I Was Dead Wrong – Don’t Make This Mistake!

Cap Cut and BalanceBeing wrong sucks.

Especially when you’ve publicly supported something and then have to eat crow.

Well… pluck those black feathers and get out the roasting pan, we’re having some crow tonight.

I’m like you – I want the federal government to get the heck outa the way and let me live. I want low taxes, small government, a strong military and an adherence to the Constitution.

That’s why when I first heard Jim DeMint talking about “Cut, Cap and Balance” on the Mark Levin Show – I was impressed.  The idea is to cut spending, cap the amount of spending allowed and balance the budget.

Finally! Here was someone saying what I was thinking… Don’t let the scoundrels in Congress and the President (also a scoundrel) spend us into oblivion! Let’s codify this in the Constitution itself!

It sounds great until you look into it. Read the full text here.

I have written about Article I Section 8. I have railed against all the unconstitutional spending and growth of government. Yet I was blinded by the idea that we could hold the scoundrels to account by tweaking our Constitution.

I was wrong.

Boy, was I wrong.

After reading the text of this legislation and then (re) examining the Constitution itself as well as Federalist 45, 41, 78 and 58 – I was as wrong as I have ever been.

And it was a doozy.

Being wrong about a fact or figure happens from time to time.  When you write tens of thousands of words every year, you’re bound to get something wrong now and again.

But this was a fundamental mistake.

My mistake was in thinking men like Jim DeMint and Marco Rubio were above something like this.  Dare I say, my mistake was that I was not cynical enough.  Lesson learned.  Every word from the mouth of ANY politician must be investigated first hand and rigorously.

Now… I suppose you’re wondering what is so God awful about the Balanced Budget Amendment?

I’ll not do the argument justice, and since Publius Huldah has done such a remarkable job, I’ll let her explain.  Had I not read her piece I might still be spouting off about how great the Balanced Budget Amendment is.  I owe Publius Huldah a debt of gratitude.  Please go and read it for yourself.  It’s important…very important.


  1. Dear One,
    You are most welcome. Thank you for the encouragement.PH


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