Top 10 Conservative Blogs and Websites

Here they are in all their glory – ToBeRIGHT’s Top 10 Conservative Websites!

1) – For cold hard facts to support your conservative ideals, you MUST become a member. The basic membership is $25 and worth every penny. Great for making liberals feel stupid during debates.

2) – Andrew Breitbart is a fearless champion of the conservative movement. His website has the latest news stories told with the punchy tone Brietbart is known for. Perfect for daily validation for conservatives.

3) – You didn’t think we’d leave ourselves out did you? We do news stories, but like to get into our Constitution, the founding of the country and American exceptionalism. Ideal for a serious look at constitutional conservatism and some good old fashioned ranting, too. (But we’re always right.)

4) – “The Counter-Revolution Will Be Blogged.” Matt at the Conservative Hideout has a sharp wit and great takes on daily events. Check out his Sunday links – always a fun ride!

5) – Political Realities – LD Jackson has a gem of a blog that is a must-read daily for any conservative. Jackson has managed to put together a group of writers that produce thoughtful and intriguing pieces every day. Come here to learn and think.

6) – You just can’t skip it. Author/personalities Ed Morrissey and Allahpundit produce a steady stream of insight that will make you laugh, cry and psycho dial your congressmen. Another daily must.

7) – TheDC has a fantastic iPhone app. I usually run through their top political stories at Starbucks each morning. Sometimes I get a little annoyed at the moderate tone that creeps into some of the writing, but mostly, it’s a witty look at news, US politics, and world news.

8) – The Master, MahaRushie. Rush Limbaugh is the undisputed king of the conservative movement. If you’re not listening to Rush every day, you’re missing something special. There is nobody – NOBODY – who can dissect the left like Rush. Sign up for Rush 24/7 and get a treasure trove of transcripts, video, parodies – get it all.

9) – Human Events should go down in history as one of the great media outlets of all time. With all-star contributors like Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Ted Nugent, Erick Erickson to name a few. We have the Human Events feed right on the home page of – it’s that important.

10) – The American Conservative Party. Okay, okay…we’re not into the third party thing here, but the ACP is a vital part of the American conversation today. The ACP has regular updates from their leadership and are always thought provoking. When you think Republicans need a smack upside the head, this is the place to come.

There’s your Top 10 Conservative Website. You might be wondering why these blogs made it and some hugely popular blogs and sites did not.

So…  Which great sites did I miss?  Which ones did I get wrong?  Reply with blogs you think should have made it!



  1. Man, to be mentioned with that bunch is quite an honor. Thanks so much!

  2. Yeah, what Matt said. I hardly feel worthy of being listed in such great company. Thanks for including me.

  3. Excellent list, and happy to see you included Matt, too 🙂

  4. You’re welcome! When I put the list together, it was easy – I just thought about the sites I always visit. Political Realities and Conservative Hideout are daily haunts of mine for good reason. In my opinion, the content on these sites matches or surpasses any political blog out there – even the giants…

  5. What? Some guy wants people to sign a petition to denounce Rush Limbaugh over this latest lets- pretend- to- be -offended, manufactured controversey. Although I would have been more cautious in choosing my words about Mzzzz Fluke’s wanting other people to pay for protection related to her choice of leasure activities, the double standard and selective indignation being expressed by the Rush haters is so obvous. What about the vicious and sexually laced slanders thrown at Sarah Palin. How about this: that Palin’s teen age daughter might have been in the doughout having sex with some baseball player when Palin and daughters went to a baseball game, statements that Palin’ s husband, Todd, could be engageing in incest with his daughters, and there are a lot more. The silence from liberals was deafening.

    Any person who signs that pathetic petition needs to educate themselves about how these phoney little “scandles” are fabricated between the Democrats, the liberal news media, and the minority, but hightly organized, left. Go take a look at the Daily Kos.

  6. All conservatives and liberals should read the book “Scientific Proof of Our Unalienable Rights.” It is time for the world to revisit our unalienable Rights; but from a new vantage point, that is, through the prism of science.

  7. Michael Wayne says:

    (Is there someone that can help me with these comments sent to me. I know they’re not correct but I work 12 hour shifts and am to tired to verify or discredit them. Thanks.)

