Chris Christie Has Ties To Terrorism? Come On!

Chris Christie Ties to TerrorismNobody is talking about this, so I guess I will.  A friend sent over a blog post this morning with a simple question: “What do you make of this?”  The post is about Governor Christie (R-NJ) nominating an islamist to a judgeship.  Here is an excerpt from the piece:

New Jersey, the Garden State, has just taken its first step toward becoming the Sharia State, with Governor Christie’s nomination of Sohail Mohammed, an attorney to detained terrorist suspects, to a Superior Court judgeship in Passaic County. The Sohail nomination continues Christie’s unfortunate pandering to the American Muslim Union and the Islamic Center of Passaic County.

Passaic County has the second largest Muslim population in the country. And the Islamic Center of Passaic County is the state’s largest mosque, and it’s the only one run by an an Imam who was a member of the Hamas terrorist organization. But when the United States government attempted to deport Mohammed Qatanani, New Jersey’s pols and wannabe pols like Christie, quickly came to his aid. Despite the fact that Mohammed Qatanani was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas, despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas, and despite the fact that even in the United States, he had defended a charity that provided funds to children of suicide bombers (this is done as an incentive to reassure terrorists that if they die their families will be taken care of), Qatanani was not deported.

This is less a sign of his innocence, then of the power and influence wielded by Qatanani and the American Muslim Union. There was hardly a top New Jersey public official who did not come out for Qatanani. And that included both of the major candidates in the governor’s race, Governor Jon Corzine and Chris Christie. Christie called Qatanani, “a man of great goodwill” and “a constructive force” and allowed Charles McKenna, one of his associate attorneys to testify on behalf of Qatanani. Afterward Christie tapped McKenna to head New Jersey’s Department of Homeland Security. McKenna had spent a good deal of time on Muslim “outreach” and made numerous statements echoing their talking points.

The pioneering terrorism researcher, Steve Emerson called it, “a disgrace and an act of pure political corruption”. He stated, “I know for certain that Christie and the FBI SAC had access to information about Qatanani’s background, involvement with and support of Hamas.” Defending Qatanani required Christie to pit himself against the Department of Homeland Security, which wanted him deported. But the Department of Homeland Security wasn’t running for office in New Jersey. Christie was.

The first Imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, Mohammad El-Mezain, was convicted of funneling money to Hamas. El-Mezain had actually boasted of raising almost 2 million dollars for Hamas. And his replacement, Qatanani, actually was a member of Hamas. An ordinary politician might have been forgiven for not knowing this, but Christie was the US Attorney for New Jersey. It’s absolutely impossible that he would not have known the background of the Islamic Center of Passaic County. Yet Christie attended a Ramadan dinner, in the same place where terrorists had fundraised, and kissed Qatanani on the cheek.

Now Christie has nominated Sohail Mohammed, Qatanan’s former lawyer, to a Superior Court judgeship. Sohail Mohammed is a board member of the American Muslim Union, an organization that has interlocking leadership with groups that have fundraised for Hamas and hosted a Hamas speaker. The American Muslim Union is closely interlinked with Qatanani’s Islamic Center of Passaic County.

When five Muslims were convicted of plotting to murder US soldiers at New Jersey’s Fort Dix, American Muslim Union president, Mohamad Younes, came out in their defense. When El-Mezain, the original Imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County, was convicted, Younes claimed that he had only been convicted because he was a Muslim. The ICPC and the AMU shared five members in their leadership, which essentially makes them one and the same. Nominating an AMU board member is an indirect payoff to the Islamic Center of Passaic County’s own leadership… and to Mohammed Qatanani.

Sohail Mohammed defended suspected terrorist detainees and was the go-to man for local and national media looking for a good quote. He lobbied against the use of both ‘Islamic’ in descriptions of Islamic terrorists, condemned the television show 24 for depicting Muslim terrorists and made an appearance outside the Qatanani trial. After the massacre of a Coptic Christian family, Sohail Mohammed tried to have some Copts investigated for opposing Muslim attendance at their funeral. And most importantly, Sohail Mohammed was Qatanani’s original lawyer when the government began its case against him.

