Democrats vs Republicans

It is an epic battle between right and wrong, between good and evil, and indeed for the very soul of man.

Democrats vs Republicans.

A little dramatic?  Maybe.  Dead serious?  You bet.

An honest examination of Democrats vs Republicans reveals a few interesting conclusions:

  1. Most people have the same goals in mind with regard to politics, the means to that end is where we disagree.
  2. The path advocated by Democrats nearly always ends in tyranny of some degree.
  3. Leftist political ideology seems to be a pathology, a human condition that cannot be reconciled, save for rare circumstances.

Let’s examine these propositions individually.  First, let’s lay out the basics.  Through the eyes of an unabashed conservative, here are the key aspects of Democrat idealism (leftist ideals).

Democrat Ideals (as evidenced by policy):

It is okay to confiscate earned wealth from some people, and give it to others. This is the big daddy of Democrat politics.  As Barack Hussein Obama said himself, “…I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”  Really?  And how do you “spread the wealth around?” The government takes it from you, that’s how.  It is important to note that the bottom 50% of income earners pay 3% of the total federal tax bill.  The top 50% of earners pay 97%.  Though that’s not good enough for most democrats.

Spending taxpayer money is the best way to stimulate the economy. Think this through for a second…  In order for the government to spend $1, it must first take that dollar from someone else.  By taking money from the productive people and giving it to the non-productive government, the problems with the economy are exacerbated.  If people and businesses were able to keep their money to begin with, they would be in a better position to spend their OWN money on buying things, hiring employees, investments, all things that are good for the economy.  When the government takes the money and spends it, there is no productivity served.  The government does not produce; the government consumes.

A baby’s life is subordinate to the whims of it’s mother. At 15 weeks old, I watched my son’s little hands grasping, his heart beating…he was very much alive.  The democrat position is that he was not alive, but rather just a pesky part of a womans body to be discarded at will.  Like a wart, waiting for removal.

Health care is a right. Democrats like to throw around the word “right” as if it applies to every malformed opinion they come up with.  A right, and more specifically, a human right, is a right which is inherent in the human condition.  Freedom is a right.  The creator made all men free.  The creator gave us all free will.  The creator gave us the ability to think, speak, love, feel and on and on.  This is best phrased by our founders, when they described human rights as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  A service is not a right.  Starbucks coffee is not a right.  Having someone put stitches in your finger is not a right.  Having your leaky roof fixed is not a right.  These are services one man can do for another, under some form of agreement, from contractual to charity.  These are not rights by any definition.

There is no such thing as evil. Democrats are unwilling to accept that there are forces in the world that are evil and that wish to kill as many Americans as they can.  No act of kindness, no charity, no spoken words will ever be enough for these blood thirsty, evil, killers.  So when we deny that evil in the world exists, we are only weakening ourselves.  The most recent example is when Barack Obama decided not to release pictures of a dead bin laden, because he did not want to further inflame the Muslim world.  Well, here’s a newsflash: they’re already inflamed.  Do you really think that some Al Queada monster is sitting in a cave thinking…Those Americans really aren’t so bad…maybe we should call off the next mass murder plot.”  Really?  Really?  This is the height of naivete and we cannot afford such infantile thinking from our leaders.

People cannot take care of themselves. This is another fundamental aspect of Democrats vs Republicans.  Just start thinking it through and you’ll quickly share this conclusion.  Certain fats are made illegal in restaurants. 150 weeks – 3 years – of unemployment.  Giving money to farmers NOT to grow crops.  Forcing banks to lend money to unqualified borrowers.  The list goes on and on.

Black people, especially, can’t take care of themselves. Affirmative action may have been necessary in the wake of the civil rights movement.  There was an unfortunate time when black people were treated very badly.  Fortunately, I was not alive when this was the case.  Black people should be offended about affirmative action.  It basically says, “you’re not capable of doing well for yourself because, afterall, you’re black.  So the government is here to make sure people give you an advantage since you can’t possibly do it on your own.  I have worked along side some brilliant black men and women throughout my career.  I never saw anything but competent and creative people.  That they were black was…well, it was nothing.  It wasn’t even coincidental, since that would imply that it had some meaning.  They were just PEOPLE.

Schools should be a federal responsibility. How can a bureaucrat in Washington DC possibly make decisions about school curriculum in Huntsville, Alabama?  They can’t.  Beyond that, the Constitution leaves education to the States via the 10th Amendment.

Guns are a menace. Democrats believe that guns are bad and have no place in modern society.  They talk about sporting guns, and high capacity magazines and gun control (all because people can’t possibly be responsible enough on their own).  What they don’t consider is why guns are a guaranteed right in the first place.  A right necessary to allow people to protect themselves against the very government making the laws!  I recently read a thoughtful question: Do you think the Revolutionary War could have been fought, much less won, if the American population was unarmed?

The Constitution is a living, breathing document. If the Constitution is fungible and can be reinterpreted at the whim of a bureaucrat, what good is it?  It is well documented that the framers intended the Constitution to be timeless, to always provide the framework for freedom and a Republican from of democracy.  If the Constitution can be changed at the whim of a politician, the result can only be the disintegration of the Republic.

In short, here is a summary of Democrats vs Republicans:


  • The Constitution is outdated and meaningless
  • Money should be confiscated and distributed at the whim of politicians
  • People are inherently racist
  • Most people are not capable of taking care of themselves
  • The federal government is the best source of education for our youth
  • If we’re only nicer to terrorists, they will go away
  • It makes sense to borrow money and spend it on government programs to get out of debt
  • It is okay for the government to compel citizens to buy things from other citizens


  • The Constitution provides strict guidelines for the behavior of government
  • People are inherently good
  • Most people can take care of themselves without the government interfering
  • A baby’s life is precious and should not be decided at the whim of a mother
  • Wealth and private property are sacred in a republican form of government
  • It is immoral for the government to steal from one person and give the money to someone else
  • Growing the debt is not a reasonable means to get out of debt
  • The government should not be able to force you to buy anything

With that framework in mind, we’re able to reach the aforementioned conclusions about the headline fight, Democrats vs Republicans.

