The Best and Worst of Hollywood Liberals

I try really hard to look past the Hollywood idiots.  I mean, REALLY hard.  But at some point you just have to add them to the boycott list.  I’ll overlook stupidity, but at some point a line is crossed.  Here are a couple of examples:

A couple years ago, the Dixie Chicks began publicly hammering GW Bush.  Mostly about the war in Iraq, but generally they followed the liberal mantra: Bush Lied, Kids Died (or whatever the hell that stupid slogan was).  Many of my patriot brothers and sisters came down hard on the Dixie Chicks.  Indeed, looking back, it was the beginning of the end of their stardom.  Since 2007ish, where have they been?  Nowhere – a flop album and near zero publicity.  I have to admit, I was not one of the album stompers.  The way I see it, Natalie Maines is just a stupid woman with no frame of reference and zero knowledge or understanding about complex foreign policy issues.  She’s a singer in a band for crying out loud!

So, while others were destroying CD’s, I continued to enjoy their music – especially the album “Home” – just with the knowledge that Maines is an idiot.  I don’t hold it against her – it’s how God made her.

But sometimes, these Hollywood lefties go too far and they get added to my boycott list.  Here are a few who have made it:

Sean Penn – He has crossed the line many times.  Particularly by cozying up to Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro.

Tom Hanks – I gave him a pass too, thinking he’s just another Hollywood idiot (did you see Bachelor Party?  I mean…come on).  But then he came out talking about how The US fought the Japanese because we are racists…promptly added him to the boycott list.

Alec Baldwin – This guy is a piece of work.  Where to begin – I guess with calling Dick Cheney a terrorist.  Boycott.

Susan Sarandon – Complete lefty nut.  Thinks US companies are like Al Queda.  Boycott.

Dave Matthews – okay, pretty harmless liberal idiot, but I think his music is a bunch of off-beat noise, so…  Boycott.  (See, I can be petty with the best of them!)

Rosie O’DonnellComplete nutbag.  Her offenses are too numerous to list, but she went off the deep end when she compared Christians to terrorists.  Boycott.

Danny Glover – Commie buddies with Sean Penn.  Boycott.

The West Wing – I know it’s a TV show, but come on… the constant leftist dribble is just too much to handle.  Boycott.

George Clooney – For the most part, just a liberal squish.  But he crosses the line because he tries to come off like he knows something.  For being such a pompous ass…boycott.

Janeane Garofalo – Maybe she should get the Queen Nut award.  A good example is how she claims that if you disagree with Obama, you’re a racist.  Also for trying to make people think she knows what she’s talking about.  I mean, for a second (third?) rate commedian and actress, she sure is arrogant! Boycott.  Here she is being hailed as “serious.” Ha!

Michael Moore – Nuff said.

That’s really about it.  There are  so many other lefty’s out there in Hollywood but they really don’t bother me and don’t warrant a boycott.  Here are some of the people who I chalk up to just being sadly misinformed and are wrong-headed, but are basically harmless, lefty squishes:

Jerry Seinfeld – a well-intentioned lib, who stays quiet about it.

Bon Jovi – Too many great songs from the 80’s.  He also stays quiet.

Whoopi Goldberg
– I think Whoopi is more conservative than she lets on.

Woody Harrelson
– Stay quiet most of the time.  Besides – does anyone really care what he thinks about economic or foreign policy? I think he knows nobody does.

Matt Damon – He started getting loud, but I think he realized he has no idea what he’s talking about.  Still just a young idealist.  I’ll give him a pass for a few more years.

Jimmy Buffett – total squish of the pacifist type.  I think Jimmy just wants everybody to sit back and have a drink.  He’s not a pinko-commie lib type – just a do-gooder who is too wealthy to know better. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

The clowns from Pearl Jam – Though I do fault them (and Nirvana) for the destruction of heavy metal in the early 90’s – that’s another story.

David Letterman – A clown, for sure.  But I’ve seen him dish it out to both sides.  A pretty harmless squish.

Steven Spielberg – This guy is like a cartoon character.  He is quite a philanthropist though, so he gets a pass.

Ophrah – No typo – again, just being petty.  I came close to a boycott when she went public for Barack Obama in an overtly racist act.  Even if she agreed with his policies, she only publicly campaigned for him because he is black.  Racism cuts both ways.  Still, she does a lot of good things and stays pretty quiet.

Jerry Springer – this poor sap has enough problems with his credibility without me piling on.

This overview of the ToBeRIGHT Hollywood boycott list was presented as a prelude to the next post.  CSI Las Vegas made a big mistake in their season opener – Season 11, episode 1 called “Shockwave.”  This episode paints a pretty bad picture of the Tea Party movement.  We’ll explore that tomorrow…

UPDATE: 9/30/10 – See the post about how CSI Las Vegas made the ToBeRIGHT boycott list.  Good riddance, I couldn’t stand Sarah anyway.


  1. Pamela Gravitt says:

    I’m all in for the BOYCOTT. The problem s not that their are others who have a different opinion, it’s that they are obnoxious trying to push and shove their opinions down our throats, literally. As I’ve heard others say, when our opinions were different, we tolerated the changing times with much more grace and tolerance and waited until our opportunity presented itself to make changes in a legal, legitimate and peaceful way. Using elections, general voice and tolerance would be nice on their part as well. They talk about fear but that is what they try to instill in those of us with a different opinion. They call out for love, acceptance and humanity, yet they destroy, intimidate and hate. You can NOT teach what you do not live. I have come to the conclusion that they must be bought off. Why not, they are of coarse actors. Some of them have really turned my stomach when I think of movies that I’ve watch in which their acting parts made me fall in love with them.


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