The Fourth Cataclysm – A Changing America

Through US history, there have been a few cataclysmic shifts in how we live.  The first, most obvious, was the Civil War.  In the post-war era, life changed dramatically both culturally and economically as the country adapted.  The second was the Great Depression.  That people lived through the Depression, by itself, was not the reason for the shift; it was political.  Roosevelt changed changed the scope of government on a massive scale.  The third cataclysm was the civil rights movement in the late 60’s and 70’s.  I would lump in the women’s liberation movement too.  For all the stupidity that sprung out of the civil rights movement, like affirmative action for example, there is no denying the success we have had as a country in terms of getting along.  Just compare life today to life in 1955.

This brings us to today.  There is a palpable feeling of change in the air.  But is it a fourth cataclysm?

First, I’ve been trying to put my finger on the specific nature of the change.  I’ve come to the conclusion that the word “change” is just me being lazy.  Nothing has really changed, as much as been accelerated.  Barack Obama is a pretty standard Marxist – that much is clear.  Put that together with a Congressional majority who shares his power-hungry ideals to one degree or another, and you get today’s “change.”  All they have done though is the same thing that has been done for the last 80 years, just more of it a lot faster.

The result?  The fourth cataclysm.

The late 00’s will surely be in the history books.  That is, if the People are able to stop the madmen who have taken power.  What will the history books say?  What will this era be called?  That probably depends on what happens over the next five years – the era will get it’s name based on which side takes firm root: the Obama socialists, or freedom-loving citizens.

It is possible that Republicans could take back both houses of Congress in 2010 and then the White House in 2012 and be able to roll back some of the aggressive government expansion put in place by the Obama socialists.  Then, with new controls over government power in place, we could move into a new era of general stability and happiness.  I hope this happens.

I am worried, though.  I’m worried that Obama and his minions will be able to put so much of their evil plan into place, that we will be unable to free ourselves from the iron grip of tyranny.  If this happens, all possible outcomes are bad.  I can hardly imagine what it looks like, but I am afraid for my kids.  Through history we have seen the horror that government tyranny can cause – look at the millions killed – KILLED – by Hitler, Stalin and Mao.  Call it national socialism, communism, whatever you want.  Regardless of name, these governments had much in common, namely that these governments became the arbiter of all rights.  The same path that we are on now.

The first step in preventing tryanny from taking hold is to remove the leftists from their positions of power in the Congress. With a little luck, a continued vigorous backlash and a little divine providence, we can preserve the wonder that is the United States of America.

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