Do Not Speak For Us, Karl Rove

Karl Rove - RINODear Karl,

I’ve been wanting to tell you exactly what I think of you for more than a year now, and the article Newsmax recently emailed me, “Karl Rove: Congressional Acrimony Irritates Americans,” has provided me the perfect opportunity to do so.  (Kudos to Newsmax!)

“Congressional Acrimony” cited at least four completely erroneous statements you made, which confirm that you are precisely what I’ve long considered you to be: a weak-kneed, supercilious, elitist, RINO snob. Not only do you underestimate the number of principled conservatives (like me) within the Republican Party, you underestimate the number of us within society as a whole.  Further, you underestimate our ability to cut through all your posturing and calculating, and see precisely what you’re up to. You can’t imagine how stunned we were to realize, about three years ago, that you’ll encourage us to vote for whatever republican you think has the best chance of winning – regardless of how LIBERAL that republican might be – rather than urging us to vote for the republican who most closely reflects our beliefs, values, and convictions.  What WON’T you sacrifice, Karl, simply to ensure victory for our lily-livered, double-dealing RNC? (That was a purely rhetorical question. I already know the answer.)

That being said, I hereby respond to each of your statements on behalf of my fellow conservatives, far and wide.

Statement one: “The American people are tired of “ineffectual leadership.”  True, we ARE tired of “ineffectual leadership.”  Tired of the ineffectual leadership of those who are supposed to be leading our party to REDUCE the size and sway of government, not INCREASE it.  Namely, we’re tired of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. Yes, we’re tired of being played by both of them. We’re tired of watching John swagger around in front of the camera, like a rather-refined version of Attila the Hun, only to crumble into a gutless pile of “I did the best I could,” at the very last minute.  And we’re tired of watching Mitch do the same, albeit without all the bluster.  (Note to John: you’d be better off folding from the get-go, rather than trying to look as if you’re holding out, standing firm, and THEN folding. The former would reveal only that you are stupid; the latter keeps revealing you’re deceitful as well as stupid.)

How I wish we conservatives had elected a greater number of “Tea Partiers” last November. They, alone, represent our values and principles. They, alone, abhor what we abhor, i.e., liberal legislators (ass OR elephant) squandering nearly everything we bust our butts for; gleefully obliterating the job market; and hijacking the liberties our Creator bestowed upon us the moment He spoke us into being.

Incidentally, if I hear one more democrat on TV arguing that the aforementioned Tea Partiers have “taken control of Congress,” I think I’ll hurl myself over the nearest cliff.  (Just thought I’d throw a dash of hyperbole in the mix.)  Note to Tea Party “scaredy cats”: THE TEA PARTIERS DON’T CONTROL ANYTHING. THAT’S EXACTLY WHY WE’RE ALL IN THE HORRIFIC MESS WE’RE IN.

Statement two: “The American people are fed up with congressional infighting and the rancor that led up to the debt deal.” “Infighting,” Karl?  “Rancor?”  Really?  You must mean the relentless “infighting” in Congress instigated by the democrats, and the “rancor” they ruthlessly express toward Republicans.  We all know, our beloved RINOs are far too busy compromising and putting politics aside and rolling over to FIGHT for anything, let alone express the slightest bit of rancor toward those who truly deserve it.  In other words, Karl, what we’re REALLY “fed up with,” is the mealy-mouthed milksops on our side of the aisle continuously indulging the despot wannabes on the other side of the aisle.

Statement three: “Congress is . . . the victim of the absence of presidential leadership.” Nice try, Karl. But you’re not fooling any of us. The only absence Congress is a victim of is the absence of enough of those (terrorist) Tea Partiers standing between us and the wholesale destruction of our incomparable, liberty-begotten, capitalist way of life.

And how can you insinuate that our beloved Messiah hasn’t provided us any type of leadership? Why, I think he’s provided us extraordinarily-incredible, stupendously-astounding, astonishingly awe-inspiring leadership.  Look how much closer he’s LED us to Tyranny’s iniquitous embrace – in far less than one term – than any of his predecessors led us in one, or two, full terms.  By golly, Karl, he couldn’t have done it without you!  Take pride in what you’ve helped him accomplish!  And, by all means, keep scattering those rose petals before his Majesty’s tootsies until he declares every one of us full-fledged wards of the state.  We’ll be standing in soup lines faster than he can skip town for another of his multimillion-dollar vacays!  Bless your conciliatory, little hearts, RINOs!

Statement three: “What matters is not the Republicans in Congress versus President Obama–it’s President Obama versus a single Republican.” No, Karl, what matters is getting rid of RINOs like you and replacing them with genuine, tough-as-titanium conservatives, who will faithfully expose Obama and his disciples each and every time they LIE about us and insidiously undermine our efforts to encourage UNLIMITED private-sector job growth, demolish the IRS, and reclaim the freedoms we began losing when Franklin “Redistribute-the-Wealth” Roosevelt instituted our now-gargantuan welfare state.

