Obama Facts

If you’re looking for Obama facts, dates, positions and information, you’ve come to the right place.  The following is an overview, providing the most pertinent information for anyone seeking facts about Barack Obama the man, or the President.  Of course, we present these facts about Barack Obama with ToBeRIGHT style – lots of fun commentary…

Full Name: Barack Hussein Obama   – Like Huckabee, I think this name should have precluded his winning the presidency all by itself.  Who’da thunk it?

Also Known As: Barry Obama, Barry Soetoro  – He was called Barry as a kid.  Since his mother got preggo before getting married, and then remarried, then abandoned Obama, he’s gone by different names at different times and for different schools.

Date of Birth – August 4, 1961  – Insofar as we can tell.  He looks about 49.

Parents – Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham  – This is a biological fact only, see time line below.

Obama Personal Time Line:

  • His parents married a month or two after he was conceived, in February of 1961.  Either an “oh-shit” marriage or maybe shotgun style.
  • Three weeks after he was born, his mother took him to Seattle Washington without his father.  His parents were divorced officially in 1964.  Nice father, eh?  Turns out he was already married and churning out babies with another woman (women?).
  • When he was 10, his mother sent him to live with her parents.  Again, nice.  I’m glad my Mom and Dad were married before I was conceived.  And I’m glad my Mom didn’t send me away so she could live her life without me.
  • During his teenage years, Obama smoked pot and did cocaine – he claims to distract him from his personal identity crisis presumably because first his father abandoned him, then his mother did the same.
  • In 1979, we went to Occidental College in California.  Strangely, he’s always talking about how his Mom was on food stamps and how he had to struggle so.  So how the hell did he get the cash for Occidental?  Columbia, Harvard?  Inquiring minds would love  to know.
  • 1981 he transferred to Columbia University in New York, and graduated with a degree Political Science in 1983.  Nobody has ever seen his admissions records, his transcripts, or identified how it was paid for.
  • From 1983 to 1988 he held several jobs – mostly as a community organizer.  Is that really a job?
  • In 1988 he entered Harvard Law School, graduated in 1991.  Nobody has ever seen his admissions records, his transcripts, or identified how it was paid for.
  • From 1992 to 2004 he was a lecturer at the University of Chicago law school
  • 1997 to 2004 Illinois State senator.  It takes a TON of money and connections to run, even for State office.  I guess he was well connected and well funded.
  • 2005 to 2008 US Senator

That’s the basic run down on who this guy is.  Now let’s look past personal Obama facts and into some policy and position facts.  We’ll add some commentary in classic ToBeRIGHT style:

More Obama Facts

  • Barack Obama is a spender.  Beyond anything anyone has ever seen before.  A little perspective:  The total federal budget in 1999 was $1.7 Trillion.  By 2008, Bush’s last year in office, the total budget was $2.9 Trillion with a $240 Billion deficit.  Here’s a fun Obama fact for you: Since 2008 when Barack Obama became president, he has increased the deficit nearly 7 times!  It went from $240 Billion, to $1.7 Trillion – in 2 and a half years.
  • Another fun Obama factoid: According to CNN, in 2009 Obama said, “”We are going to ban all earmarks, the process by which individual members insert pet projects without review…”  Then he went on to sign the famous “Porkulus Bill,” which had some 9,000 earmarks in it totaling more than $5 Billion in earmarks, for everything from studying the way pigs smell, to building turtle tunnels under Florida highways.
  • According to the Washington Post, when Obama extended the Bush tax cuts for two years, he said, “”a package of tax relief that will protect the middle class, that will grow our economy and will create jobs for the American people.”  But now, Obama says, “”In December, I agreed to extend the tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans because it was the only way I could prevent a tax hike on middle-class Americans,” Obama said in his speech. “But we cannot afford $1 trillion worth of tax cuts for every millionaire and billionaire in our society. We can’t afford it. And I refuse to renew them again.”
  • The Health Care Bill compels Americans to buy insurance from a private company.  And this guy is supposed to be a Constitutional scholar?  What’s next, mandatory health club memberships?

There are plenty more Obama facts to add.  We’ll continue to add to this as a running update as time permits.  I can only stand a small amount of Obama a day.

Update:Obama finally releases his birth certificate. Ugggh – it’s still dubious.  First, all you need to do is open the thing in Adobe Illustrator to see that the paper produced by the WHite House is composed from multiple elements. I’m not sure why they would do that – scanning a piece of paper and creating a .pdf shouldn’t require creating layers.  Be that as it may, let’s assume it is real.  If so, why did Obama wait 4 years before showing anyone?  Simple question, but an important one.  Why?  Because this has been such a huge topic for so long, wouldn’t a normal person just show the damn thing and be done with it?  i would.  My birth certificate is folded up in a file in my desk drawer.  But Obama didn’t.  Why not?  There are only two possible reasons:

  1. Obama had some fact to hide that would only surface if he displayed his birth certificate
  2. There is nothing to hide at all, but Obama kept the controversy going for political reasons – keeping the notion alive that “birthers” are nut bags.

