150 Weeks of Unemployment? Really?

I had a fun time on the Christ Plante Show again this morning.  Sometimes I go into these things knowing darn well I’m going to infuriate someone – oh well.  The topic was the new bill to extend the current tax rates.  Of course, this bill has degenerated into a monstrosity that, in part:

  • Keeps tax rates the same
  • Re-institutes the death tax
  • Increases the time people can collect unemployment by 13 months (on top of the already 99 weeks)

It is this last point that makes me so angry.  So 99 weeks + 13 months.  At about 4.2 weeks per month that’s an additional 54 weeks, for a total of 153 weeks.  Come on.  Think about where you were on December 10, 2007.  Now imagine being out of work since then.  Are you freakin serious?!  Anyway, I had a bit to say about this (imagine that!).  Here is the audio from my call to Chris Plante…

ToBeRIGHT Talks to Chris Plante

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