Polling Irregularities?

And we’re off! I voted this morning at the Gainesville Middle School in Gainesville, VA. This is the 11th District of Virginia and the race is between committed leftist Gerry Connolly and conservative businessman Keith Fimian. Guess who I voted for?

I lingered for a while outside the school, chatting with the guy handing out Republican sample ballots. This is a job I usually volunteer for, but today I have to juggle too much. Anyway, as we were talking I come to find out that one of the voting machines was malfunctioning. here’s what I understand to have happened….

To operate the machine, you have to make your selection on the touch screen. After your selections, your choices are displayed in summary form, which you can check and then submit them to cast your votes. Well, when the summary information was displayed, it showed a selection for Gerry Connolly (D-VA) instead of the chosen candidate.

The Republican volunteer told me this happened to three people on the same machine. He also told me that they were able to eventually get his vote cast properly. I hope so.

As I was standing there, a poll watcher from the Fimian camp (the good guys) came by and went inside to find out what the scoop was. I didn’t have a chance to discuss it with him, but he seemed satisfied that the issue was resolved.

I’m thinking that conservative voters will be more vigilant than usual today. With all of the stories of corruption and the general feeling that Washington is full of crooks, we MUST be.

I’ve got a good feeling about today…let’s hope it proves true…

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