Brian’s Story: Profile of a Liberal Troll

What makes writing and editing ToBeRIGHT is the joust.  Regular readers know that we never shy away from an argument on these pages.  Heck, they’re half the fun.  From time to time we get a commenter on one post or another who transcends argument completely, but serves a purpose nonetheless.

This is the case with Brian.

On Saturday morning, I checked my email to find 9 separate comments all from the same person.  The commenter left the first name Brian and used “libtard” as his email user name.  Interesting, I thought…a self described “libtard.”  I quickly scanned the comments and realized that these were not just ordinary comments.  They were special.  This set of comments required careful reading and consideration.  Since I have had a productive day at work, I’ve now had time to read each comment made by Libtard, er, uh, Brian and I decided that they were too important to ignore.

Since Libtard seems to really, really want me to publish his rantings, I decided to not just approve the comments, but instead highlight them in a post all of their own and use them as an illustration of….well, I’m not sure what…liberal ideas?  Well, you be the judge.

Being a charitable soul, I also decided to give at least a brief reply to each of Libtard/Brian’s comments.  Also understand that I will not be approving any more comments from Libtard or his IP address.  I’ll debate constructively all day long, but with 9 comments under his belt, I have made the decision that Libtard is not willing, or able, to have a debate on actual positions.  I’m sure he’ll email some hate-filled diatribe about how I am a coward.  (So predictable, aren’t they?)

So without further ado, let’s get into a profile in cowardice, a profile of insulting, cranky and misguided liberalism.  A profile of a liberal troll…

In commenting on my first reaction to Osama Bin Laden’s death, Libtard commented:

You’re first mistake was turning on FOX News which precipitates you into unadulterated ignorance. 15 photos were shown to congressmen who all unanimously agreed that the man pictured dead as can be could only be Osama Bin Laden. You speak of Pelosi’s partisanship. But you make no mention of the partisanship of the majority of the Republicans in congress who want to destroy union laborers’ (the backbone of our country) ability to collectively bargain and deregulate giant banks, insurance companies, and oil companies in an effort to horde as much money as possible for themselves from these corporations’ respective lobbyists. Obama finally does something that we can all agree on and you bigot “conservatives” still find something to bring him down about. Shame on you. Stop watching Fox! It’s all too clear that they are in the pocket of the republicans! It’s criminal to mislead the misinformed into thinking our President is a muslim (not that there’s even anything wrong with that!) and to manufacture lies of death panels and to act like mandatory health insurance isn’t the brainchild of one George H. W. Bush and was the only clause that got some Republicans to vote yea, now they cry foul over it. It’s straight hogwash. If you want giant banks and corporations running our country and not an organized government elected by the people then keep talking. You’re an ignorant fool.

Libtard begins his tirade by calling me names.  Okay.  But then, I’m not sure if Libtard read the post, or read it but failed to comprehend it.  You see, I wrote – at least twice – that I believed the news of Bin Laden’s death to be true.  Yet Libtard writes as if that was in dispute.

Libtard then goes on to write the most disjointed, incoherent sentence I think I have ever had the displeasure of reading.  This is ONE sentence:

But you make no mention of the partisanship of the majority of the Republicans in congress who want to destroy union laborers’ (the backbone of our country) ability to collectively bargain and deregulate giant banks, insurance companies, and oil companies in an effort to horde as much money as possible for themselves from these corporations’ respective lobbyists.

Destroy unions, demonize banks, demonize insurance companies, claim gas companies are hording money for themselves and their lobbyists – all in one sentence!   Not sure where to begin here.  How about this: It is the public unions that Republicans have a problem with, and our position is well documented.  Oil companies have terrible profit margins.  For example, ExxonMobil runs around 9.5% profit.  Even if my small business had DOUBLE that profit margin, I’d be out of business.  In fact, liberals like to ignore margins and focus on top line revenues and profit.  The reason for huge dollar figures in profit is because there are huge sales.  There is simply not enough time in the day to defend every industry.  Let’s just assume that Libtard doesn’t like businesses.

Libtard then proceeds to call me a bigot and implore me to stop watching Fox.  I’m not sure if they were intended to be related, but since coherence is nbot Libtard’s strong point, we’ll assume, from context clues, that they are supposed to be related.

So now I’m a bigot too.

Then, to finish up, Libtard starts talking about how Fox (I think) is responsible for making people think Obama is a Muslim, something about how Bush 41 is responsible for Obamacare, and some gibberish about death panels – again – all in one sentence!

And the big finish….Libtard says that I should stop talking.  He says that if I want the elected officials to make decisions – and not giant corporations and banks – I should stop talking.  So the incoherent diatribe ends in common leftist fashion, saying that I should be silent.  They do love the Constitution, don’t they?

That was only the first of 9 comments!  Let the profile of a liberal troll continue!

Next, Libtard wrote:

Oh by the way…if you mod my post then you prove your close-mindedness and that you’re not a cynic, you’re an ignorant bigot who can’t see that Democrats in recent administrations have bested Republicans in all areas, Economy, National Defense, Treatment of military vets, bipartisanship, and most importantly the will of the American people. We want money spent on programs that help us, not kill others overseas. We want stringent policies preventing tons of oil spilling into our waters. We want stringent policies preventing large banks from gambling with our money and we want peace, not more and more fighting for oil. It’s time for America to take care of itself and stop picking fights by plundering the weak. The the axe will eventually fall and the greed of capitalism will swing the stick. I’m not making a threat, I’m making an educated calculation. See the fall of the Roman Empire.

