Top 10 Things You Can Do To Defeat Liberals

Two months away from what may well be the most important election cycle in generations. That is no understatement! Barack Obama has made it clear that he wants to re-make the United States into his socialist vision.  I say no! Here’s the thing…as I attend Tea Parties, talk to other bloggers, friends and family, the same question keeps coming up:

What Can We Do?  There are lots of things you can do.   Here are the top 10 things you can start doing RIGHT NOW to help elect conservatives in November…

  1. Tweet – Start up a Twitter Account and start tweeting.  Search out people who share your interests – not just politics, but your hobbies and business interests too.  Tweet every day about your feelings on election issues.  Learn how to use hashtags so that others may see what you’ve tweeted more easily.
  2. Use Facebook – Okay, I am that guy everyone has in their friends list who just hammers them all day long about political stuff.  I’m not suggesting you do this, lest you wind up friendless.  But it is okay to tell your friends how you fell about something.  DON’T BE AFRAID!  Now is not the time to sheepishly slink under your keyboard and let the socialists take hold!  Once a day or maybe every other day, post a comment and link to a news story that furthers the conservative movement.
  3. Call Your Congressman – It doesn’t matter if he is a Republican or Democrat.  If he is a Democrat, let him know that unless he starts voting for small government, lower taxes and adherence to the Constitution, you’ll be voting against him.
    Republicans need to hear this too, or at least provide them some encouragement not to fold under pressure.  Here’s how to call or write them.  Just call and say, “I’d like to speak with someone about the Congressman’s position about “insert issue of your choice.”  Be polite.
  4. Go To a Tea Party or the 9/12 Event – There are now millions of people organizing in groups as small as two or three who think just like you do.  Find out where they are, who they are and reach out to them!
  5. Support a Local Candidate – I caught holy hell for suggesting that folks donate to the RNC the other day.  (Oops!)  While I’ve been sedning the RNC money, I understand why it might be unpalatable.  So, find out who your District is running on the Republican side and send him or her money!  Even $5 or $10 can help.  You can even do this for governor’s races and county-level contests.  If you have a few bucks – send it on.
  6. Write Letters to the Editor of Local Newspapers – the key here is local.  The major papers like the Washington Post and the New York Times get inundated with submissions every day.  By writing your to your local paper, you’re much more likely to get your letter printed.
  7. Get a Yard Sign – Most campaigns are now starting to ramp up.  Contact your district office and ask them where you can get a yard sign.  This is an old method, but nothing beats having an entire street lined with signs for your guy!
  8. Volunteer – This one is tough for most people because the work stinks, frankly.  You can volunteer through most any candidate website.  You can do things like work a phone bank making calls, door knocking to verify voter info, hand out yard signs, work polling places and much more.  Whatever you think you can handle, YOU ARE NEEDED.
  9. Talk – I went out and bought a T Shirt with a Gadsden Flag on it (Don’t Tread on Me).  I wear this often and you’d be surprised how much of a conversation starter it is.  Virtually EVERY time I wear this shirt, I get into a conversation about it in my local Starbucks.  Talk to anyone and everyone you can about what is going on.  The key – DON”T BE AFRAID.  Now is not the time for timidity. (I’ve said that before, but it warrants repeating.)
  10. Call Into Talk Shows – It’ll be very difficult to get on one of the nationally syndicated shows, but you can certainly get on a local one.  In 4 attempts I got on the Chris Plante Show here in DC twice.  Listen to this conversation I had with Chris Plante.  You can get on the radio.  Just have your thoughts outlined, at least in your head.  Make sure you have 15-30 minutes to stay on hold and you’ll get in.  Letting others hear your voice helps more than you may think.

If you can manage to do even a few of these things between now and November, the excitement about taking back both houses of Congress will turn into reality.

My motto for the next two months: WE’RE COMIN’ IN HOT!


  1. Good advice, Harry. I think it is important that we do not let up in this struggle. This is especially true when it seems we are so close to victory.

  2. Good stuff man. If we don’t see this thing through we’ll be telling our grandkids about what we could have done to stop the spread of socialism in America. Thats a regret I sure don’t want to have…


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