  1. We all want the same thing.  We want stability and the ability to live life with a general sense of comfort.  But Democrats think they can legislate stability and comfort, while republicans believe that it is incumbent upon people to make themselves comfortable, not to achieve comfort at the expense of someone else and with the terms of said comfort dictated by a bureaucrat.
  2. Every solution the left puts forth ends in tyranny.  To provide welfare, it must take from some people.  To provide health care, the government must force some people to pay for it and others to perform the service.  To give unfair advantage to some, it must disadvantage others.  All of the items listed above require government coercion.
  3. Liberalism is a pathology.  Most recently, Alan Colmes was faced with overwhelming evidence that waterboarding worked.  Six – SIX! – primary sources have testified that waterboarding produced intelligence that saved lives.  Yet he would not accept it.  Blind ideology – a pathology – prevented him from seeing what was right in front of him.

For the foreseeable future, Democrats vs Republicans will be a battle fought in the hearts, minds and living rooms of the USA.  My hope is that common sense will prevail and those Democrats with a superiority complex, who would take everything you have in order to control the lives of every citizen, will see the error of their ways.

Sometimes Democrats will win points and sometimes Republicans will win points.  But until leftist ideology is completely destroyed, we will be perpetually watching the war unfold.  It’s Democrats vs Republicans.  Again.


  1. I'm Always Right, Call Me Your Lord says

    Shit editorial. How biased can you be? What a fucking joke

  2. Of course it’s biased, jackass. Did you not read the name of the freakin website? For somone who claims to be alwys right, you’re sure a dumbass. Another clueless commie – good…that means our prospects for 2012 are looking up!

  3. I am so sick of the wining Republicans , they are the ones who messed this Country up and got us into all this mess. I see more and more people struggling just to pay their utility bills let alone have money left over to enjoy themselves. All people have the right to the persuit of life and liberty not just them.

  4. Republicans?

    ?The Constitution provides strict guidelines for the behavior of government – Government for the People? Why are Republicans the party of “NO”!
    ?People are inherently good – Democrats feel the same way!
    ?Most people can take care of themselves without the government interfering – Government, by helping, is not interfering!
    ?A baby’s life is precious and should not be decided at the whim of a mother. Sorry, but a woman has rights too!
    ?Wealth and private property are sacred in a republican form of government – That explains it! The Government provides goods and services to Americans, but the Republic Rich want TAX BREAKS or not pay for anything! Roads, Bridges, Sea Ports, Military, Hospitals, etc.
    ?It is immoral for the government to steal from one person and give the money to someone else. A Republican beleives they don’t need to pay taxes!
    ?Growing the debt is not a reasonable means to get out of debt – No Kidding! Republicans need to pay their fair share@!

    ?The government should not be able to force you to buy anything

  5. It’s hard to have imagined a more misguided comment.

    1) if being th party of no means no spending 1.6 TRILLION mote than we take in every year, you’re damn right. Some grown up somewhere need to say, “stop!”. No more reckless spending. No more wasteful programs. No more. So on this, you’re right. I suppose you favo the opposite… Hey – we’re in $14.5 trillion in debt, let’s spend more! But first, we can borrow it from the Chinese! Brilliant.

    2) government, by helping, is not interfering. You mean by imposing $1.5 trillion in annual coat of regulatory compliance? Or maybe you mean by promoting dependency bynpytting 46 million people on food stamps? Or maybe youran the government is helping by providing low interest loans to anyone with a name through Fannie Mar and Freddie Mac and creating the housing collapse? Reagan said it best… ” the most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

    3) so you’re position is that women have the right to kill their babies? Nice. Speaks volumes about your judgement.

    4) if you actually think the government “provides goods and services to the American people,” you may be too far gone to help. The government does not provide goods and services – it tales money from some, squanders most, and give what’s left to groups based on political expediency. The government does not produce anything. Moreover, the bottom 50 percent of income earners don’t pay any taxes. The top 5 percent of income earners pay almost 40 percent of all taxes paid. You comment about the tax breaks for te rich and te rich not paying anything shows your complete ignorance on the subject.

    5). Showe te GOP statement – or any republican for that matter – who has said they don’t think they should
    Pay taxes at all. Show me one instance of it. Just one. I won’t hold
    My breath. Another example of your simple minded ignorance.

    6) republicans need to pay their fiat share? See above. The top income earners pay the VAST majority of taxes paid. The bottom 50% pay NOTHING. Get it straight.

    Thanks for serving as yet another example of how uninformed an ignorant the left is. You’re a shining example. Read a book for crying out loud.

  6. Thank you Harry! You think and speak clearly about issues and the way they ARE. We must get back to taking care of ourselves and not expect the government to do it.

  7. As a Democrat, I can say unequivically that every generalization you make about Democrats is complete and utter horse manure. You apparently cannot find anything legitimate to criticize Democrats for, so you just make stuff up and attribute views to them that none of them actually have.

    I used to enjoy having a meaningful discussion about political issues with reasonable, intelligent Republicans. But any more I struggle to find any reasonable, intelligent Republicans who are capable of having a meaningful political discussion. There certainly aren’t any on this web site.

  8. @Jeff B – typical. Complete denial. Or maybe not… would you care to point out something that I “made up?” That way, I’ll reply with numerous examples to make you see the error of your ways. I doubt you’ll repost anything. Sometimes the truth hurts most.

    Every single item listed above can be backed up with example after example. Not exceptions, mind you, but repeated examples.

    Being reasonable does not mean caving into the statism of the modern democrat. In my judgement, there is plenty of meaningful discussion. If you don’t like it….don’t come back.

    I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting for you to tell me what I made up.

  9. Great piece….I hope that everyone would see this and stop being on Obamas dick happy for his idea of “change”. GOP all the way

  10. look harry, i agree with you on nearly everything you posted… ESPECIALLY ABOUT US SPENDING 1.4 TRILLION DOLLARS MORE THAN WE MAKE!!!!! however i cannot agree with the GOP’s stance on abortion… while i agree that i would never want my wife to get an abortion, i feel as though it is the choice of the couple who’s “would be baby” it is.