In closing, Karl, feel free to give your cocky accomplices in Washington the following heads up: election time can’t come quickly enough for those of us who’ve vowed to campaign their egotistical bums right back to where they came from. And while it pains us to think of y’all continuing to live like Kings and Queens,* off the bountiful fruits of OUR labor,** we’ll take comfort in the fact that we no longer have to feel ashamed to call ourselves Republicans.  Indeed, our newly-elected (utterly-diabolical) Tea Partiers will see to that.



*Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Mary Bono Mack, et al.

**(via the exorbitant, tax-payer-funded pensions you’ve lavished upon yourselves)



  1. Thanks, Karen, for this! Karl Rove has been on my “s-list” for a while now. It started with Christine O’Donnell and just grew from there. I even nominated Rove for a “useful idiot of the month” over at the Conservative Hideout last month (see:

    After reading Courage and Consequence I understand Rove better, but the understanding leads to more frustration. He is obviously a brilliant campaign strategist, but his brilliance is mis-directed. He should focus his energy on getting conservatives elected, not Republicans. Karl’s problem seems to be that he is a Republican before a conservative, exactly 180 degrees out of phase.

    Thanks for saying what has been on so many of our minds lately!

    Oh – and thanks for a fantastic contribution to ToBeRIGHT!

  2. Karen, THANK YOU for voicing what I’ve been thinking for some time now! I am SO SICK AND TIRED of guys like Rove, Morris, and O’Reilly (that’s right – Bill O’Reilly) making snide remarks about real conservatives like Palin and Cain and trying to foist RINOs like Romney on us! The daily spin seems always to focus on creative ways to explain why Romney will somehow become the nominee – and yet, isn’t he the guy who couldn’t defeat McCain last time? Doesn’t that make him a loser twice over – to McCain, and to Obama by proxy? Maybe the reason his support is consistenly 22% is because that’s the maximum percent of repubs who actually like the guy. It makes me suspect that Romney is the candidate the DEMOCRATS would like to run against – a proven loser they believe they can defeat. Not a bad strategy since he’s one of the least conservative of the current bunch. Whenever I hear so-called conservatives sneering at the Tea Party and non-establishment candidates, it infuriates me. Add Chris Wallace to the list, too. When he interviewed Cain on the Sunday Fox show he was condescending and dismissive. It’s going to take a lot of dedicated work to get a decent candidate we can support. Let’s hope the establishment RINOs get put in their place. Thanks for doing your part!

  3. Dempsey Coleman says:

    You are a disgusting hack for the Democratic Party are a Communist like our Communistic Democratic counter part. You need to crawl in a hole and leave Fox go to CNN please

  4. Frank Shannon says:

    Karl Rove is the arch-RINO of the Republican Party, and the biggest reason why George Bush’s presidency fell WAY short of conservative expectations. The night of the Iowa caucuses, Rove went on FOX News, stating that he was in contact with RNC personnel on the ground in Iowa, and that a miscount in one particular county, Story County I think, when corrected, would give RINO Mitt Romney the win. First of all, what the hell are RNC personnel doing on the ground in Iowa during a statewide election? Secondly, why the hell is Karl Rove in contact with the aforementioned RNC people? The answer: Karl Rove and the RNC were in the process of fixing the Iowa election in Romney’s favor! Romney is the anointed “chosen one” of the RNC, the voters be damned!

  5. You’re right, Frank. I’m particularly interested in what is going on with the RNC. IN this regard, I have two questions:

    1) Where is the RNC in the big fights against Obama?

    2) Who the hell is the leader of the RNC?

    Reince Priebus has been the RNC chairman for a year now. Does anybody know his name? I have not seen hide or hair of him…ever. I have not heard him speak…ever. I have not heard a position articulated from the RNC in the past year, maybe two.

    What we need is an RNC that is at the forefront of the macro issues of the day. Organizing at the national level to get CONSERVATIVES into positions of strategic power.

    Unfortunately, it seems the Republicans want Republicans in office, not conservatives.

    Meanwhile, we’ve got Debbie Balbbermouth Shultz all over national television spouting off about every conceivable issue. She’s one I love to hate, but at least she’s doing what a party chair is supposed to be doing (minus the lying and demagoguery).

    Thanks again, Frank for commenting. I’ve not seen you around here before – welcome!

  6. Frank Shannon says:

    Harry, I spent over a quarter of a century, since shortly after high school until into my forties, on the executive committee of my county’s Republican Party. I was involved in campaigns from the county commission level up to the presidency, starting with the 1980 Reagan campaign. I was a candidate myself in ’04 for the Florida State House. During this span, there were few evenings that went by that I wasn’t at some Republican meeting or another. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the infiltration of the GOP by “fiscal” conservatives, “Log Cabin” Republicans, “Republicans for Choice,” and other anathemic labels. Bloody disgraceful and downright disheartening.

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