Wanted: A Clear Message From Republicans

I’ve long thought that Republicans have a marketing problem.

I hear my friends and relatives say things at the dinner table that are far more effective than anything coming out of the GOP.

Save for Paul “Sorry I voted for TARP” Ryan and now, Adam Kinzinger.


Adam Kinzinger, Representative for Illinois 11th Congressional District.

This guy could easily be you or me.  He looks like somebody I might go for beers with on a Friday night.

And he is exactly what the GOP needs.

Have a look at this video:

This is the type of talk we need. A clear message that explains what we’re going to do, why we’re going to do it and wrap it in a cloak of American exceptionalism and optimism.

Maybe there is hope after all….


  1. Amen to that, Harry. The Republican Party has a very difficult time in getting it’s message across. Part of that is due to the media, but a large portion of the fault lies at the feet of the party itself. They clearly have some work to do to get their message out to the American people.

  2. That’s right – it’s the GOP. It has ben hijacked by inside the beltway progressives, who call themselves Republicans.

    The Tea Party has done a LOT to combat this, but I fear Freedom Works has much to large a role to play and the national Tea Party Patriots has lots a bit of touch with what we really are all about. My hope is that the TPP will help rally conservative Americans to the polls next November.

    I have been resisting the American Conservative Party. Though I’m completely sympathetic, I still believe (naive?) that the Republican Party is the vehicle to drive conservatism forward. I am quickly losing that faith.

    The task is to flush the progressives out of the Republican Party. This is a monumental task, but one that we must rally around. We need to make the 2010 election look like a democrat win…it needs to be a slaughter at all levels.

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