Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin Should (and Shouldn’t) be President

Sarah Palin for PresidentWe’re gearing up for 2012 here at 2012 and we’ve been doing a lot of thinking and talking about Sarah Palin.  Been kind of a fence sitter about the topic so far.  There is no doubt that Sarah Palin is a strong conservative, of that we can be sure.  But is she ready?  I think that many conservative movement types have fallen prey to the main stream media in thinking that she is not ready, or qualified.  I disagree.  While I’m not on the Sarah bandwagon yet,  I have a confession:

When I set out to jot down the pros and cons about a Sarah, I really struggled to find cons.  The only thing I didn’t consider with this list is whether or not she can win.  That’s an important one (ya think?) but one we’ll cover separately.  So here they are:

The Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin Should Be President:

  1. Shot and killed a caribou on national TV – nuff said
  2. Understands rugged individualism – lives self sufficiently in a hard working, traditional family
  3. She and her husband are small business owners – when you need to manage a business, you understand how economics work
  4. Shows she understands the value of human life – brought a special needs child into the world and loves him as she should
  5. Believes abortion should be left to the States to decide – displays a strong understanding of the Constitution and the 10th Amendment
  6. Stands for miltary and economic strength – understands peace through strength
  7. She is firmly against Cap & Trade – calls the scheme “cap & tax” as it rightly should be described
  8. Wants to drill, baby, drill – an environmentalist who wants to use our own resources
  9. Reduced general spending in State budget by huge amount – she knows how to cut a budget
  10. Publicly against receiving recent federal earmarks – shows she can stand on principle

And the Top 10 Reasons Sarah Palin Should NOT be President?

  1. Constantly talking – have you seen Sarah Palin’s Alaska?  She talks … a LOT
  2. Stood behind the Bush bailout – that first $700 Billion had her approval – bad choice
  3. Blamed lenders for the housing crisis – without the scheme set up by Fannie, Freddie and complicit oversight (Barney’s Frank), it couldn’t have happened
  4. Takes federal money – still took federal money in the form of stimulus
  5. The Katie Couric interview – she’s not so glib and snappy
  6. Foreign policy inexperience – not much background in dealing with complex global issues
  7. More pop-culture than presidential – from her TV show to her social networking to daughter’s exploits
  8. Wishy washy on “path to citizenship” – against amnesty, but for path to citizenship … huh?
  9. Neglected sanctuary cities in Alaska – a big part of the immigration problem
  10. Seems to support capping carbon emissions – she’s too open to the climate change nonsense

Okay – what did I miss?  Let the flogging begin!


  1. No flogging from me. I don’t know that she’s the best candidate.

  2. Here’s the thing: I’m getting the distinct feeling that we are getting set up for an Obama/Palin battle. I think that they are just the right polar opposites to each other for a great knockdown drag out fight. I bet that the Democrats would love to see her up against Obama so that they can focus on the differences: how smart he is compared to her, blah blah.

    Do you remember way back in 2004 when people were joking: who would you rather have at your barbecue, George W. Bush or John Kerry? Well, I get the feeling that we’ll be hearing the same this time around. Tell you what, I also bet that most Americans would prefer Sarah Palin at theirs, because you know she’ll bring her own meat. Obama would probably have it catered at our expense (much like his Superbowl party 😉 )

  3. Yep – I think you’re right. Though it will be interesting – my bet is that the establishment types will be pressing hard for a Romney or even Huckabee (Daniels?) to be the guy. I think the whole Tea Party vs. Establishment is going to come to a head as we work into campaign season this Summer.

    I’m not sure what the polling shows in a Palin/Obama race if it were held today – have to check out Rasmussen and see if he has any of those numbers posted,,,

  4. Go Sarah Palin! PalinPower:)


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