – if it makes you feel good about yourself.

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