5 Things You Must Know About Obamacare

How do you like getting suckered?

How do you like politicians playing with your life?

Here are five of the more important things to consider about Obamacare…

1. You won’t be able to keep your health care plan. That’s right.

Obama lied to you.

He said on numerous occasions, “…if you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”

But that is a bald-faced lie.

37% of Americans will LIKELY lose their coverage and be forced to go on a plan from a government exchange.

2. Obamacare strips $500 Billion from Medicare. When you listen to the democrats talk about how the evil Republicans want to kill Medicare, don’t listen.

You are being lied to.

Obamacare hits Medicare in two ways: First, it cuts $500 Billion from the program. It does this through a bunch of ill-defined ways, including getting rid of fraud and abuse. Ha!

Second, it counts the SAME $500 Billion revenue to be used to fund Obamacare.

Wait…. Double counting? Gimmickry?

Yep. Watch this:

3. The only way Obamacare passed was by bribing various Congressmen to vote for it.

For example:

  • The state of Louisiana gets $300 million more in Medicare subsidies.
  • The states of Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah will also get more Medicare money — $2 billion more.
  • Vermont will get $600 million in added Medicaid payments. Massachusetts, almost as much.
  • Connecticut will get $100 million to build a hospital.
  • And finally, 11 states will get an extra $8.5 billion in Medicaid simply because their representatives supported Obamacare.

With the country now owing $14 trillion, alert Americans understand that all the bribes will put the country in even more danger financially.

This sums it up nicely:

4. Obama wants the Healthcare system to fail, so the government can run the entire system.

In common fashion, Obama says one thing and is doing the complete opposite.

This video tells the story:

5. Obamacare will destroy jobs and harm the economy – even more. In a recent letter to top Congressmen, some 200 economists unpack the economic damage that Obamacare will cause.

Here is the full story and a link to the letter.

So…. You will likely have to buy your insurance from a government exchange – like going to the DMV for your health care. Obamacare will dramatically cut into an already broken Medicare, with no plan to make it solvent. It will add vast sums to the already massive debt, further endangering our fragile economy.

And it was all done through lies and bribes.

Just thought you should be aware of these five tidbits.

I’ll leave you with this gem from the Chairman of the House Budget Committee:


  1. fucktheTeaParty says

    Stupid motherfucking teabagger assholes. You just have to learn shit the hard way.

    Put on the kneepads. You got sucking to get done.

  2. I’m glad you posted. You do us all a great service by showing your true colors. Instead of challenging any of the points, you throw a little temper tantrum, like a spoiled child.

    Thank you for letting everybody see the strength of your arguments.

    Each time someone like you lashes out, it strengthens the conservative position, and makes you and your ilk look like the fools that you are.


  3. You right a good article, but your a tool and completely bias

  4. Thanks, Devin. But come on man. Why do you have to call names? I mean really?

    If you disagree with any of the points I made, I invite you to post what you disagree with and why. I’ll reply politely and we can bat it back and forth. Maybe you can change my mind about something, did you ever think of that?

    I’m a tool because I don’t think Obamacare is a good thing, and I lay out 5 points why I think so?

    How about, “You’re a tool because you are completely wrong on this point, that point, and the other point and here is why.”

    Now THAT would warrant calling me a tool.

    When you’re losing an argument and you get frustrated (because you lost) and you call the other debater a name and run away, it not only makes you look like a poor loser, but it also highlights the glaring loss of your arguments.

    Anyway, I sure wish a lib would come on here and challenge some of my points with reasoned arguments.

    I won’t hold my breath.

    PS – Of course I’m biased. Did you not read the title of the blog? I am a conservative. All of my positions are from that perspective and I make no attempt to hide it. Sheesh.

  5. I think i know where they get there wrong info this is the democrat hat web sight .. TEA PARTY IDIOTS

  6. Hehe – @Diane, your comment is precious. I hope for your sake that auto-correct was at work here.

    I think you meant “their” and “site.” I’m not sure what a “democrat hat” website is. Maybe you could enlighten us all?

    Oh, and if there is wrong info here, please do let us know what, specifically, is wrong. If we are shown to be in error, we’ll correct it publicly.

  7. These people are right, obamacare is a sham, bribes, back room deals, creative accounting to say the least. Anyone can come up with numbers but it doesn’t mean they are right, The CBO only comes up with numbers from what is defined in the bill or what ever information their given, doesn’t mean it’s correct. AND when ever in the history of the government has a program cost as much as they have said, None. It’s always more costly than they say because if they used real numbers the American people would see how bad these programs are. 15,000 More government IRS workers, ya that’s what we really need 🙁 Government workers don’t produce anything, just take away more of the taxes we pay so there is less for other things or they want to raise taxes again. I knew when I first heard about obamacare and what they are doing I knew it would be a disaster. The Democrats will go down in history as bankrupting the United States but they will blame it all on the Republicans.


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