Jeanine Lawson – What Local Politics Needs

I have the great privilege of knowing Jeanine Lawson.  Jeanine will be running for County Supervisor for the Brentsville District here in Prince William County, Virginia.

These pages are not focused on local politics to any great degree, but the county races going on here in Prince William County are both noteworthy and instructive.  Noteworthy because of the implications on national politics, and instructive because the primary battles will help us further define real conservatism and the proper role of government – at all levels.

At the Kick Off Party last Friday night, I was shocked at how many people came out to support Jeanine.  One blogger summarized it like this:

…this is a different kind of campaign than most of us are used to seeing.  It’s kind of fearless, the vague platitudes have been thrown away, it feels distinctly honest. People in Brentsville really want a change and they really like who Jeanine is.  It doesn’t come stuffed with a bunch of endorsements by elected officials obligated to give them, it isn’t armed with gobs of cash, and it isn’t particularly polished at this point.  What it does have is enormous energy, a lot of passion, and obviously a growing army behind it.

Read the entire story here.

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