Democrats vs Republicans

It is an epic battle between right and wrong, between good and evil, and indeed for the very soul of man.

Democrats vs Republicans.

A little dramatic?  Maybe.  Dead serious?  You bet.

An honest examination of Democrats vs Republicans reveals a few interesting conclusions:

  1. Most people have the same goals in mind with regard to politics, the means to that end is where we disagree.
  2. The path advocated by Democrats nearly always ends in tyranny of some degree.
  3. Leftist political ideology seems to be a pathology, a human condition that cannot be reconciled, save for rare circumstances.

Let’s examine these propositions individually.  First, let’s lay out the basics.  Through the eyes of an unabashed conservative, here are the key aspects of Democrat idealism (leftist ideals).

Democrat Ideals (as evidenced by policy):

It is okay to confiscate earned wealth from some people, and give it to others. This is the big daddy of Democrat politics.  As Barack Hussein Obama said himself, “…I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”  Really?  And how do you “spread the wealth around?” The government takes it from you, that’s how.  It is important to note that the bottom 50% of income earners pay 3% of the total federal tax bill.  The top 50% of earners pay 97%.  Though that’s not good enough for most democrats.

Spending taxpayer money is the best way to stimulate the economy. Think this through for a second…  In order for the government to spend $1, it must first take that dollar from someone else.  By taking money from the productive people and giving it to the non-productive government, the problems with the economy are exacerbated.  If people and businesses were able to keep their money to begin with, they would be in a better position to spend their OWN money on buying things, hiring employees, investments, all things that are good for the economy.  When the government takes the money and spends it, there is no productivity served.  The government does not produce; the government consumes.

A baby’s life is subordinate to the whims of it’s mother. At 15 weeks old, I watched my son’s little hands grasping, his heart beating…he was very much alive.  The democrat position is that he was not alive, but rather just a pesky part of a womans body to be discarded at will.  Like a wart, waiting for removal.

Health care is a right. Democrats like to throw around the word “right” as if it applies to every malformed opinion they come up with.  A right, and more specifically, a human right, is a right which is inherent in the human condition.  Freedom is a right.  The creator made all men free.  The creator gave us all free will.  The creator gave us the ability to think, speak, love, feel and on and on.  This is best phrased by our founders, when they described human rights as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  A service is not a right.  Starbucks coffee is not a right.  Having someone put stitches in your finger is not a right.  Having your leaky roof fixed is not a right.  These are services one man can do for another, under some form of agreement, from contractual to charity.  These are not rights by any definition.

There is no such thing as evil. Democrats are unwilling to accept that there are forces in the world that are evil and that wish to kill as many Americans as they can.  No act of kindness, no charity, no spoken words will ever be enough for these blood thirsty, evil, killers.  So when we deny that evil in the world exists, we are only weakening ourselves.  The most recent example is when Barack Obama decided not to release pictures of a dead bin laden, because he did not want to further inflame the Muslim world.  Well, here’s a newsflash: they’re already inflamed.  Do you really think that some Al Queada monster is sitting in a cave thinking…Those Americans really aren’t so bad…maybe we should call off the next mass murder plot.”  Really?  Really?  This is the height of naivete and we cannot afford such infantile thinking from our leaders.

People cannot take care of themselves. This is another fundamental aspect of Democrats vs Republicans.  Just start thinking it through and you’ll quickly share this conclusion.  Certain fats are made illegal in restaurants. 150 weeks – 3 years – of unemployment.  Giving money to farmers NOT to grow crops.  Forcing banks to lend money to unqualified borrowers.  The list goes on and on.

Black people, especially, can’t take care of themselves. Affirmative action may have been necessary in the wake of the civil rights movement.  There was an unfortunate time when black people were treated very badly.  Fortunately, I was not alive when this was the case.  Black people should be offended about affirmative action.  It basically says, “you’re not capable of doing well for yourself because, afterall, you’re black.  So the government is here to make sure people give you an advantage since you can’t possibly do it on your own.  I have worked along side some brilliant black men and women throughout my career.  I never saw anything but competent and creative people.  That they were black was…well, it was nothing.  It wasn’t even coincidental, since that would imply that it had some meaning.  They were just PEOPLE.

Schools should be a federal responsibility. How can a bureaucrat in Washington DC possibly make decisions about school curriculum in Huntsville, Alabama?  They can’t.  Beyond that, the Constitution leaves education to the States via the 10th Amendment.