Like so much with this president, anyway you cut it it is bad.






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  2. So, Brandon Freeman (the commenter above) makes a crude comment. I could have deleted it as spam, but I thought instead that it would be instructive. As liberals like to say, “a teachable moment.”

    Brandon illustrates the petty, humorless, and thought-deficient left. When presented with anything they don’t like, liberals typically do what Brandon here does: say something stupid, crude, or both.

    He signs his name as “ur mom” with an apparent disregard for any semblance of grammar, forget about being able to actually spell out a possessive. On reflection, maybe Brandon doesn’t know how to spell “your” at all? Based on the juvenile comment, it’s a real possibility. I also find it interesting that he chose to direct his comment at “son.” An interesting choice.

    All sarcasm aside, I think Brandon illustrates the problem with the left perfectly. Instead of engaging in a thoughtful argument, they do things like tell us how they R going to screw our mothers. Nice.

    Another shining example of the new civil tone. Way to go Brandon.

  3. john Weston. says

    There will always be people like Obama, but I never knew that there could so many “blind” people to vote for him.

  4. I love how racist states these things as facts but they learned this from word of mouth and did no research to back it up. If you think that for one second that congress would allow and illegal alien as POTUS your even more ignorant then the whole tea party movement. Stop with the racism

  5. And for Harry you doing the exact same thing as the commentator. If you think by using correct grammar and punctuation, makes your point more valid your dead wrong. Republican will use anything except facts to argue a point. Republican are the downfall of the true American way. When American moves down the ranks as a super power and our dollar continues to decline, they will look back to this time and blame the republicans for the fall of Americas economy starting with bush. It’s funny you never hear republican trash bush the creator of the recession. Thet will point to w/e else Clinton, Obama .etc, but never admit we started a B.S. War. I lost two uncles in the world trade and I was still against the war.

  6. Typical libtard reply…. Completely incoherent and with complete lack of comprehension. Which, pray tell, facts are wrong? Nope, the fool above doesn’t want to cite specifics. But, the child does the typical liberal nonsense and accuses the me of being racist. It has become a humorous cliche. I’ll keep approving comments like this as long as they keep exposing the libiots as the childish, humorless, fools that they are. Great job!

  7. Oh Kevin…..so sad. In Bush’s last year, the deficit was around $250b. Obama? $1.1 Trillion and $1.6 Trillion in the past two years. The American way is freedom. It is not having a nanny state steal from some and give it to others. The leftist ideology has failed miserably.

  8. how can the tea party be racist there of all races its Americans against BANKRUPTING OUR COUNTRY POINT BLANK END OF STORY……………..and how can anyone be racist towards Obama his moma was a white woman from middle america and he was raised by his white grandparents and went to Harvard so whats up and he never new his father who was from Kenya not even american dudes white as white can be butt thats not the problem…hes a lib u want a real black president that wont run our country in the ground support Herman cane and he makes good pizza.

  9. you really are vague with the subject of obama;he knew who his father was he just had two physical meetings with him,but they wrote occassionally throughout his fathers lif span.im 13 and i know more than you grt your facts corrected!

  10. Since you’re 13, I’ll go easy on you. There is no mention above that Obama did not know who his father was, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. (Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension? If sentence structure is any indication, I’d say this is likely necessary.)

    If you please reply back with the facts that need correcting, I’ll gladly do so. Except, there are no errors above, so I won’t hold my breath.

  11. I wonder why you only gave bad facts

  12. Hi Jasmine,

    It’s because I am biased.

    I am a conservative and approach my analysis from a conservative perspective. The items I Highlighted above are those that – in my opinion – speak directly to his world view and political ideology. Since I oppose the vast majority of Obama’s policies, it should be no surprise that I highlight facts about him that likely add fuel to his misguided political philosophy.

    If you have anything to challenge, I always encourage thoughtful and civil debate. So if you take exception with anything, by all means comment away and we’ll hash it out!

    Thanks for reading –


  13. i think its mean you people are saying stuff about gim :/ you dont really know him he seems like a nice gut i mean hes the leader of our country(: cant we just all be nice?please

  14. Hi Cee’Jae – This is not an attempt to be mean. Rather, it is an attempt to do two things: First, to layout the basic facts about Obama’s personal history. Second, to add commentary on those facts.

    The reason for doing so is not to be mean. It is to give perspective to many of Obama’s policy positions. Don’t you think that coming from a broken family likely shaped his political thinking? Don’t you think that his childhood, coupled with left wing ivy league schools influenced his current policy positions?

