Weiner’s Impotence (Anthony’s)

A tribute to 7th grade boys everywhere.  No, we’re not above being completely immature at times.  And this time…it’s warranted…

Anthony Wiener Twitter

Well, the democrats certainly seem to have gotten themselves in a pickle.  Anthony Weiner just keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole. What’s noteworthy, is the completely impotent cover up that which has taken place over the past week…

The day the Weiner story broke, the Congressman erected a valiant defense.  Weiner was up to the challenge, or so it seemed.  He claimed that his Twitter account was hacked.  Fair enough – I actually believed him.  But Weiner’s story grew limp as the day went on.

By three days into WeinerGate, the Congressman stiffened his resolve and worked double hard to come off in a good light.

It backfired.

A simple question: Was it your body depicted in the photo?  And Weiner couldn’t answer.

It was as if Weiner was thinking with the wrong head.  Not the head capable of relentless partisan demagoguery and capable of quick thinking.  Rather a head with no mind of it’s own at all.

Now it has risen to attention that Weiner has been flirting with a stripper on Twitter.  Fun!  One would think that he could control himself; apparently not.  Since it is now provable that Weiner has sent off-color comments and inapproproate images to various women through Twitter, one of two things must be true:

1) He does not understand how the Internet works


2) He’s too arrogant to care

Regardless, Weiner is making at best a flaccid display of leadership and should not last more than 4 hours in his position of authority.  I’m sure Weiner wishes there were a little blue pill that could cure this scandal.

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