2010 Election Prediction

Okay – I’m setting myself up to a pounding from my liberal followers.  But so be it…I’m not afraid to be wrong.  Here is the official ToBeRIGHT 2010 midterm election prediction.  I’m going way out on a limb here.

House – the Republicans win 70+ seats.  Between the generic ballot and other key election indicators I think it’s gonna be a blood bath.

Senate – The Republicans take 11 seats.  I know, I know…all stars would have to line up perfectly for this to happen.  Still, I am hearing so much disenchantment…  I have heard from 2 liberal friends today who are voting against democrat incumbents; one in New York and another in NC.  These are lifelong democrats who would never have voted R, except they are.

Let’s see if I’m right….

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