Eveidently, Libtard forgets what he has written.  He already called me an ignorant bigot in the first comment.  Now he says that I am only an ignorant bigot if I mod his post (that is, not allow it to be posted).  Phew!  I guess I’m not an ignorant bigot, since I am posting Libtards comments for all to see.   It’s difficult to react to a sentence that has virtually every aspect of public policy cited.  Then again, Libtard does say that Republicans have been “…bested in all areas…”  Though I’m not sure how a political party can be “bested” in the “…will of the American people.”  Hmmm.  Doesn’t make sense,  Oh well.  I think he means that Democrats are #1!

Best I can tell, the rest of this paragraph is meant to decry capitalism as bad and to accuse the USA of some sort of imperialism.  I’m not quite sure what he means, but I think I get the point: USA is bad.  Capitalism is bad.  Government spending is good.

This next one is good.  It combines an anti-capitalist rant with the most beautiful justification for abortion I think I have ever read.   Libtard compares killing jihadists with abortion.  But, after all, unborn babies don’t know what’s going on anyway.  This is one for the history books.  It speaks for itself:

Drill! Drill! Drill! Kill Kill Kill! Let the banks do whatever they want! Because, hell, that didn’t almost ruin our country. Most of the people with all the money right now inherited it and sit on their ass as a ceo while a bunch of hard-working people do all the work for them. That’s why you gotta share you selfish shiesters, because you haven’t WORKED for jack shit. And now you lie and cheat and swindle to stuff your pockets even further with monies you’ll never live long enough to spend. Shame on you. No matter how you look at it or how long you study the issue and no matter what you say, it all comes down to greed. Which ironically is one of the seven deadly sins and I find it curious that you get the evangelical vote, it makes no sense. Jesus hated capitalism as proven by his thrashing of the business going on outside the temple. Oh and I don’t see how it makes sense to kill innocent civilians daily yet its wrong to kill a fetus that A. has no idea that’s going on and B. hasn’t even been baptized so by the logic of a christian conservative, a fetus is not absolved of original sin so how is not okay to make sure we have less crackhead babies when you complain about them all the time anyway and don’t want to help them with gov’t programs? Use your brains for once.

Libtard likes the Healthcare bill.  A LOT.  I wish I were more certain of what this incoherent mess means, but I think it says that Libtard hopes that any Republican influence of Obamacare will be  removed from the bill in future sessions of Congress, so the bill can operate in it’s unadulterated leftist glory.   And I though the bill was written behind closed doors.  Those dastardly Republicans!  They added bad stuff to Obamacare!  Huh?

add healthcare to my list of things Dems are better at. Like I said, the only problem about that bill is that Republicans had to agree with it which watered it down with bs that will soon be repealed once the Dems take back full control in 2012. Not the bill, mind you, the crappy Republican clauses that benefit the private insurance hucksters will be repealed and the American people will finally get what they want. Affordable, efficient access to medical care.

Hehe – this next one is fun.

Spending huh? Funny how spending is only okay when it’s for war. By the way the deficit was in great shape before the Bush tax cuts. All of a sudden, the deficit isn’t such a big deal when we want to tax the rich. Oh, and I’d really love it if once I could read some of this hogwash with a few sources cited but I know how bad Conservatives hate bringing facts to an argument.

We’ll dispatch with this quickly, Libtard.  In Goorge Bush’s last year, the deficit was $240 Bllion.  Since Obama took office it’s $1.7 Trillion.  Oh, here’s your citation.

I have to hand it to Libtard – this is the first comment that actually made sense.  It is sarcastic, antagonistic and petty.  But at least he makes a point and backs it up with a quip.

Where ya’ll at?  And, yes I understand that ya’ll is not a word and you should never end a sentence with a preposition like “at.” I know this from my college education. I just thought since I haven’t had a rebuttal in either of my posts that maybe I’d use the language of the people I’m talking to but I guess when you’re right your right. And by that I mean when you’re left you’re right.

And finally, Libtard get’s tired of posting comments and simply concludes:

The rat you smell is yourself.

I actually laughed when I read it.  Still, one thing is for certain: in all of these rantings, there is no argument being made, nothing of substance, no refutation of anything written in any of these pages.  Rather, Libtard makes a series of personal attacks and claims his – often preposterous – positions to be superior.

As is the case with most modern liberals, Libtard cannot support any of his claims of policy superiority.  He can only call me an unintelligent bigot, claim capitalism is evil and that his team is number one.  Then he runs away calling out names as he goes.

If this is any indication of how the left will wage it’s battle coming into the 2012 elections, it sure is going to be fun.



  1. I am appalled that he thinks fighting terrorists is the same thing as abortion. And then he says to “use your brain for once!”. I just don’t understand how someone could actually think this way. The only thing I can think of is that this kid (kid?) has been so indoctrinated by leftists in school that he simply doesn’t know any better.

    Maybe we should feel sorry for him?

  2. Dude needs to take his medication. His writing displays some pretty disorganized thinking.


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