  11. Abortion is not something I’ll change your mind about. There are a couple important points about it though. First, the federal government should not be the arbiter of it in any way. Te Constitution does not give the federal government power over such things, though thriving act that way. Second, killing is not a “choice.” The issue has been successfully framed by the left – incorrectly. You have a choice about what food to eat, whether or not to get a tattoo, but not whether or not to kill a baby. Ask the parent of a 22 week old premie whether or not her baby is a person or not. I became pro life during my wife’s pregnancy with our first child. My eyes were opened. At just several weeks old, he was very much a little

  12. I’m afraid this is incredibly misguided… though I do agree with the debt issue, the way you phrase it is very incorrect. I can imagine that you lack sympathy for those who are not yourself. Acting like people who are in poverty & such put themselves there is an obvious lack of thinking, but I wouldn’t expect that based on this editorial.

    Though I did enjoy how you mentioned the Revolutionary War in the Guns section, especially considering how in present day, we are not under tyrannical rule from England and that there is no means to revolt against the U.S government.

    I am only 16 years old and I can see these issues for what they are… I am disappointed that you are unable to.

  13. @Keenan – It is heartening that at such a young age you are paying attention to these issues and educating yourself. The sad fact is, you will be left to your own devices to learn about history and our political system; the pubic schools certainly won’t do it.

    You said, “I can imagine that you lack sympathy for those who are not yourself.” I’m glad that you admit that imagination is at work here. Is it sympathetic to teach dependence? In a London Chronicle article, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it.” I agree. While a safety net for the poor is important, there is no reason that we provide 150 weeks – 3 years – of unemployment. That’s absurd. Franklin’s editorial is a must read for any student of politics, or history:

    You said, “Acting like people who are in poverty & such put themselves there is an obvious lack of thinking, but I wouldn’t expect that based on this editorial.” Ignoring the poorly framed sentence and the ad hominem attack, I’d like know, how do you think poor people become poor? If it is not their own fault, then whose? Is it my fault that some random poor person is poor? Is it my father’s fault? Is it your fault? Who takes the blame? Is it America’s fault? My opinion is that our democratic Republic (as founded) gives the most people the greatest chance for becoming rich. If an addict chooses to stick a needle in his arm and live on welfare, it is his own fault, not mine.

    You said, “Though I did enjoy how you mentioned the Revolutionary War in the Guns section, especially considering how in present day, we are not under tyrannical rule from England and that there is no means to revolt against the U.S government.”

    You need to get your history straight. Before 1776, what we know of as the present day United States were known as the British colonies. The 13 colonies were part of England, and fully under British rule. The Constitution provides for the right to bear arms not to fight off foreign invaders, but for men to protect themselves from their own tyrannical government. There was much discussion in the debate on the Constitution about whether or not to have a standing army because if under control of the government, it could be the instrument of tyranny.

    You are also mistaken in that there is very much indeed a means to revolt against the US government. 1) Through the electoral process, we are able to vote out politicians who have abused our trust, or proven unable to execute their positions in a manner we demand. 2) The right to bear arms ensures citizens the right to self protection. 3) The Constitutional amendment process allows us to change the government provided the requisite number of States and Congressmen agree.

    You said, “I am only 16 years old and I can see these issues for what they are… I am disappointed that you are unable to.” I can see the youth in your answer, and I hope you continue to seek the truth. If you are going to accuse someone of being unsympathetic and unthinking, you’ll make a much better case if you cite actual examples or back up your accusations with facts. Your comment does nothing to make a case; nothing at all.

    At the risk of sounding condescending, I would encourage you to pick up a copy of “The Debate on the Constitution” edited by Bernard Bailyn. Here, you’ll get a first hand examination of the arguments for and against the Constitution, as well as a full understanding of the intended functions thereof.

    In the meantime, if you can supply examples of my lack of sympathy, or unthinking analysis, please do post them here, so I might see the error of my ways.

  14. F**K the editor says

    The editor is a scumbag and has a small dick.

  15. Good one! That’s what i love about you leftist drones, you have nothing…nothing at all. “Fuck the Editor” as a user name? Clever. A “scumbag with a small dick?” A perfectly well-reasoned argument.

    Thank you for posting. You show all the independent-minded people out there who the thoughtful people are and who are the little brats throwing temper tantrums.

    My hope is that you and your ilk continue to lead the way for the left, it will further empower the current conservative uprising.

    Well done.

  16. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! Read Clinton’s new book.The real problem was George Bush.He is the one who got us into this mess.You can’t cut taxes and increase spending.It just doesn’t work.All the tea party and the far right want to do is cut taxes for the rich and keep the poor,poor.Half the stuff in this site is lies.97% taxes the rich pay that is bullshit we all know it too.Stop telling lies and start telling the truth.

  17. Brilliant analysis, Mark.

    Care to point out one of the lies? One?

    I didn’t think so. If your mind is so corrupted to believe the George Bush is the singular source of all our problems, you are likely too far gone to save..

    Incidentally, maybe you can provide an example of how Republicans seek to keep the poor poor?

    Again…I won;t hold my breath.

  18. Well, quite a screed.
    It seems that you have problem with Democrats. Life is unfair and deserve has nothing to do with it.
    Sorry, but you on that problem. You live with it. You deal with it.
    We have A First Amendment in this country. Unles you can pass a Bill of Attainder, you will just have to live with the fact that I am Democrat.

    Have a nice day.

  19. Hiya Hockley… No, I’ve got no problem with democrats. My problem is with leftist political philosophy. It just so happens that many democrats subscribe to this philosophy.

    If you read through the pages of this site, and in particular the comments, you’ll find that I encourage leftists to comment and join the discussion.

    On several occasions, I even highlight some of the liberal comments in posts of their own.

    I do this because I WANT both sides to be heard. Like you, I cherish the freedom we have to debate and argue with one another. I don’t want anybody silenced under any circumstance. That is what they do in communist (leftist) countries…

    So – although we disagree, I do invite you to look around and comment. As long as your civil, I’ll be civil, and we can bat ideas around.

