What Should Sarah Palin Do?

The next presidential election campaign cycle begins on November 3rd.  It’s coming fast!  The question percolating in many conservative circles is: What is Sarah Palin going to do? Well, we thought we’d ask our ToBeRIGHT readers to see what’s on your mind…


  1. I like her and I think she got worked over in the media. With that in mind, you never leave your post in the middle of your term. That decision ended her chances of running for POTUS regardless of her popularity.

  2. I agree that she got (and still is getting) hammered by the media. That she is a target of the left is a sign of her potency as a Republican, or more accurately, as a conservative. I’m not sure leaving office mid-term will preclude a run, but it will certainly work against her.

    Palin would be great at the head of the RNC. First, it would get rid of our current squish, Michael Steel. I like him, but he’s a squish. Second, she would bring in BIG dollars for the GOP. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, she would likely unify many of the Tea Party folks with mainstream GOP.

  3. The head of the RNC would be a good place to put her, especially if it keeps her from running for President in 2012. She wouldn’t stand a chance to start with and would only lessen the chances of a more viable candidate gaining the nomination. Just my opinion, of course.

  4. I am convinced that Hillary is going to challenge Obama in a primary and win. So the 2012 will be against her. I don’t think Palin stands a chance against Hillary much less Obama, who I think would be easier to beat than Hillary.

    Whoever is going up against Hillary needs to have a crack campaign team and he a very smooth talker.

  5. You really think Hillary will challenge Obama in the primary, much less beat him? I had not thought of that possibility. It would be a rare occasion, indeed. What makes you think that?

  6. All I really have to go on is gut feeling at this point. Here’s how I think it will play out…

    There is a rout in November, with R’s taking majorities in House and Senate (okay some of this may just be wishful thinking). Hillary is already distancing herself from Obama – where has she been for the past, well, ever? The only time we hear of Hillary or Bill is when they are slighting Obama. In the meantime, there will be buzz about the mid-east peace talks. But here’s the thing…come January, or maybe before, Hillary will resign. This will leave the mid-east talks as a loser for Obama. Then, Obama will have battles with the Republican congress as the next session begins. Dick Morris is predicting a government shutdown a la 1995.

    Now put all that against a backdrop of 9.6% unemployment, very slow growth, terrible economic indicators across the board, PLUS a crafty Bill and Hillary team and what do you get?

    A Hillary/Obama primary fight.

    If that primary were held today, Obama would lose his ass.

    Hillary would then be in a position to say, “See, I told ya so” (to borrow the phrase from Rush).

    Up against Hillary, Palin would have a touch fight, if only because the Clinton machine is well polished, and would easily re-ignite the democrat base.

  7. Hey Harry! I thought I would chime in with a “lefty” perspective… 🙂

    It’s pretty rare for a candidate to challenge a sitting President (I believe the last time was 1980), so I don’t see that happening. From a basic human level, Hillary would have to be in a pretty dark place to split the party up, because that’s exactly what would happen. It appears that her and Bill’s relationship with Obama is a healthy one – she seems to be happy in her current role, and she took the position, in part, for party unification after a nasty nomination process. I can’t see her unraveling that relationship, unlike what Ted Kennedy did to Jimmy Carter back in the day.

    As for Sarah Palin, if I were a Republican, I would not want her to run for the Presidency. She’s too polarizing, even to most Independents. In her current capacity, she’s able to do and say what she feels like doing or saying. She has no constituents to answer to, and she can be selective in which media outlets she can work with.

    Quitting her post during her first term wasn’t a good idea if she has Presidential aspirations, either. I understand why she did it, though – she stood to make a ton of money, which she has capitalized on. I have no problem with her decision – the ones that might are the people of Alaska, but I don’t pretend to know how they feel about her decision.

    If she’s the head of the RNC, she will make them *a ton* of money. Tons. She’s commands a lot of attention from the base. The problem is the real or not so real perception of her intelligence and organization. It’s pretty well known that she was driving McCain’s people *nuts* with going off message so often during the 2008 campaign. She may not be the most disciplined person for such an important role.

    The leaves her with doing what she’s doing now. Again, she has *no one* to answer to, and for a person who is very success-oriented, public office is not the place for her.

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