So after helping Mohammed Qatanani escape deportation, Christie then nominated his lawyer to a Superior Court judgeship. Sohail is the second Muslim Superior Court judge in New Jersey after Hany Mawla. And if you want a preview of New Jersey’s future, you can see it in Judge Hany Mawla conducting the swearing in ceremony for Mayor Mohamed T. Khairullah in Passaic County’s Prospect Park borough. And the opening prayer for the event is delivered by none other than Imam Qatanani, leading a prayer in the name of Allah.

So…pretty disturbing stuff.  First let’s assume that the blog is accurate in all material points.  If that’s the case, I think the first sentence of the second paragraph sums it up:  “Passaic County has the second largest Muslim population in the country.”

But let’s assume the author ignored some important points.  We don’t know if, or to what extent, this muslim guy has renounced is past ties, what he has done for the community, what actions he’s taken to help non-Muslims in NJ and any number of other possible omissions or obfuscations from the blog.  This is me WANTING to like Christie.  Hope springs eternal…

All that being said, nobody who pays attention can have lived through the last 4 years (D control) and not emerged without a hyper-driven cynicism of all politicians.  So the cynic (realist) in me thinks this is just what it looks like: Christie pandering to the Muslim community in NJ.  And it makes me sick.  Please, please let me be wrong about this.


  1. As I said to you in my email, if this story bears out to be true, it is very disturbing news. Given the propensity of radical Islam to infiltrate and take over whatever they come in contact, I can’t understand why Governor Christie even considered nominating him to the Superior Court. For me, pandering to the very group of people who perpetrated 9/11 is the ultimate insult.

  2. Please be aware that this article is full of inconsistencies & lies. We should never make a judgment without hearing the other side of the story. Lets be a little realistic here, Corzine(former Democratic NJ Governor) & Christie(Present Republican NJ Governor) both were in full support of Imam Qatanani. So was the head of the NJ FBI, the present head of NJ Homeland Security, dozens of Jewish, Christian, & Muslim religious leaders, multiple county Sheriffs, multiple mayors, countless councilmen, Congressman Bill Pascrell and a number of other congressman, were ALL in support of Imam Qatanani’s case. Now C’MONNN, do we really believe that this whole range of bipartisan group of politicians that were just mentioned ALL happen to be ignorant or blind to the truth?? Lets be a little realistic here please. And lets also here the other side of the story please before making any unfair judgments about other people.

    Allow me to point out a few of the ridiculous LIES in this article:

    -“largest mosque, and it’s the only one run by an an Imam who was a member of the Hamas terrorist organization”. He never ever supported Hamas, never said he was a member of Hamas, and was never found guilty, but rather found innocent of any of this garbage by Judge Reifkohl after the trial.

    -“the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization that is behind both Al Qaeda and Hamas,” INACCURATE! With my little background on Middle Eastern politics, I know that organizations like Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood have been condemning each other back and forth and are vehemently against each other. Al-Qaeda against the Brotherhood for being too moderate, and the brotherhood against Al-Qaeda for its use of violence & terrorism to support its political agenda.

    -“despite his own guilty plea to being a member of Hamas” He has never ever plead guilty to being a member of Hamas. The Israeli government provided a guilty of Imam Qatanani of him being a member of Hamas, but the Imam didn’t even have his signature on it!! How is that guilty plea?! If I plead guilty to something, I have to sign a document admitting that I am guilty of such and such. That document was outright rejected by Judge Reifkohl and tossed out of court.

    These are 3 lies that I found within just 1 paragraph. This whole article is full of lies.

  3. Jacob,

    I think you’re right to point out that Right Side News: went into the Christie question with a specific result in mind. The conclusions Mr. Greenfield (author of the piece quoted) comes to are not the same ones that I came to after looking into this. That said, in the same spirit as your comment, I need to tamp down your claims of “lies.”