    I look forward to debating with you!



  20. As a democrat, I am offended by this article. You are belittling Democrats. Liberalism is as much a pathology as conservatism. We just have different ideologies. I hate debating with conservatives like you because you put down the person your debating with. It seems as though you use a higher form of the english language to hold some sort of superiority over the person your talking to, but perhaps you really do just have a great vocabulary. I don’t know why democrats want to challenge the second amendment. I completely support the right to bear arms. I think abortion should be left up to the states to decide along with gay marriage and drugs. I am in support of universal health care because health care is not affordable to a great number of people and health insurance companies’ main goal is to make money, not provide service for the people they represent. I don’t believe in an income tax because it is not even an actual law. We’ve only had an income tax since the 50’s. We were fine before we had an income tax.

  21. Hi Jake –

    I’m sorry you’re offended. I really am.

    If you read all the comments carefully, you’ll see that I treat people with dignity and respect when they treat me that way. I don’t flame any commenter who is thoughtful and reasonable.

    You’re probably right – it may seem like I put down people who don’t agree with me. That’s because I think I’m right, and I make no apologies for it.

    All that aside, the substantive portions of your comments interested me…

    First, I think you’re more conservative than even you think. Your position on the Second Amendment is one we share. Your position on abortion, gay marriage and drugs are exactly my positions; that the 10th Amendment leaves this to the States. This is bordering on a libertarian position – to the right of conservatism!

    From these few words, you seem to be way more aligned with the Republican Party than the Democrat Party.

    Second, you lose some conservative ground on the health care issue, which is curious to me. You are a believer in State’s rights, and apparently in the framework of the Constitution, yet you miss the boat on the purpose of business entirely.

    You’re right; health insurance companies are created to make money. That’s the point. I run a couple businesses – a small marketing firm (that I built myself) and a massage and skincare center (that my wife and I built together). Sure we provide services. And sure, we want our customers to be happy.

    But make no mistake, we don’t bust our ass running two local businesses to make other people happy. We do it to provide for our family. We do it to make money.

    Why should a health insurance company be any different?

    My sister is a Dentist. Do you think that she went through pre-med at UVA and then Medical School to get a DDS, opened a practice with huge loans, and thought she’d do it for free? Or so that she could revel in other people’s bright white teeth?

    No – she did it because the profession appealed to her and because it would produce a nice living for her and her family.

    She doesn’t bust her ass running her business for the good of the nation’s teeth. Incidentally – she employs about 15 people in a small town. You think those hygienists and dental assistants are going to work every day to make my sister happy? Or the patients happy? No – they are doing it to make a living – to make money.

    If health insurance companies don’t provide the service they promise to provide, they will go out of business.

    When they no longer can make any money, what then? You think the government – the one that over-spends its budget by a trillion and a half dollars – is going to get you the care you need?

    Lastly – I would encourage you to review the Constitution regarding the income tax.

    Income taxes were established by the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which was first proposed in 1909. It was ratified by the States in 1913 and added to the Constitution.

    During the early twentieth century there was a ground swell of support for Marxist progressivism that helped this through.

    PS – thank you for your (sort of) kind words regarding my writing. I write a lot, and I hope that at least some skill shines through in the ideas I put to paper. At least I hope…

  22. I’m going to make this simple! The author of the article is spot on with the exception of a couple of his points, which don’t need pointed out. The real issue is spending hard working people’s money to give it to those who feel they are “entitled”. Historically the democratic party has passed bills allowing for more government dependency than the republican party. In fact… the ratio isn’t even close. You can’t always blame a presidential administration. Congress can introduce a bill as well. Here’s a couple of facts: In 1996 Bill Clinton with the aide of a Democratic Congress introduced and passed an amendment to the Telecommunications Act and Lifeline Assistance Act. This extended the telephone assistance program (originally created to aide senior citizens in rural areas to have phone service) to include cellular phones and to be made available to anyone on any type of government assistance. The bill was never taken advantage of until 2008 when a democratic senate and democratic headed FCC decided to activate it against the will of President Bush. In 2009 the program cost U.S. tax payers $800 million. In 2010 it cost them $1.32 billion, and almost $2 billion in 2011.

    The fact of the matter is this… Every Democratic body has historically taken large steps to encourage people to live off the government. Of course they’re not going to tell you that, but what do you think it means when they visit factories on the verge of closing their doors and tell the works, “If you elect me I promise to make things OK for you and your family”. It means we will pay your bills with everyone else’s money. They do this because the more people they can make dependent on the government the more votes they will have come the next election.

    I was once a Democrat and actually helped a state rep with his campaign. During that campaign I learned the truth. I registered as a Republican after and have never looked back. I learned that Democratic politicians don’t want to create anything but minimum wage jobs. It gives the appearance of job creation but in reality nobody can live off of minimum wage. They do this to keep people dependent. I’m sorry if what I’m saying hurts anyone’s feelings but it’s just the truth. It’s time you knew!!!

    And in case you are curios where the money comes from for the free cell phones… It comes from a tax on everyone’s cell and landline phone bill. It is usually listed under Other taxes and Government Fees. If you pay a $100 cell phone bill it would cost you about $7/ month. IT’S TIME THE VOTER KNOWS THE TRUTH!!!

  23. T. H. – thank you for that excellent comment. Hope to see you more around here…

    I am particularly interested in your analysis of the TALA Act and it’s cost, not to mention the blatant attempt to make an already dependent group of people tethered to the government with even tighter knots by controlling something as personal as a cell phone.

    Worse – the taxes are hidden in our cell phone bills. Forget marginal tax rates, there are taxes and costs of government in everything we do.

    “The fact of the matter is this… Every Democratic body has historically taken large steps to encourage people to live off the government.”

    I couldn’t have said it better.

    Last – I’m curious which of my points you don’t think are spot on? 🙂

  24. Are you Kidding? says

    Fellow Americans:

    The problem is not really right, left, or even intellectual. It’s a matter of simple economics, sound judgment and self respect.

    Most people will take care of themselves if they have to. My five year old learned this when she had to get her own bowl of cereal because mom though it was time for her to get it herself.