    Being nice is a two way street. Obama has circumvented Congress by pushing cap and trade regulations. Something he himself said would “necessarily skyrocket energy prices.” Obamacare is the biggest assault on freedom our country has faced.

    So…. as long as this President – or any other – is assaulting the Republic, he (they) will continue to get hammered in these pages.



  16. Good one.

    Typical leftist nonsense… call names and run away. Would you care to cite anything that I got wrong?

    Also – I looked through the article, I couldn’t find where I made the point that I was the president, or wanted to be. This blog is political commentary and it is well known who the president is.

    I guess it’s very important to you that he’s black, based on your user name. That’s kind of racist, isn’t it?

  17. First of all: Harry you’re doing a great job! Keep it up.

    Second: For those of you who have or who are about to reply with a comment try the following.

    Write down what you want to say.
    READ IT!
    Then ask yourself this: “If I actually post this for everyone to see is there any chance that it will change the minds of those I am debating against?”

    People may think you to be a fool. Its only when you open your mouth that they can actually confirm it.

    My personal opinion towards Obama is this: Regardless of race, origin or if hes a “nice guy”, he just isn’t cut out to be a leader when it comes to fixing America’s financial problems. He is very charismatic and would do well where such a position is required (besides being the President). Had this country been under better circumstances I think Obama would have done just fine, however, that’s not the case.

  18. Thank you, Che. I think you provide some sage advice. I like the idea that persuasion should, well, persuade. Unfortunately, even most commentary is filled with ad hominem attacks and unsubstantiated nonsense. You can be snarky and edgy without just calling names.

    So I’m sitting here trying to figure out what position I think Obama would be good at….interesting thought…

  19. I wish you would state true and important facts. I thought I may learn something. FYI that is what us librals do……look at all points to try to get the true facts. You wrote a bunch of crap you cannot prove. Makes you look weak and pathetic. Attacks on him and his parents, i bet your mom was proud of the comment about you being happy your parents were married before you were born…..gross. As if to imply that ALL mothers who are not would abandon their children. This is the problem with the right. Arogant,sarcastic, twist the facts to your benefit. Not to mention just rude and hateful. You sir are the problem. You like to bitch and complain. Why dont you state you opinion repectfuly and offer a solution? That would be because that is not what you care about. You did offer one fact in re; to the deficit, unfortunatly you didn’t even manage to get that right. Weakness is dripping off of you. A lying , hateful fool like you will never be taken seriously. Laughable and pathetic. Interesting to me that you are not intllegent enough to see how ignorant you mke yourself and other republicans out to be. Keep up the good work of proving our point. Great job! [as you say]

  20. This is growing tiresome.

    Dani – What, specifically is written above that is not accurate?

    Yes, I am glad that I was born into a family with a Mom and a Dad. I think that is always the best situation. I make no apologies for it. Dead beat fathers are a plague in this country, particularly in the black community. This is well documented: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2612998/

    Calling attention to Obama’s situation is not an attack, it merely contextualizes his frame of reference. Don’t you think that growing up without a father and being shuffled between his grandparents and his mother had an impact on how he thinks?

    You say:

    “You did offer one fact in re; to the deficit, unfortunatly you didn’t even manage to get that right. Weakness is dripping off of you. A lying , hateful fool like you will never be taken seriously.”

    What about the deficit did I get wrong? We’re at $1 Trillion + for the past 3 years. Go ahead, post back and tell me what I have wrong.

    And, what am I lying about? Go ahead, post back and tell me what I am lying about?

    Throwing a temper tantrum and calling me names won’t win your argument.

    Talk about weakness… you come in here and call me a liar, but don’t cite a SINGLE item that is a lie.

    So, right back at you. I want as many leftists as possible to come here and write comments like this. Sometimes, we even highlight them in their own posts (we did this just today).

    When you accuse someone of being a liar, at least tell them what you think they’re lying about.

    Thanks for the brilliant temper tantrum. Better luck next time.

  21. OBAMA WAS A POTHEAD. yeeeeee hooooooooo

  22. Hehe – well, I’m not sure about that. Though in his autobiography he admits to using cocaine and other drugs.

    My idea of a pothead is a knit-hat, sandal wearing guy who goes around saying “dude” and “man” a lot. And of course, I have no personal knowledge of pot whatsoever. 🙂

    Be that as it may, based on his own words, I’m sure Obama was caught up in the drug scene, at least for a portion of his life…

  23. blah blah blah blah blahhhhh what i hate is that you people are still stuck on the racist bit. Come on. Did the guy say once in this thing that would point to racism? Haha yea ya’ll had your fun …we had a black president for the history books. Now how about we wait awhile or… never for gettin one again. And btw I’m not racist. I mean hell I’m half mexican, and believe me, you live near texas you’ll be hearin about it from people. So yea I know racism. But come on people. Its gonna be part of our society no matter what. If white people arent gonna then black people sure as hell will.

