Bin Laden Dead – A Little Context

He’s dead.  Great.  Chalk another one up.  This event churns up all kinds of interesting discourse and it desperately needs some context.

Sunday night about 11:00 I was reading in bed.  Ironically, I was re-reading Protect and Defend – one of Vince Flynn’s best works.  Anyway, I hear the wife call from downstairs, “they got him!  They killed Bin Laden!”  I was still for a moment, pondering the implications.  After about a minute I got up, walked over to the balcony so I could see the TV.  I said, “Switch to Fox News.”  My wife obliged quickly and I heard the Alert that Bin Laden had been killed.

It’s worth explaining my initial reaction….

After I listened to the Fox News Alert for about two minutes, I said to my wife, “I smell a rat.”

“Why?” she asked.

“I’m not sure,” I said.  Then I went back to bed.

Don’t misunderstand, I am not a conspiracy nut – I think he’s dead.  But what I want to draw attention to is my initial reaction.  Sunday night and well into Monday, I hadthis weird feeling that something was just a little off about the whole thing. That some part of it was not quite right.  I don’t think it was any one thing, but a few things: they disposed of the body already; no pictures (remember Saddam, KSM, etc?); timing.

None of these things mean anything.  But still, I went to sleep thinking, I smell a rat.


On reflection, I’ve put my finger on why I had such a weird anti-climatic reaction.  It can be summed up in one word:


I am a pure, unadulterated cynic.

We’ve been after this monster for more than a decade.  We get him and my reaction is: I smell a rat.  I have become so cynical, that even in the face of good news, my instinct is to feel that somehow the government is pulling off some kind of ruse.  I don’t trust them in any way shape or form.  None of them.

Since I got a little introspective about this, I tried to put my finger on how I got this way.  Obama certainly can’t claim sole responsibility for this, but he certainly helped.  Here’s is what I came up with…

1) Bush lied.  Remember this?  It was the rallying cry of liberals the world over from 2001 and still remains today.  Mostly this was about the evidence leading up to Iraq II.  It was a disgusting refrain.  Have look back at my documentation of the liberal hawks in the months after 9/11.

2) You have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.  Nancy Pelosi is really a sad soul.  It’s almost hard for me to believe that someone once charged with the #3 spot in the US government is so hyper-partisan, such a radical leftist, she suggested we pass a bill before understanding what is in it.

3) This war is lost. When Harry Reid took to the floor of the Senate and declared, “This war is lost,” I almost couldn’t believe it.  This is the senate leader – not some schmuck congressman from Florida.  It was only a few months after that when the surge had made Iraq much safer and the political system was starting to take meaningful shape.

4) TARP.  I just don’t believe it.  Not one bit.  We heard all the pols and talking heads telling us that unless we gave the banks some $900 Billion, the country was going to slip into the sea.  So let me get this straight…Wall Street is evil, the banks have used predatory methods to trick people ito bad loans and we’re supposed to believe that we need to give them a trillion tax payer dollars to save ourselves?  Makes no sense.

5) GM Bailout.  We don’t need to get into he Constitutionality of bailing out a car company.  But again – we were told that GM was too big to fail.  What the hell does that even mean?  Then, we find out that the bail out gave controlling interest in GM to the UAW – a big democrat spending union.

6) Porkulus.  First we hear Obama proudly proclaim that there would be no earmarks.  Zero, zilch, nada, nothing.  And of course, we hear how we must spend another trillion tax dollars in order to save the economy.  Remember Obama promising that unemployment would not go over 8%?  Then we find out that the Porkulus had 9,000 earmarks in it.  We find out it had one hand out after another.

This are just a few of the big ones.  The bottom line is that the government is constantly telling us one thing and doing another and being completely deceptive – right out in the open.  It’s as if the politicians think we have no memory and no ability to think critically.  Well, we do and we can.

We all see how every world leader, every friendly government and every democrat politician all thought Saddam had WMD’s.  We all know that not a single congressman read the health care bill.  We all know Harry Reid is a complete boob standing there proclaiming the war is lost.  We all know that Unions are nothing more than a money laundering scheme for democrats and we all know that Porkulus was nothing but a giant handout and had no results.

So, I’m a cynic.  That’s why my instinct was to think I was being lied to.

What a damn shame.

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