    1) Budget: Spending more than you make is what got us into this whole mess in the first place. Left or Right makes no difference. No parent, business executive, or finance professional will disagree. Balancing a check book is basic.

    2) Welfare and unemployment: Everyone may need help eventually, but welfare should not be a way of life. I am perfectly willing to help anyone in need but if I’m supporting him or her shouldn’t they be my dependent?

    3) Sharing the wealth: Why should anyone want to work 45+ hours a week to share with someone who doesn’t even want to try? This land of opportunity!! If you cannot make it you’re probably not trying hard enough. Sell your expensive car, get rid of your cell phone, and turn off your huge wall mounted LCD TV and get a second job.
    That’s what our parents and grandparents did…Go ahead ask your grandparents if they would have stood in line to collect unemployment for a hundred plus weeks.

    4) Abortion: That’s between you and your God.

    5) Guns: Why should anyone care?

    I could go on forever and never mention Republican or Democrat.

    Fix the first three issues and issue 4 and 5 can be battled out in the political arena.

    And yes, I do think it’s this simple.

  25. Thank you Harry! This article was enlightening to say at the least. It was enlightening to the point of me reading each and every response to what you had to say. Thank you 😀

  26. Allie Peterson says

    I don’t care if you are democratic or republican, how can you be so disrespectful to each other? It really gets you nowhere.

  27. You’re right, Allie. You’ll find that when honest debate is present, we’ll have an honest debate. Here are a couple of considerations:

    1) This is a conservative blog. I (the editor) find leftist policies abhorrent and don’t hide that opinion. Much of what I write is tongue in cheek, to make a point, and ALL of what I write is ideologically conservative.

    2) For too long conservatives have taken the high road. We get lambasted regularly in the media and entertainment industries and say nothing. We argue on merit and are met with demagoguery. No more. Not on these pages. When a leftist comes on here and attacks, I will not sit by and let it happen. I will vigorously defend the conservative position and add a healthy dose of snark along with it.

    That’s the playing field on this blog…. Debate…fine. Come here and throw around demagoguery and personal attacks, you’ll get it right back.

    Thanks for coming around – I hope that you’ll participate in some of the policy debates we have…

  28. Guys, calm the hell down haha. This is clearly a conservative blog so ifone sided blogs are posted it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is logic and believe me being a Republican sounds awesome to (even toughIam a democrat)there are just a few thingsI really do not understand about your party.

    1. Small government doesn’t sound so horrible… but how can government be “out of the way” if it tells us we CANNOT have gay weddings and CANNOT abort badies. I thought the Republican motto was leave people to do their own things. Now I understand that YOU may be pro-life but no one is forcing you to get an abortion and another thing, why do you care? If someone gets an abortion does it really affect YOU (and when I say you I am refering to everyone who is “pro-life”)? Gay marriage was just legalized in NY state and so far no one has forced me to marry a man… This also applies to birth control.

    2. Speaking of Gay marriage what is the big freaking deal I mean yes being with another man is against certain religious values but unless things have changed the United States is not a religous state. furthermore the church and state are seperated so ANY religious opinon really doesn’t matter.

    3. Why do you not support green energy technology? It is no secret that oil is getting harder to come by. And the scientific community has pretty much unanimously agreed that our use of fossil fuels is causing serious enviornmental damage. So why do you guys insist on these “Drill baby Drill” policies? Wouldn’t doing so open up a new industry that could rocket the US economy back up to the top makes us again a world leader in energy?

    *it is at this point that I would like to awknoledge your comments about democratic spending. Yes we do spend a lot don’t we! But I think we like to keep in mind the Great depression and how Hoover (Rep) did nothing while the nation suffered and FDR (Dem) who restored our nations confidence and lead us out of the depression. FDR may have spent much much more but at least the money went somewhere to help people right?

    5. What is the deal with Trickle Down Economics? If that worked wouldn’t Bush’s tax cuts on the rich have produced tons of jobs as opposed to plunging us into a ressession and sky-rocketing unemployment….

    6. Why so much war? Isn’t war bad, and expensive? Don’t people die or get horribly wounded? I mean some war makes sense but why did we HAVE to invade Iraq? Afganistan makes sense (I guess). Also why was Iraq handled so poorly… I mean they are already falling back into caos. Considering the cost and loss of life on our part…. that really suck!!

    7. Just one more thing about gay marriage… I have heard all this crap about “marriage being sacred” if that is the case why are straight people allowed to get divorced? And why are all these celeberties able to have marriages that don’t even last a whole year?

    8. What about College. Rick Santorum called the President a “snob” after he said that everyone should go to college. Why does that make Obama a slob? I mean forgetting for a second that Mr. Santorum has a college degree of his own.

    9. Don’t you think Republicans are a bit racist? I mean it just seems like they really just do not want a Black president even thought he has been trying to be as moderate as possible. Plus I mean they seem to brand all forgien people as “Illigals” that can’t be fair can it?

    10. Why are guns so important? What is the real reason to need a fully automatic machine gun in your home?
    I have more questions but I think I will let you answer these. Oh and I really enjoyed your blog!

  29. HI Jonathan – Great comment… This is the kind of debate we need. No time to post back right now, but I will…give me a few hours….

    Thank you for being calm, nice and posing thoughtful questions for debate. 🙂

  30. First, understand that in this context, by “Republicans” I mean “conservative.” One of the shortcomings of this post is that the distinction between the two is not made, but it exists.


    1. You’re right that Republicans (conservatives) want smaller government. But this has to be applied correctly and completely. For example, abortion is none of the federal government’s business at all.

    Not for, or against.

    The true conservative position is that since the Constitution does not address abortion at all, the issue is left to the States vis a vis the 10th Amendment to the Constitution.

    The federal government has no business whatsoever making policy regarding abortion.

    2. Gay marriage is the same thing. In my opinion, the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.

    Again, the federal government has no authority to say who can marry who. States, however, have the authority to allow, or not allow, same sex marriage.

    The conservative position is that gay marriage should be left to the States – the feds have no authority on the matter.

