Election Day Blogs to Watch

Here’s a quick list of the people I’ll be watching tonight. Also be sure to get on Twitter and follow me @tobeRIGHT – I’ll be in the northern Virginia Command Center with a brain trust of patriots.

The Conservative Hideout always has something good to say.

Political Realities is always thoughtful.  Some good stuff coming out of these pages.

A personal favorite, sharp as a tack and always a good read – visit Blog de KingShamus

There is a huge depth of content at Emerging Corruption.

Keep an eye on America’s Election HQ at Fox News.

Rasmussen will have breaking polls all day, I’m sure.  These are the most reliable.

Tabitha Hale is best in class.  She represents the new class of punditry – smart, down-to-earth and always right.

Of course, don’t forget about The Blaze, Red State and Hot Air.

Beyond that – just check out the blog roll.  Sit back, plug in and enjoy…


  1. Thank you very much for the compliment. I appreciate that.

    Can I ask you how you came across my blog? I’m always curious to hear how people find me in the great expanse of the internet.

    Thanks for the link. I appreciate it.

  2. Sure thing… I think I came across you via either Matt at Conservative Hideout or Larry at Political Realities…I forget which. But you’re bookmarked!

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