    Just a small rebuttal to my republican friends. First, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics site, GW Bush is dead last in job creation since WWII. Second, Obama created more jobs in 2012 that GW did in five of the eight years he was in office. Third, during the eight years Bush was in office, he only created a net of 188,000 private sector jobs. Fourth, Under Obama, 4.4 milllion private sector jobs have been created in 28 straight months. Fifth, as to the claim that most of the jobs created are all in the public sector, from 2009 to 2011, the public sector has been shedding jobs, 220,000 teachers have lost their jobs and our country’s first responders (cops, firemen, etc.) job numbers are down 30 percent. In closing, you all want lower taxes and government out of your lives but, who’s going to teach you children, give you clean water and good air to breath, pave your roads, put out you fires and protect you from the bad guys? I approve this message, let the games begin!

  8. @Michael –

    Oh, Michael. I hope that between getting twisted in knots trying to discredit Bush and working 12 hour shifts your back is okay.

    First, George Bush has not been the President for nearly 4 years. You may as well be citing statistics about the Taft administration.

    Second, we have an 8.3% unemployment rate. $16 Trillion in debt. $1.5 Trillion in deficits as far as the eye can see.

    Third, if you first REMOVE millions from the job roles, it kinda skews the numbers, don’tcha think?

    Fourth, your ridiculous straw man fallacy of choosing between having cops, firefighters and teachers, or voting Republican doesn’t hold water here. The choice is for bigger government and higher taxes or smaller government and lower taxes. Get it straight. Moreover, teachers and firefighters are largely funded by State and local taxes, not the feds.

    Lastly, these are not games. I just completely obliterated your narrow arguments and absurd fallacy. You can’t try to weasel your way to righteousness with stats that mean nothing and arguments that are false on their face.

  9. Ken Bartash says:

    So where is all this conservative backbone we all listen to on radio everyday?
    Whining Republicans and talk show hosts already playing the blame Akin game.
    Boo Hoo… hoo… cry babies… Missouri is Number 51–Get Real NO it’s not.
    RCP has it 49-51 just now so Republicans barely have 51 to defend with Missouri.
    Don’t blame Missouri for the Republicans not getting the magical Number 51.
    Todd Akin is still ahead in the polls and should still win his state without the GOP.

    Mr. Rookie Senator that is hardly even close to a conservative barely leads.

    Where is FLORIDA and CONNIE MACK? Number 51
    All the Republican money pouring into the convention state, Nelson leads.

    Where is VIRGINIA and GEORGE ALLEN? Number 51
    The supossed conservative with the racial “Kaka” remarks, Kaine leads.

    NEVADA just went into the Republican bucket, so that is Number 51 now.

    Why beat down loyal Akin in Missouri which is and will probably be Republican?
    The NSRC and looser former RINO Republicans think they are such smart strategists.
    Jim Talent lost to Claire and Blunt and Bond retired, so why should anybody listen to them.
    What a joke Republican and “Conservative support” has become in all elections… LOL!
    I will donate and vote for a Conservative with integrity, humility, and courage always.
    Christians and Conservatives should practice what they preach about RINOs and GOP!

    Send him a moving box directly to the White House.
    Great inspiring videos from Barack without his teleprompter.
    CHECK OUT: or

  11. C. Campbell says:

    The biggest enigma of all is why the US voters keep sending the same people back to Washington DC.
    That seems to me to be the first and fastest way to start cleaning up Congress & Senate. I hear the
    war cry “TERM LIMITS” but no Congressmam will even talk about that. If people think it is a good
    idea then why don’t the voters exersise their own “term limit ” and don’t re-elect anybody ?
    I think RUSH hit the nail dead center when he proclaimed “Nobody wants to vote against
    Santa Clause” That plus the”low information voters” will win every time. Another thing is with
    all the documented voting irregularties why congress won’t look in to that ? I fear for my grandkids.

  12. For republican congressman and senators to join in with the public as far as the Obamacare
    regulations they should drop their waivers excluding themselves from their waiver. Thereby
    Isolating the Democrats as the party of elitist a that are going to tax the public while they would
    Alone be exempt.

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