Krauthammer Declares Romney Most Electable, ToBeRIGHT Declares Krauthammer Most Idiotic

Republican PrimaryAlright, I like Charles Krauthammer. I really do. But boy does he reek of establishmentism. (That’s a new word.)

Six months ago, Romney was pretty much the guy. You could still hear rumblings about Sarah Palin, but by April, it started to crystallize that she is sitting this one out.

In June and July, Bachmann came on strong.

Then Perry came onto the scene.

Then everybody started beating up on Perry.

Now that we’ve passed the third debate, I am still undecided, but I’m leaning…. Here’s how the conversation in my head evolved:

Romney is my guy, but I really prefer Bachmann ideologically. And that stupid RomneyCare – good Lord, that is ridiculous, and don’t try and pull that federalism shit on me, Mitt.  Ron Paul is intriguing…make that an interesting case…to study…as in maybe an x-file.  Yeah, forget that.  Oh! Perry is running? Sweet. Perry it is. Oh, wait, Perry is soft on illegals and picks up a nickname: Rick “you’re mean if you don’t give in-state tuition to illegals” Perry. Sigh. Wait, what’s this…999? Cool. Nahh, Cain is kind of an amusement park attraction. Alright, what the heck am I thinking, we have a great candidate, her name is Michele Bachmann. She gets it. Totally, Okay, she’s my guy. Well, you know what I mean.

So, I am tilting Michele Bachmann.

Krauthammer is brilliant. He really is. But this business of choosing people based on getting a warm body with an (R) next to their name is what has gotten us into the problem we’re in now.

Now is not the time for the establishment jackasses (sorry, Charlie) to lead the way.

It’s about time we got behind the ONLY candidate with the proper bona fides: Michele Bachmann.

There. I said it.

As for Krauthammer, you’d think that with such a sharp mind, and years, no decades, watching politics that he’d have the sense to stay away from RINO’s.  We need pundits who will pick the best conservative candidates regardless of peer pressure from washington elites and establishment idiots, which is exactly what Krauthammer has shown himself to be.


  1. I’ll be honest, I find it very hard to like Michelle Bachmann. Something about her just grates on my nerves. I would vote for her in a heartbeat, given the choice between her and Obama, but she isn’t my first choice.

    I had been leaning towards Perry, even willing to look over his stance on immigration, but his debate performance has left me wanting. I’m afraid he wouldn’t stand a chance in a debate with Obama. Because of that, and with me looking closer at other candidates, I have been leaning towards Rick Santorum. He polls very low in the pack, but I like what he says and how he says it and he cleaned Perry’s clock in the last debate.

  2. I like Rick Santorum too. I really don’t know why he is polling so low – he should be polling higher. My real problem with him is that he seems focused on social conservative issues. I think the SoCon angle is DOA for 2012 – nobody cares. That said, he is on my short list.

    One thing is certain, if it is Romney or Perry I’ll be (yet again) settling.

  3. I was supporting Bachmann until she started trying to ride Perry’s forced-vaccinations mistake back into the top tier of candidates. She pushed it too hard and went out on a limb. She came across as shrill and desperate. Like many other conservatives, according to polls, her standing in my mind dropped fast and hard.

    It’s unfair for you to disparage Cain as an “amusement attraction” without saying why. The man has good ideas, and is an amazing speaker and has been great during the debates. He’s also a solid conservative — unlike both Perry and Romney (not to mention Christie).

    Bachmann made a bad decision, for which she’s suffering in the polls. Cain is surging and deserves better from you than that offhand comment.

  4. Carlos, you’re right. I looked back at what I said and it was unfair. I need to think Cain through a little before I start bad-mouthing him.

    Here’s what I know about Cain…

    First, it takes a special kind of person to start a business and grow it. I know this from personal experience. Starting a business is easy, but figuring out how to scale is a whole different game. It takes smarts, tenacity and relentless execution. The latter is where most people fail, in my opinion.

    Second, in his early interviews with the likes of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, he was very cautious and it made him seem like just another pandering politician. I have not resolved this for myself yet. I’d like to give the benefit of the doubt, but I’ve grown so cynical, doing so is most difficult. When politicians measure every word, it comes off as insincere. It drives me crazy. I think it is more likely that Cain is just being extra careful since he is new to the political scene. Hopefully, I’m not proven wrong again. Sarah Palin had some of this going on. When she first started doing “political analyst” spots on Fox, she was just awful. But when she stopped caring about what people thought, and just starting speaking from the heart, she really improved.

    Third, the 999 economic plan is something I could get behind. But, it borders on gimmickry. Could we really launch such a plan in lieu of our existing tax code? Maybe. But only with control of three houses of Congress and a VERY strong leader. Is Cain that leader? I’m not sure.

    So…maybe I have sold Cain short. It is still very early and there is so much more to be said. I’m willing to listen to Cain and refrain from baseless, ad hominem attacks until he further develops himself as a candidate.

    Carlos, thanks for setting me straight on this one…I’ll be following Cain more carefully for the coming months…


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