    On the first count, the imam in NJ that Greenfield refers to is Mohammed El-Mezain, the Imam that preceded Qatanani, who was in fact a supporter of Hamas. I think that’s who Greenfield was referring to – not Qatanani, who was not. I’ll have to read it again carefully for grammar, but on first read, it looks like that is the reference.

    Second, While I think you’re right that Al Qaeda is not a direct offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, there are many, many close ties. Osama bin Laden is thought to have been heavily influenced by some MB people and the stated objectives between the groups overlap in many ways. A quick scan of various news outlets will show that there is significant overlap – including with Hamas. Though you’re correct that there has been a good bit of back and forth between the groups. Still, I think to call this a “lie” is a bit much. There is clearly overlap. I would probably have not written as definitively as Greefield, but a “lie,” is not accurate. An overstatement? Maybe.

    Your assessment of the Reifkohl decision is incomplete. The US Board of Immigration Services has reviewed the decision and sent it back down to the court. Reifkohl did not give sufficient weight to the documents provided by Israeli intelligence services and therefore, this case has not been fully adjudicated. So this is not a matter of Qatanai being found innocent…not yet.

    Since Mohammed did represent Qatanani and the case is still open, I am withholding judgment. However, Mohammed has made enough public comments about his views of Islamist militancy and about how the war on terror is being propagated to give me some serious issues with him, the Qatanani case notwithstanding. Since the post above, I have covered this story extensively and come to some sound and fair conclusions. I would encourage you to read:

    Also, you may want to listen to my on-air comments with Mark Davis, where I lay out the case for withholding judgment on the Qatanani case, but still coming down against the Mohammed nomination for other reasons.

  4. Why don’t we just mail Osama bin Laden the freakin’ Constitution and the keys to the bloody White House?! It’s bad enough we’ve got to deal with Ahmed trying to blow us to pieces, while domestic Jihad John decides he’s found Allah and must appease him by spilling copious amounts of infidel (i.e. American) blood; but now we have to worry about REPUBLICANS selling us out to radical Islamists. We already know that the liberal Democrats can’t wait to pander to these people – they re-purposed NASA to that end. I’m only 30, and I miss Ronald Reagan. Ronaldus Magnus never would have stood for any of this nonsense. Maybe I should run in 2016.

  5. Alexander, I appreciate where you’re coming from, I really do. That a politician of any party affiliation would make such a blatant attempt to pander is surely disturbing.

    Also – I almost wrote a quick blurb about the tone of your post. Specifically, the use of Ahmed and Jihad John. I almost said that I would have preferred a more carefully worded comment. Almost. I sat here and tried to think of what I might say to you about tempering your language. Truth be told, I think it’s high time that we stop worrying about how a stereotype might sound – especially if its true.

    I would add that I think your line about running for office in 2016 is interesting. It is my opinion that we need an unknown, non-politician to run. Just a regular person, uncorrupted by political power. I believe that we (the conservative movement) have set the stage for just that in the next couple elections.

  6. MissDebbie says:

    Has anyone bothered to send this info to Brigitte Gabriel and ACT for America??? They will do the research on the person…

  7. GUYS….. can’t you all see what is happening? The New World Order is being Pushed. The United nations want to make it ILLEGAL to own any religious book, ( ex: The Bible, The Torah, etc..). Please wake up, this is bigger that many think. Either Christie is blind, or he is another NWO shill that has infiltrated the Tea Party. I hope he is naive and he isn’t a sell-out.

  8. @Me – While I do think that the far left seeks to reshape the USA into something that it is not and also that there exists an element in the world that seeks a “one world” scenario, where the sovereignty of the US, and all countries, is subordinated to a governing world body (the UN or something like it). But I think that NWO conspiracies are a little far out there at present, George Soros notwithstanding.

    That said, Chris Christie is certainly not part of a NWO cabal – merely opportunistic at best and incompetent at worst.


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