  24. Harry,


    -an independent.

  25. The truth is exposed for all to see: There is no cure for stupid. And, there are two things one cannot be at the same time: intelligent and an Obama supporter. However, if we adopt a Nazi (National Socialist Party), aka. Progressive, point of view, supporting Obama is a matter of course.
    I have followed presidential politics since Eisenhower. With the worst imaginable criminals (Nixon, etc.) and the most mentally incompetent (Carter, etc.) we have never been subjected, until Obama, with one who despises America & everything that has made America great, who embraces socialism, who ignores the Constitution, who is probably not American by birth, who hates Christianity while embracing Islam, and has absolutely no conscience or sense of right & wrong. Obama has violated federal law and trampled the Constitution repeatedly and avoided any consequences. All true Americans, regardless of political affiliation, should vote Obama out and then insist on prosecuting him for his violations of clear Constitutional mandates. He belongs in a federal prison, not in the President’s office. We need to repeal Obama, not just ObamaCare. The Mafia type political behavior Obama has introduces must be eliminated. Obama’s racial bias – hetred – cannot be allowed to continue. He, and all his clones, always cry “Race” when ANY matter of debate is raised. They are incapable of, & uninterested in, facing facts and dealing with issues. They are so consumed by racism that they are unable to discuss anything, even the weather, without bringing it up. We should take legal action against these people who smear us & damage our reputation by calling us “racist>” Before Obama & his cronies took over there were penalties for slander & defamation of character. Perhaps there still are. It is time to find out.

  26. everyone breaks the law here in the united states no one is perfect the fall of this country is not due to one person but the faults fall on the greedy and selfish people of this country. This person who wrote this article should write an article about them self and see how great it would come out. i bet you have alot of issues and things your not proud about.

  27. @ira -“…Everyone breaks the law here in the United States…” What the hell are you talking about? No they don’t.

    “The faults fall on greedy and selfish people.” You’re damn right they do. At the top of the list are politicians who confiscate our money for all kinds of worthless expenditures. Second would be liberals who want to confiscate more money and use it for things THEY want.

    Wanting to earn wealth, live well and set your family up for future success is not greedy, or selfish.

    The words “a lot” are two words, not one. Just thought I’d help you out there.

    Lastly, I have no reason to write about myself. I am not a public figure. I do not claim to have all the answers for all problems. I am not the President of the United States! Nobody gives a damn about my background, and rightly so. But the President of the United States SHOULD be scrutinized every step of the way. He is making decisions that impact every one of us.

  28. Wanting to earn wealth, live well and set your family up for future success it is nothing wrong with that. if a person already have those things and complain about taxes thats a problem? why would a person denie contributing to people who put them in a comtable position in te first place? its called greed and selfishness. theres too many people in this country like that and its a shame.

  29. Harry you should call this site Obama Hater With Harry Negative Comments lol because all you have on here are mostly negative and your site keeps popping up on my seach engine when i am just trying to look for positive information.

  30. blindbutnowisee says

    I just wanted to say thank you Harry for standing up for this nation and for Americans. We need more people in this world with your knowledge

  31. blindbutnowisee says

    and common sense.

  32. Lucinda Price says

    Also, you idiots who are voting for Obama, just remember he called Americans ignorent.

  33. Lucinda Price says

    I am only 13 years old and I want an Obama-free world before I go to college.

  34. Lucinda Price says

    Hi it’s me again! I am only 13 years old and I want an Obama-free world before I go to college.

  35. im 12 years old keep up the work

  36. Harry, You are absolutely correct about everything you have said. Our country is filled with ill informed liberals who believe everything their hippy professors teach them. Look at this generation now in charge, the hippy era. Wonder why we are in decline. Whats worse is these people seem to breed more rapidly then conservatives and don’t know the first thing about parenting and they pass it on to their kids. Idiots are over populating. We give people to much freedom. So much freedom now that white people are apparently in debt to any minority ethnicity. If someone didn’t like the way this country was they should have left, not rewrite how they thing we should live. Its sad we don’t have more people who can stand up to these pretentious left wingers. America doesn’t need a demagogue, look at Rome. A president should do whats right for the country and its people, not acting on popular belief for political gain.

  37. Sandra Choate says

    Kudos Harry for getting this out. I am niether a Republican or a Democrat but I do see Obama taking us into Socialism. Why are the Libarals always attacking a party? I don’t get it. We are all American. The truth comes down to Obama is a liar and a thief as well as his wife. They both surrendered their license for insurance fraud and such. What about his social security number and the use of several different names. Ignorance can kill and it sad but us law abiding Americans would have been prosecuted in any court of law for what they did. he is cutting money from the federal criminal justice system, just handed money over to Egypt. I am amazed that the Democrats are saying we are ignorant. Give me my country back!!!

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