Shameful Politics at the Arizona Shooting Memorial

Arizona Shooting MemorialTry as I might, I just can’t find anything good about Congress, or our political leaders.  I really try.  This morning, I got an email from Senator Mark Warner, saying he wanted my input about the 112th Congress.  He wanted to know what my priorities were.  I dutifully selected National Debt, Economy and Jobs and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Warner’s email highlighted three initiatives that sounded great – all three had to do with streamlining business interaction with government and reducing the debt.  At first glance I thought – these are fine proposals.  Then I started thinking…  Where the F was Mark Warner during the Health Care debate?

So, I guess he is a shameless political hack, just like the rest of them.  What the hell good is it to make to not allow the rapid growth of government AFTER you just helped it grow into a monstrosity that may be ultimately dismantle the Republic?  It’s like…  I’m going to smash all the windows in your house and then tell you I’ll help dust a lamp when and if it ever needs dusting.  Totally useless.

I originally sat down to write about the equally shameless display last night in Arizona.  I guess now that I think about it, the theme to this post can be how shameless our “leaders” are.  So be it….

I watched the exhibition in Arizona last night for about 40 seconds.  I had O’Reilly set to record, so at 8:30 when I finally sat down (after working all day) I saw that big Bill’s show was preempted by the show in AZ.  And a show it was.  At 8:00 when I first glimpsed the production, I saw all the dignitaries filing in.  Michelle Obama taking her seat, various Congressmen and local politicians glad-handing and smiling.  I immediately thought what the hell is this, a freakin pep-rally?

So I fast forwarded about 5 or 6 minutes.

I landed on some guy who was talking, mostly platitudes and political speak.  I heard him complete a sentence to applause.  Applause?  Fast forward.

About another 10 minutes into it, I stopped again and it was the same thing, only some other guy talking.  I didn’t recognize him either.  Heard some applause again.  I noticed the surroundings…  I’m not sure where this event was held, I literally have not followed the story beyond what I am writing about here.  But the stage was set for what looked like the main hall at a trade show (I’ve been to many).  A stage set up for the important people and a huge auditorium or conference center style room with hundreds of people.

I admit it, I only watched for about 40 seconds.  But that was enough.  If the event was supposed to be a tribute, it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was a total joke.  Since Sunday, we’ve all been screaming about the abject politicization of the tragedy.  As if the news media didn’t disgrace itself enough by trying unsuccessfully to tie the shooting to the Tea Party and gain political points, they pull this shit.

This event was nothing more than a political spectacle so that the corrupt politicians can either feel good about themselves, or try to win political points.  Regardless, it was shameful.

I really have no idea how these people can sleep at night.


  1. I honestly thing that even Obama was shocked, at least initially, by the applause. It was inappropriate.


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