Guns are a menace. Democrats believe that guns are bad and have no place in modern society.  They talk about sporting guns, and high capacity magazines and gun control (all because people can’t possibly be responsible enough on their own).  What they don’t consider is why guns are a guaranteed right in the first place.  A right necessary to allow people to protect themselves against the very government making the laws!  I recently read a thoughtful question: Do you think the Revolutionary War could have been fought, much less won, if the American population was unarmed?

The Constitution is a living, breathing document. If the Constitution is fungible and can be reinterpreted at the whim of a bureaucrat, what good is it?  It is well documented that the framers intended the Constitution to be timeless, to always provide the framework for freedom and a Republican from of democracy.  If the Constitution can be changed at the whim of a politician, the result can only be the disintegration of the Republic.

In short, here is a summary of Democrats vs Republicans:


  • The Constitution is outdated and meaningless
  • Money should be confiscated and distributed at the whim of politicians
  • People are inherently racist
  • Most people are not capable of taking care of themselves
  • The federal government is the best source of education for our youth
  • If we’re only nicer to terrorists, they will go away
  • It makes sense to borrow money and spend it on government programs to get out of debt
  • It is okay for the government to compel citizens to buy things from other citizens


  • The Constitution provides strict guidelines for the behavior of government
  • People are inherently good
  • Most people can take care of themselves without the government interfering
  • A baby’s life is precious and should not be decided at the whim of a mother
  • Wealth and private property are sacred in a republican form of government
  • It is immoral for the government to steal from one person and give the money to someone else
  • Growing the debt is not a reasonable means to get out of debt
  • The government should not be able to force you to buy anything

With that framework in mind, we’re able to reach the aforementioned conclusions about the headline fight, Democrats vs Republicans.

  1. We all want the same thing.  We want stability and the ability to live life with a general sense of comfort.  But Democrats think they can legislate stability and comfort, while republicans believe that it is incumbent upon people to make themselves comfortable, not to achieve comfort at the expense of someone else and with the terms of said comfort dictated by a bureaucrat.
  2. Every solution the left puts forth ends in tyranny.  To provide welfare, it must take from some people.  To provide health care, the government must force some people to pay for it and others to perform the service.  To give unfair advantage to some, it must disadvantage others.  All of the items listed above require government coercion.
  3. Liberalism is a pathology.  Most recently, Alan Colmes was faced with overwhelming evidence that waterboarding worked.  Six – SIX! – primary sources have testified that waterboarding produced intelligence that saved lives.  Yet he would not accept it.  Blind ideology – a pathology – prevented him from seeing what was right in front of him.

For the foreseeable future, Democrats vs Republicans will be a battle fought in the hearts, minds and living rooms of the USA.  My hope is that common sense will prevail and those Democrats with a superiority complex, who would take everything you have in order to control the lives of every citizen, will see the error of their ways.

Sometimes Democrats will win points and sometimes Republicans will win points.  But until leftist ideology is completely destroyed, we will be perpetually watching the war unfold.  It’s Democrats vs Republicans.  Again.


  1. Harry, whats you view on restoration of ALL their rights non-violent felons? Specifically gun rights but also Jury duty, military duty, voting etc. etc. etc. To me, this creates a second class group of people that were given a life sentence. Doesn’t an ex-felon have the right to protect there person and property? Just a thought, if we can’t trust an individual to own a firearm, why were they released from custody?

  2. Stan McInelly says:

    We have made many mistakes over the years like feeding the bears in Yellowstone / Circus Animals / or other wildlife in captivity. In the inner city people feed the birds and squirrels until to many want the free handouts and they become a nuisances and cant afford it anymore. In the country the same thing except some people feed the bears deer and other animals, they to become a burden not only on them but the people around them The strange thing is when you quit feeding them they go back to what they know and find a way to survive without the handouts. Not much difference from urban housing and the welfare system, teach them to support themselves so they are not a burden on society. It is a total failure of our government that about 50% of the population depends on the others.

  3. Inequality is really going up if you look at the stats. Is there *ever* a point at which we as Republicans should respond? If it gets to the point that it’s really hard for a working person to save enough to better themselves because all the profits are going to a small number of people, should we do anything about it?
    Occasionally I do worry that when we get down to policy we seem to always end of putting more money in the hands of the billionaires instead of the hard workers like me.

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