The November Election Rout – Don’t Get Cocky!

Everybody thinks the Republicans are going to win big in the November elections.  Here are just a few of the political happenings that have conservatives fired up about November:

  • 500,000 showing up for the 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally on the Mall
  • Obama and the left supporting the Ground Zero Mosque
  • Tea Party supported candidates beating old-school GOP candidates in various races
  • A 10% lead in generic ballot voting
  • Obama and the left standing against the Arizona immigration law
  • Virginia’s win over Obama in Health Care legal battle
  • Unemployment figures getting worse and worse
  • Anemic economic growth and indicators
  • A bunch of other stuff…

The conservative blogs and comment sites are positively boiling over with anticipated joy over the expected routing in November.


Just because virtually every news story is on the side of conservatives does not give reason to take your eye off the prize.  Now is not the time to sit back and wait for victory.  Now is the time to double down on efforts.

Whatever you can do to help, now is the time.  Don’t be ashamed.  Don’t hold back.  Be curteous and be kind, but speak your mind.  you will win every argument because you are RIGHT.  Keep up the momentum and we will deliver a routing in the November elections.

But we can’t go to sleep…we’re at the wheel and we’re comin’ in hot!!!


  1. I agree with everything you said, except for the sending of money to the RNC. With Michael Steele at the helm, I am not so sure that is a good idea.

  2. I hear you loud and clear. I wish I had taken photos of some of the donation request forms I sent back to the RNC over the spring and winter of 09. But they are the biggest vehicle we have. So…. I guess an alternative would to send money directly to local campaigns – maybe Ill add that to the post. Still, the RNC is the only org we have that can make big media investments on a national scale. Maybe teapartypatriots is getting there.

    Steele is a bit of a squish – we should work toward replacing him….

    I sound like a flip flopped big time… Today has not been my finest day for staking out a position!

    This is interesting though…the path forward for conservatives is a difficult one. Now more than ever we need competent leadership to take is forward. Leaders who emerge from the private sector or perhaps the military. Uh oh….I feel another blog coming on….

  3. Michael Steele was the RNC’s answer to Obama and boy, what a screwed up mess it has turned out to be.

    Amen on needing leadership.

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