Chris Christie – Not Ready for Prime Time?

I guess we’ll have to make January “Beat Up on Chris Christie Month” here at ToBeRIGHT.  It’s kind of like tough love; I don’t want to do it, but I know in my heart it’s the right thing to do (no pun intended).  Here’s the deal… I have never heard any politician go after public sector unions the way Christie has.  When I first saw the video of his town hall meeting confrontation with the self-described “underpaid” teacher (making like 80 grand a year) I immediately thought, this is a guy we need in Congress, or even the Oval Office!

Then time started wearing on…

I started hearing all kinds of weird little tidbits about policies that make me very uncomfortable.  Notably, immigration and education.  On immigration, Christie came down on the wrong side of the Arizona law and in a one-two punch at conservatism said:

“This is a federal problem, it’s gotta have a federal fix,” he said. “I’m not really comfortable with state law enforcement having a big role.  He said that without border security, enforcement of existing laws and a “clear” path to legalization for immigrants, there would never be a fix.”

So, he wants Arizona to roll over while Washington does nothing.  And he wants to give illegals a “path to citizenship.”  On these two issues alone, Christie gets RINO status and in my book, should take a seat next to McCain, Graham, Snow and Collins in the Buffoon Caucus.

Layer on top of that Christie’s nomination of Sohail Mohammed, which we have covered at great length, and you have someone who is clearly not suitable for national office.  Depending on how the Mohammed situation turns out, he may not be suitable for Dog Catcher.  We’ll see.

Now we wrap the entire mess in a nice little bow.  Christie is admittedly “not ready” to be President.  Um, ya think?

But man, his destruction of the teacher’s union was just beautiful, gotta give him that…


  1. Governor Christie is clearly lacking in some areas. Yes, he has done a great job at exposing the teachers union and keeping them at bay, but his problems in other policy areas are more than a little troubling. We do not need him on the national political stage.


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