Disturbing Leftist Violence

When you publish a blog, you have to develop a thick skin.  It comes with the territory.  There are some 150,000 words I have written on these pages over the past several years and plenty of room for criticism.  From typos to grammatical errors to positions that I got wrong – it all happens.  When I do get criticism, I take it in stride.  Most of it is kindly pointed out by friends – personal or blogger friends.  Some of my mistakes are called out in the comments section.  Sometimes I get email from a reader.  Regardless, usually I try to correct the mistake, or justify why I said what I said.

This morning, I got an interesting email.  It is from somebody named James.  I have his last name, but I’ll hold it back for privacy reasons (I will be supplying it to the authorities).  Here is the the email I received in its entirety (WARNING: Expletive used):

from James
to ToBeRIGHT harry@toberight.com
date Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 11:41 AM
subject [contact] ToBeRight…. well, you rarely are…

You people are whacked !   You all should have been aborted at birth so that you wouldn’t be alive today to promote your extremism !     I’m watching YOU and so are all the other liberals and progressives in the world….   this is WAR !   and bigots like Gov. Paul (LePig) LePage and the rest of you assholes must go !!    So go fuck yourselves !

So there you have it.  I guess this is the new tone of civility?  Well, I think this makes me feel quite good about what I’m doing.  Aside from calling an occasional politician dishonorable (with evidence) or saying something is knuckle headed, I’ve never called for anyone to be killed, like this unhinged person did.  This is the pattern from the left – they are a shrill, violent bunch.  James here wishes I had been aborted and these leftist protesters want to lynch Clarence Thomas…

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