A Toned-Down Approach to the 2012 Elections

Democrat Leadership Council Targets

Democrat Leadership Council Targets

I’ve been thinking about the tactical implementation of the conservative strategy for 2012.  We need to target only that which will produce the most political casualties of our enemies.  Whenever we aim for a new position or office, we have to carefully calibrate our rhetorical firepower so that we can overtake the opposing forces.

In battle ground states and districts especially, we should pay special attention so that we don’t expend our marketing weaponry too quickly.  Rather, we should time the release of our slogans and signs so that wave after wave of reinforcement messaging pounds through the fog of the philosophical warfare.

It will be important to armor-up for the intense debates and charge in to meet the challenge.  But just bolstering our defenses is not enough, we must also accumulate financial ammunition.  If we fortify our war chest with enough funding, we’ll be able to penetrate opposing defenses and win the day. If we can show that our position is superior, the opposition will have to retreat and ultimately surrender their positions.  Then, when accept the sword of our enemies in taking the oath of office for the positions we seek, we must do so with grace and honor.

Conservatives should not go into battle with blindfolds on.  Rather, we should carefully target which areas we want to engage.  By thoughtfully placing the cross hairs on viable Congressional districts, we can win election after election in 2012.  Identify the target, protect against the onslaught of demagoguery, select the rhetorical weapon of choice and hit fast and hard.  With this strategy in place, we can overwhelm any election and win.

So, conservatives should roll back the wheel blocks, and get the afterburners fired up as we launch into the next election season.  The opponents will be making an aggressive surge by next Fall and we’ll need to be on full alert so that we can win each battle and take back senatorial power and with any luck, win back the White House too.


  1. Sandra Aveni-Pohlmann says:

    Love the rhetoric and map choice 🙂

  2. I think I get what you are saying, Harry. Aren’t you afraid you will be guilty of using violent rhetoric?

  3. Violent rhetoric? Don’t be silly! This is the new, kinder, gentler, right-wing rhetoric. Oh, wait a second…maybe not. Okay, you got me…

    This is just my rhetorical middle finger being extended to the main stream media and the children in Congress.

    If at all possible, I’m going to try and insert a military metaphor into everything I write. Petty, but fun…

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