    3. First, the scientific community has not unanimously agreed that fossil fuels are causing serious environmental damage. That is a myth. In fact, air quality has gotten better every year for about the past 30 years, even with huge population and productivity gains. See the EPA for details:

    That aside, nobody is “against” green technology. We are against the government confiscating private property and regulating private behavior in the name of “green energy.”

    *FDR did not bring us out of the depression with spending.

    First, the Supreme Court smacked down FDR scores of times. They struck done 8 New Deal programs within just a couple years.

    Second, The US did not return the the 1929 GDP for over a decade, and had mid double digit unemployment right up until after WWII in 1945. So to say that FDR led us out of the Great Depression is just factually incorrect.

    Moreover, Roosevelt’s own Treasury Secretary, Henry Morganthau – credited as the architect of the New Deal – said this:

    “No, gentlemen, we have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. And I have just one interest, and if I am wrong, as far as I am concerned, somebody else can have my job. I want to see this country prosperous. I want to see people get a job. I want to see people get enough to eat. We have never made good on our promises…

    But why not let’s come to grips? And as I say, all I am interested in is to really see this country prosperous and this form of Government continue, because after eight years if we can’t make a success somebody else is going to claim the right to make it and he’s got the right to make the trial. I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started.

    And an enormous debt to boot! We are just sitting here and fiddling and I am just wearing myself out and getting sick. Because why? I can’t see any daylight. I want it for my people, for my children, and your children. I want to see some daylight and I don’t see it…”

    That is quoted from a Treasury Department Meeting, documented in the Roosevelt Presidential Library.

    5. Trickle Down Economics is a simplified notion of supply side economics. There will always be an ebb and flow to the economy – always. The beautiful thing about market economics is that it is self correcting.

    The alternative to a market economy is a State run economy. One form of State run economics is Keynesian economics, where government stimulus, i.e., confiscation and redistribution of wealth, is somehow able to correct market fluctuations.

    It can’t.

    When people are allowed to keep more of what they rightfully earn, it is a good thing. If people keep more of their own money, what will they do with it? Spend it, save it, or invest it. All in their own self interest.

    The alternative is to let the government confiscate earned money and decide what to do with it.

    If you think that the government is a better arbiter of how your money is spent, you have already surrendered yourself to the State.

    6. I agree about war. I hate it and I don’t want my kids to ever have to fight. That said, I also don’t want my kids blown up in a movie theater by some bloodthirsty maniac bent on killing people in the name of his God. So…if these monsters are found thriving anywhere, I think we should systematically exterminate them, before another 9/11 happens.

    That said, the nation building thing is stupid.

    One thing is for sure…being nice to terrorists is not going to make them stop.

    7. Great point on celebrity marriages. I think that the no-judgement, any thing and everything is okay, permissive attitude of the far left is what promulgates this trend. This is a cultural thing and should never be legislated…I’m not sure what we can do about it, frankly.

    8. College should have nothing to do with the government. The reason it costs so much to go to college is because the federal government and state governments pump money into colleges and universities, and then follow up with low interest loans. If the government were OUT of the money distribution and loan business, costs would necessarily come down as the market would start dictating reasonable costs.

    Santorum was misguided in his comments. I think, regardless of what you do in life, college is a great place to learn how to learn. It teaches you how to manage your own life, how to prioritize your time, and for some, can help focus some early career decision-making. It can only help, even if you decide to mow lawns for a living.

    9. Racist? That’s absurd. It is liberals who see everything through the lens of race (or gender, or religion, or whatever group they put you in).

    Illegal aliens are people who come to the country and violate federal law in doing so. They ARE ILLEGAL.

    Immigrants who come here by following the rules, like all four of my grandparents did, are not illegal. They are welcome additions to America and are welcome to become Americans.

    I’d like you to cite some conservative figure who has labeled all foreign people as “illegals.” I don’t know where you got that, but if you provide evidence of it, I will post it. That assertion is absurd.

    10. The 2nd amendment is a very long discussion. In short, the founders gave us the right to bear arms so that we could protect ourselves from…wait for it…a tyrannical government! Isn’t it interesting that it is the same government moving to disarm us?

    Take a look at history – in many, many cases throughout history, the first step in oppressing a citizenry is to disarm them. Check the histories of Germany, many countries in Africa and China to start.

    I’m no “bucker in the backyard” guy, but I can tell you this…if a major terror attack ever happens and the water and electrical supplies are disrupted for a long time, I will be very happy that I am well armed. All the people who did not prepare will be coming, and my family will be protected. Remember New Orleans? Mobs of looters were running wild. You’re damn right I want my AR-15 at the ready.

    Jonathan – I enjoyed your post and replying to your points very much. I do hope you come around more often…who knows, maybe I’ll bring you over to the conservative side…

  31. Harry Palmer says

    Harry. Thanks for spreading more hate about in an already corrupt government. No one ever accused Republicans of being hate/war mongers though in an extremist judgemental column of a different tune though right?Both sides should be concerned about the root, heart and soul of America, the American people. No way is that going to happen though when there are big oil wars to wage and concern over who is right. Like all imperfect humans both sides have wrong and right views and actions. History has proven that both sides are guilty of what they accuse in every sense and in every argument. That is not good enough proof though because to prove you are so right and everyone else is so wrong you will search for hours for some jacked up article to try and prove me wrong as you have everyone else on here that has opposed you. You are an extremist on the subject and anyone that would base their final opinion on the garbage that runs from your mind or any other extremist has already began down the wrong path in choosing what is right for their country. Today, both sides are looney tunes and the American people do not have to go to the circus and pay to see the clowns perform. Anyhow I just wanted to point out your ignorance you have projected yourself onto others. I imagine the purpose, for your own entertainment.

  32. Hehe – that’s funny. Incoherent, but enough seeps through to be funny. Maybe a little sad, too…..but mostly funny.

  33. Harry Palmer says

    The exact response to be expected from you.

  34. I always get the last word – it’s my blog.

    If anyone missed it, you did us all a favor by exposing yourself and your ilk… A big hearty conservative thanks!

