Ahhh – To Get a Union Job…

This broke last year, but seemed relevant. The vid speaks for itself….


  1. Your tax dollars subsidize union autoworkers high times

    Taxpayers should expect their government employees in the transportation industry to be drug free. The employees at another auto plant are caught on video getting high before going back to work. The safety and reliability of their product is suspect at least and dangerously negligent. You and your family members are potential victims of their negligent behavior. Your tax dollars subsidize union autoworkers high times. These union protected, on the job, dope smoking, alcohol drinking employees are in essence a critical element of the transportation industry and are only in existence today due to taxpayers bailout dollars and are therefore subject to government oversight.
    The government requires employees in critical positions to pass mandatory drug test as a condition to keep your job. So should any industry that collect direct government subsidizes.

  2. This is just what you caught on your days you dont even know the rest of it. The thing is you havent seen how they work. True enough they have to pass their tests but obviously they are if they’re still working. You cant fire what you cant catch regardless…

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