Leftist Violence? Who Knew?

The news media in all of its various incarnations wanted desperately for the Arizona murders to have been committed by a Tea Party activist.  No such luck.  At least a Bush supporter…nope.  Not so much as an AM radio station tuned to the dial.

Oh well, that didn’t stop some of them.  Clowns like Sheriff Dupnik continued with the wild assertion that there was linkage between conservatism and the shooting.  In the end, he came out the biggest loser.  Not just in rhetorical terms either.  He came off looking like a complete loser.  Good.

The nation got a good taste of what the news media is all about; furthering the leftist agenda at any cost.  But where missing a big piece of the story.  Not only is the right not violent or even shrill, for that matter, but the left has committed ACTUAL acts of violence.  And recently too…

Ever heard of Casey Brezik?  I bet you haven’t.  This is the dope smoking lefty who recently tried to murder Missouri Governor Jay Nixon.

Erick Erickson has a good write up about it over at Human Events.  In it he writes:

“It happened in September of 2010 in Missouri. A 22 year old named Casey Brezik, wearing a bullet proof vest, charged toward Missouri’s Democratic Governor Jay Nixon with a knife and attempted to slash his throat…In light of the media’s race to talk about the right’s climate of hateful rhetoric, you have probably guessed by now that Casey Brezik was an anti-Christian, anti-capitalist leftist who participated in a number of leftwing protests.”

I heard about the story from a Tweet.  I looked for information about it from some news source other than blogs or commentary and found ZERO.  I wonder how long it will be until this is reported in the main stream media?  Or, if it will ever be, for that matter?


  1. I think I have read about this on one other blog, Harry. It’s just not something the left wants to be common knowledge, therefore it is kept as quite as possible.

  2. Yes, this is one that the MSM passed on. If there were no alternative media, we would have never heard of it either.

    And the left wants to get rid of the alternative media. Surprised?


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