  35. Hey harry i didnt read all the comments because There are to many and my eyes are hurting. I just wanted to know what you think of abortion as a result of rape or insestuial rape/ molestation of a minor under 16 y/o?? Like I said I didnt read all the posts so if you have gone over this question my apologies

  36. @Allycat – The abortion debate for me is very simple in one sense and very complex in another.

    First, the simple part. I don’t believe that the federal government should have any say in the abortion debate whatsoever. The Constitution is very specific and the enumerated powers delegated to the federal government are few and defined. (See Federalist 45 for clarification.) Therefore, I believe any involvement by the federal government in the abortion debate is misguided. My opinion is that abortion is a matter for each State to decide vis a vis the 10th Amendment.

    Now the complex part… I was generally pro-choice for most of my adult life. When my wife was pregnant with my first child, I completely changed my mind. At 7 weeks, I saw his heart beating. At 20 weeks, his little hands were grasping. To insert an implement of some kind into the womb would have been to commit murder in my opinion.

    That said, I think that if a rape is committed of anyone at any age, we have the technology to interrupt the pregnancy before it really starts. In the best case, a doctor would administer some sort of morning after drug as soon as reasonable after the trauma.

    In the worst case, a trauma or rape goes unreported. Especially in the case of a child, or adolescent girl. I could envision a circumstance where the girl may not know she is pregnant. I can see a circumstance where she is too traumatized for afraid to tell an adult what happened. There are scores of cases one could imagine.

    In the case of a trauma like this – and there are many, many versions of this – I think the decision on whether or not to abort should be left to the victim, her parents, and the doctor. Still, once a certain point is reached – I have no idea what it is – abortion should no longer be an option. Babies are born and live at very early stages of gestation with today’s medicine.

    To define these circumstances, I believe the States legislatures should thoroughly investigate and vote on laws they think will best serve the people of their respective States.

    An interesting side note is that Barack Obama supports live birth abortions – infanticide – and calls it pro-choice. That disgusts me.

  37. Well written argument. My only complaints is that you came across as a little abrasive. I think you would have received better comments from democrats had the post been more informative and less abusive to the left.

  38. Thanks, Miles. Guilty as charged… I do come across as abrasive. Really this is because try as I might, I can’t understand many of these liberal positions, and I don’t have the temperament to hide my frustration. This is why I could never run for office. I don’t understand how intention and emotion can drive policy to such a great extent – even if proven ineffective over and over.

  39. I agree with Harry on some parts of his argument. But if he can word his position a little differently,most people can actually understand his point of view. Besides Republicans and Democrats are very much alike, with just a different understanding of things. Yes, both parties have there ups and downs but that does not mean we should approach eachothers responses in a difficult manner. Harry, what is your political view on Immigration?

  40. “The government takes it from you, that’s how. It is important to note that the bottom 50% of income earners pay 3% of the total federal tax bill. The top 50% of earners pay 97%. Though that’s not good enough for most democrats.” That is only income tax which is only 41.5 percent of taxes taken in. A better picture is the top 10 percent pay 55 percent of ALL taxes and make 42 percent of ALL income. And trust me if you are in the top 50 percent try complaining about all the taxes you pay to someone in the bottom 50 percent, i.e. someone who makes less the 32, 000 a year. And just a little not on the racist argument, racism is real it is still out there and it knows no political, racial or income level. Just stop bringing it up and hopefully someday it will just dissipate.

  41. Tyrone, again you have only half the picture. You’re right that Federal income taxes are only a part of all taxes collected. But Social Security and Medicare are paid BACK to payers in the form of benefits later in life. State and local taxes are what pay for schools and you’re local fire departments (another thing that bugs me about Obama going on about teachers and cops, when it is State and local funds that pay for these things, but I digress).

    The complaint of most people who DO pay federal income taxes is not the amount of taxes that we pay. Rather it is that the money is squandered by an over-spending, bloated federal bureaucracy. We also complain about the strategy – Republicans and conservatives believe that the country is better served when people can keep more of what they rightfully earn. Democrats and liberals believe the country is better off when the government confiscates more earnings, so the money can be redistributed.

    So, you miss the point – we’re complaining about the size, scope, and efficiency of government, not the tax rate per se.

  42. You make very good points Henry. I try to remain open minded on such subjects, but it is nice to see someone that is actually somewhat educated when it comes to politics.

  43. This article is ridiculous. The republican party is the party of rich, white,and male. That being said, I happen to be a well off white male, however, I also care about the people to my left and right and therefore NOT a republican. Enjoy your last years of relevancy Republicans, you don’t fit in the world anymore.

  44. Howdy – you are ridiculous. Rich, white and male? Um, nearly half the country voted for Mitt Romney you idiot. Get off this blog, you big dope.

  45. A young point of view says

    I am a 17 year old male and really had no interest in politics whatsoever up until a year ago. I did my own personal research for informative purposes and thoroughly enjoyed watching the 2012 debates. I would have to say I am more conservative than democratic but I do have views from both sides and would be interested in hearing your opinions Harry.

    1.) My first opinion is on Gay Marriage. I am religious and I feel that marriage is between a man and his wife, which is what God created and meant to happen. With that being said, I do not think it is my place, nor the place of the federal government to interfere with the choices of people. I feel that if two men want to go get married, I may dissaprove, but they can do what they like. I dont even think it should be something I am voting for on a ballot.

    2.) Abortion is a difficult thing for me to make a decision on. While life definitely starts while in the womb, I feel that bringing a child into the world who is going to be raised by an irresponsible parent who is unable to properly care for the child is in a sense, more wrong than the abortion itself. I believe it is of a personal conviction and the choice of the woman whether I approve of it or not.

    3.) Illegal Immigrants in America do put a Burden on the American taxpayers. This is a tough issue for me. I can see why republicans support that no illegals are allowed into this country but at the same time, I like to think what I would do if I was in their position. Would I illegally come to America if that meant a better life for both my family and I? Absolutely. I will not place blame on the illegal immigrant simply for wanting a better life for his family, also knowing that in some cases it can take many years for a mexican to enter this country legally.

