Rep. Paul Ryan: Obama is Abdicating Leadership

The 2011 budget battle is heating up.  Based on what the early reports of, Obama is doing what liberals do best: Increasing taxes, borrowing more money, and lying about the size and significance of cuts.  I’ll let Paul Ryan explain – he does it better than I could ever hope to:


  1. I especially liked how Paul Ryan continually brought the conversation back to the real point of discussion. President Obama likes to say how he is calling for a spending freeze, but fails to mention that he wants to freeze spending at the high levels he has introduced over the last couple of years. So, when faced with the accusation that certain programs are facing spending cuts, it really means that they are just going to received less of an increase under the GOP plan than they would receive under the President’s plan. Ryan and the GOP leadership need to keep hammering that point home.

  2. I wish Ryan would run. He’s among the best of the newer GOP Congressmen, and he has a firm grasp of the economic problems we face.

  3. Harry, it’s always a pleasure to visit and read your latest commentary. We look forward to having you back on the show very soon!

    Susan Cloud
    The Mark Davis Show
    WBAP – Dallas/Fort Worth

  4. You’re right, Larry – staying on point is hard. I think conservatives need to frame everything in conservatism and continue to drive it home. Mark Levin said it best the other day when talking about Mitch Daniels: ““Good enough is an articulate, confident, conservative voice that whenever confronted with tyranny, speaks of liberty. That whenever confronted with lawlessness, speaks of the Constitution.” This is how we need to keep coming back to the salient point.

    Matt – Ryan is my guy too. Although he has not been as emphatic in saying he won’t run as some others, Christie, for example, when he says he’s not running, I tend to believe him more. 🙂 He points to his three young kids as the reason. I would never run for President – even if I were able – so I don’t blame him.

    Susan – I can’t wait to go on with Mark again! I’ve been slack in writing over the last week. Being a good conservative means putting a lot of emphasis on personal responsibility. Since my wife and I run two small businesses…sometimes hard work gets in the way! There are so many topics that are starting to burst out of my head! Better get started writing… Stay tuned – I have a ToBeRIGHT exclusive lined up with VA Attorney General Cuccinelli – it should be good – hopefully will post this week…

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