Saving America

Jimmy Hoffa Son of a Bitches and ObamaIf you haven’t heard, here’s what Jimmy Hoffa said yesterday:

“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march. … Let’s take these son-of-a-bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong…”

Wait…  to which son of a bitches was Hoffa referring?

First, let’s get the grammar lesson out of the way:  If you’re going to stand  in front of the presidential podium and throw political bombs, at least use the correct grammar.  For the love of God, man…these clowns can’t even get their swears right!  For the book, it’s “sons of bitches.”  Why Hoffa targets men and insults women is anybody’s guess.  Then again, the moron can’t get his grammar basics right, we shouldn’t assume he’d apply logic to the sentiment.

With that taken care of, Let’s get to the two questions at hand.  First, to which sons of bitches was Hoffa referring?  Well, he was referring to the Tea Party, of course.  Hoffa, like Obama and the rest of the democrat party, thinks that low taxes, adherence to the Constitution and smaller government is bad…very bad.

Just think about what Tea Party ideals would do to the country:

– People would keep more of their own money.
– People would have more control over their retirement security
– Dependence on government handouts would fall
– Citizens would be empowered to act through local governments
– States would be free from federal bullying
– Businesses and industry would be left alone to grow and prosper

On the other hand, if the sons of bitches are taken out, we’ll be left with more of what we have now:

– More and more people looking for work and unable to find it
– Record numbers of people needing food stamps to eat
– Mortgage defaults at record highs
– A meaningless Constitution
– Debt levels so massive, not even our children will be able to pay it off – it will span generations
– Destruction of the human spirit as incentive is removed
– A people dependent on an authoritarian government for their survival
– No chance of becoming wealthy by innovative, entrepreneurial  activities

Hmmmmm…  which one sounds better?  Clearly the Tea Party folks would be very bad for America.

On to a second – and more important – question:  Can America be saved?

I’m not asking rhetorically, I mean can we really be saved?  That is, can our Republic withstand the blitzkrieg from the socialist army?  The democrats and the left are walking the country on a death march.  This is by design and it is working.

When Obama came into office, he had both houses of Congress on his side.  At the time, Rush Limbaugh was being criticized for saying, “I hope he fails.”  Most reasonable people knew Obama was a liberal and that he would push liberal policies, but most people believed he would be doing so with genuine compassion and love of country in his heart.

We had to believe this, for the alternative was unthinkable.

The alternative is that Obama hates the country and is promoting policies that will destroy it.

Today, September 7, 2011, the alternative has proven true; the unthinkable has happened.  There is no other explanation.

The Porkulus was step one.  Push hundreds of billions of dollars into every union, pet project, and dependency program imaginable.  This does two things:  first, it puts the country under a crushing debt load and second, it propagates dependency amongst the non-machine populace and further entrenches the public union machine.

Step two was Obamacare.  This 2700 page behemoth makes the Prokulus look like a grain of sand on the beach.  Obamacare combines the crushing debt with dependency in a way that has never been done before.  It also effectively eliminates the Constitution, for when the federal government can tell you what to buy, we no longer have a free society.

Step three is regulation.  Obama, through his minions in various agencies and departments, has put a stranglehold on businesses of all kinds.  From the well known regulations like Frank-Dodd to the lesser known regulations with a foot on the neck of energy exploration, the Obama business environment is poisonous to say the least.

Step four will be rolled out tomorrow night at the big speech.  Do we expect Obama to talk about rolling back regulations, cutting taxes for businesses, and controlling debt through real reductions in spending?  Nope.  Instead, we will be told that we must invest in the future (spend more), stop giving benefits to the rich (raise taxes), and help those who can’t help themselves (increase dependency).

The only – ONLY – way we can be saved is if both houses of Congress are filled with Tea Party-type people and a real conservative is in the Oval Office.  Even then, rolling back what has been done make take decades.

Obama has done what he set out to do: destroy the country. There is no other explanation.  No reasonable person could conclude anything but his willful, systematic destruction of our Republic.

Can we be saved?  Yes.  But it will take the Tea Party to do it.

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