$1.5 Trillion is Not Enough…Duh…

Obama's Jobs BillBreaking news!  A new headline at Foxnews.com reads:  “Bipartisan Group of Senators Call on Super Committee to ‘Go Big’ on Deficit Cuts.”  These rocket scientists don’t think $1.5 Trillion over 10 years is enough.

Ya think?

This entire thing stinks.  Smells like dirty feet.  Or maybe some rotten chicken.  Or maybe one of those stink-bombs that stunk up my High School halls from time to time.  Bottom line is it stinks and it stinks bad.

Evidently, the clowns in Washington think we’re very dumb.  Let’s run through it…

1) Obama gets into office and passes Porkulus – some $800 Billion.

2) Obama and the democrats pass Obamacare – Some $1 Trillion that they told us about.  It’s really many trillions.

3) Obama has added some $5 Trillion to the debt in two and a half years.

Now, we’re to believe that “saving” $1.5 Trillion over the next 10 years means something.

Um, the deficit for THIS YEAR ALONE is $1.5 Trillion.  What’s more, is that ten years from now, half the clowns that did this to us will be retired and long gone.

And another thing.  If we’re going to cut $1.5 Trillion, how come we still have deficits every year as far as projections can be made?

Ohhhhh….that’s right…..because they aren’t cuts at all.  Instead of growing at a gazillion percent, the government will only grow at a gazillion minus 2 percent.

These people are f*%ing crooks.  The entire lot of them.  There are (literally) about 4 people in the entire Legislative and Executive Branches of government who can be trusted.


Four f’ing people.

And today John “let’s work together” Beohner is talking about finding common ground in Barry’s newest tax increase and union payoff scheme.

Newsflash, John:  Nobody realy likes you so much, no matter how many times you cry on TV.  Grow a pair, will you?




  1. I am no mathematician, but even I can figure out how silly it is to suggest that $1.5 trillion over 10 years is a substantial cut in spending, the deficit, the debt, etc. Do they really think we are stupid enough to fall for this?

  2. Andy Barreras says:

    Andy they try and pull the same B.S. with the preposed tax increase for millionaires, as if that will have any discernible impact on the deficit.

  3. Exactly right, Andy and Larry. $1.5 Trillion is the amount of the deficit THIS YEAR. I think people are so used to hearing billion this and trillion that – these numbers have become meaningless.

    It is the unemployment and down business revenue that people can really feel. The rest is just a talking point, unfortunately.

  4. Andy Barreras says:

    Speaking of the economy, I though you might enjoy this one. It’s a banter between me and my cousin (a liberal) on economic issues. It started with a Facebook post she had on her wall featuring a picture of Obama with the following caption:

    Killed Osama
    Toppled Gaddafi
    Didn’t screw up a hurricane
    Prevented 2nd Great Depression
    … (Something nasty)
    You’re welcome.

    To which I responded:

    Really? With 9% unemployment and $15 trillion in the hole? I want to be in your math class 😉

    She replies with this:

    Andy we are all responsible for the mess the country is in, surely the republicans have their share. But whether we are on one side or the other of the political aisle, the greatest thing about the USA is that we can all have different ideas and express them freely. I may be a little more liberal than you, but that does not make (me) a communist. Perhaps I have lived longer (and) seen many sides of life here. And if I tend to look more at social issues than to military issues doesn’t mean I do not appreciate what the soldiers are doing for us. With this thought we agree to disagree on other things.

    Here’s my counter to her response:

    First, I’ve never suggested that Democrats, Republicans (or even Communists) are responsible for the economic downturn but I do submit that liberal economic and social policies are. Here is the evidence: a) The housing bubble, which by all economic measures is the event that initiated the economic collapse, was the result of misguided social policy that tried to raise home ownership rates, particularly in regards to low income families – regardless of whether or not they were high credit risks. The result: $1.3 trillion dollars of unrecoverable capital. Moreover, since the government (Fannie & Freddie) secured these loans, who is stuck with the check? The U.S. taxpayer, b) Half a billion dollars given to a green energy company that never had a viable business plan and collapses (Solyndra), c) $529 million worth of job stimulus money for an electric car ultimately built in – Finland. I can go all day with this stuff. Secondly, I do not agree at all that we are “all” responsible. I can assure you I am not responsible by any means. I do not live beyond my means. I save for retirement and I do not rely solely on Social Security in doing so. I do not accept artificially arbitrated employee benefits through a union – I earn them by acquiring highly desired skill sets and thereby providing my employer a valuable commodity for which I am compensated through a very competitive salary and benefits package. On your last point, don’t get too spun up on our banter. I don’t hold your (or anyone else’s) personal views against them. However, if folks are going to comment on these matters, it sure would be nice for a change to see them formulate their arguments based on fact, not on opinion or regurgitated nonsense seen on MSNBC, Fox News or The New York Times. If truth is what you’re looking for, you really should to do your own research preferably using government sources as I do.

    Enough said.

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