    4.) Death Penalty: Absolutely
    5.) Military: Protect our nation and the prosperity of mankind at any cost. America stands today as the world superpower due to our military. I strongly advocate increased spending (as much as we can actually afford to spend) but definitely dont decrease spending, on military. Some people are so incredibly ignorant when it comes to this issue.

    6.) Guns are a right. No gun ever killed a person. Cliche quote “Guns dont kill people, people kill people is entirely true.” And by banning guns does not mean that the world will suddenly cease violence lol. Anyone who wants a gun should be able to have one.

    7.) Harry what is your view on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado? I live in colorado so i am curious on this issue. Do you think the Federal government will step in? I honestly cant even begin to imagine where our nation is heading at this point.

    8.) What is the school voucher system? I have gone to public schools my entire life, currently a senior in high school, and have no problem with public schools? What is the republican stance on the education system?

    9.) Affirmative Action: I have no idea where to begin…. This is the absolutely bullshit lol. I cant even begin to understand why this exists. As im trying to apply for scholarships I keep reading I have to be black or Mexican? Wtf? How is this even fair to the white person. And if you’re a white male? You are utterly screwed. I have over a 4.0 gpa and scored a 32 on my ACT and yet because im a white male (supposedly I dont need help). This is so racist towards white males it is not even funny. Slavery was sad, and over 80 years ago. Are some people racist today? yes. How the hell does that mean someone cant succeed in life because someone else doesnt like them. I came from a very well off family until I was 10 years old. Father making over 200 grand a year, my parents went through a difficult divorce as my dad struggled through a deep depression and drug addiction ( clean for seven years now thankfully ) and am now raised by my mom who went back to college and recieved her technical training degree. She makes about 30 grand a year. We live comfortably but by no means can afford college. BUT BECAUSE WE ARENT poverty, I cant get low income scholarships. this baffles me. I would be better off for college if my mom made 15 grand a year. I dont understand where this entitlement and affirmative action even began or why it exists.

    10.) I am lost on the political stances of Health Care, an indepth overview of each partys stance on health care would be SOO much appreciated. Possibly descibe obama care as well?

    11.) The fact that wealthy people who make over 100 or 200 grand a year and upwards will pay such a large percentage of their income off in taxes? DO i think this is fair? Absolutely not. They worked for that money and they earned it! However, a person is sometimes truly unable to escape their own poverty, no matter how hard they work. Do i believe we have slowly become a nation of pot smoking nolifes who expect the government to pay for everything? No, but the sense of entitlement which people do expect is making our nation sure start to look that way.

    Republicans say democrats basically want socialism/communism, where everyone is happy and fed for and equal. Man was not made equal. That is simply it. People who work hard in life deserve to reap the benefits of their labor and people who dont work hard and are lazy dont deserve anything. That is being harsh but true.

    However the rich will wake up the next day, no matter how much money they are paying in income taxes, and will not have to worry where their next meal is coming from, or how they are going to get gas to get to work that morning, or how to pay the electric bill. I think sometimes republicans get so caught up in “I worked for it, its mine”, That they fail to see the other side of life. The people who do work hard everyday and live paycheck to paycheck. Is it the responsibility of the rich to care for the poor? no. but in a sense this is what makes american such a beautiful place. I think people who live off entitlements and unemployment are despicable, absolutely. and romneys 47% comment was so true and the outrage it provoked was only because the truth hurts people. Anyways im getting off topic. But in a place like mexico for example, their are extremely nice villas, and then there are slums, where families live in cardboard houses with 8 people in a confined space. It is because we have these entitlement programs that situations like that dont exist in America. So do I believe in a progressive tax rate? Yes I do. I feel the wealthy would not be hurt by paying (even paying out of the thankfulness that they have to live in such a wonderful country) more taxes than those who earn less income. However the steep percentage rate that they pay is ridiculous. And the idea of tax cuts for the wealthy which leads to greater job creationmakes all the sense in the world. Its a good idea!

    Some people are not born with intelligence. That may sound harsh, but there are people who are not as smart as other people, and do people who are not as intelligent deserve to live a lesser life? I feel that wealthy people can afford to help those who arent as fortunate, even though I dont feel its fair to the wealthy.

    My conservative side cries out to me as I write that statement though because it is absurd that the government can take away from us what we worked for and earned.

    12.) My last question, is about Social Security. What other options are available. I strongly dislike the idea of being forced to pay into something when I will never receive benefits back. I feel I would be better off keeping track of my own finances and managing my own money. However if we were to scrap the program and let people fend for themselves, irresponsible people would be left out to dry and die when the time comes and they have no money saved away. Well what about me!? I want to be able to manage my own money.

    Sorry for the horrendous grammar and punctuation, it is 2 in the morning and I was just trying to get al my opinions out there. =P thanks for putting up with me.

  46. Harry, whats you view on restoration of ALL their rights non-violent felons? Specifically gun rights but also Jury duty, military duty, voting etc. etc. etc. To me, this creates a second class group of people that were given a life sentence. Doesn’t an ex-felon have the right to protect there person and property? Just a thought, if we can’t trust an individual to own a firearm, why were they released from custody?

  47. Stan McInelly says

    We have made many mistakes over the years like feeding the bears in Yellowstone / Circus Animals / or other wildlife in captivity. In the inner city people feed the birds and squirrels until to many want the free handouts and they become a nuisances and cant afford it anymore. In the country the same thing except some people feed the bears deer and other animals, they to become a burden not only on them but the people around them The strange thing is when you quit feeding them they go back to what they know and find a way to survive without the handouts. Not much difference from urban housing and the welfare system, teach them to support themselves so they are not a burden on society. It is a total failure of our government that about 50% of the population depends on the others.

  48. Inequality is really going up if you look at the stats. Is there *ever* a point at which we as Republicans should respond? If it gets to the point that it’s really hard for a working person to save enough to better themselves because all the profits are going to a small number of people, should we do anything about it?
    Occasionally I do worry that when we get down to policy we seem to always end of putting more money in the hands of the billionaires instead of the hard workers like me.


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