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This has me rolling around on the floor laughing.  Voices are spot on!  Rush parodies are some of the best…

Click For Audio: Andy Griffith and Barney On Obamacare

Andy Griffith was a favorite of mine until this.  Some of the old black and white episodes of the Andy Griffith Show are real classics.  I always enjoyed when the Darlin’s came on to play and sing bluegrass.  Now that Andy is retired, he just had to go ruin his image by supporting this stupid Obamacare law.  Since Obamacare has been passed, my health insurance premiums have gone up about 30%.  And this year, I no longer get to deduct the Health Savings Account expenses – what was up to a $6,000.00 deduction.  Nice.  Between the two, my out of pocket expense increase directly related to Obamacare is about $3,500.00 for this year.  Great!


  1. Oh, my goodness. That’s about as funny a thing as I have heard in a long time. I thought Barney was going to morph into Obama for a minute.

  2. Barney gives me wood

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