What, I’m Funny? What the F is So Funny About Me?!

Obama Jobs PlanFunny how?

A little of both, I suppose…  “funny-funny” and also “so horrible, all we can do is laugh, funny.”  And gag a little, I guess.

Yes, I’m talking about Barrack Obama.

Sure, you hear all of us conservative bloggers call him names…  Clown, jackass, comedian, Barry, and others.  But we’ve come to a point now where we actually have to analyze the humor in all this.

I heard the White House press corps actually laughed at Jay Carney during a press briefing when Carney suggested that Obama was not campaigning on his trip around the country talking about his new “jobs bill.”

They actually laughed at him.

Note to Jay:  There is a fine line between laughing with you and at you.

Just three months ago, Obama was joking that the “…shovel ready jobs were not as shovel ready as we thought.”

That funny guy!

If this POTUS thing doesn’t work out, there must be a position open at the Improv.  Then again, his resume is a little weak, but maybe they could get him in as a bus boy?

(Whoops, I am fully aware that my use of the word “boy” will be considered racist by anyone on the left.  Please note, I mean no disrespect to any black people at all.  I also recognize that since I am a white, Christian, self-employed, male, even though I didn’t mean it here, I am inherently racist, and I will always subjugate myself and subordinate all of my life’s efforts to others because of this affliction.)

Back to Barry “Eddie Murphy” Obama….

The first Stimulus was supposed to protect us.  Obama still claims that it prevented us from going into a depression.

News flash:  We’re in a depression.

Someone please show me where everything got better.  Please show me.

The Summer of recovery?  Really?  That had to have been a Biden joke, right?  I mean…it just had to be a joke.

Or…  is the main stream media just joking?

Definitely a possibility.

Let’s see…  we started with unemployment at 7% and no economic growth.  Now we have 9% unemployment, still no growth and NOW we have and extra $5 trillion in debt, a fine new baseline of inflated budgets, a weakened dollar from all the printing, and the Chinese hold a few hundred more billion dollars in our debt.


Would someone – not a comedian – please tell me how we’re not in a Depression?

When you hear some fool say, “This could mean we’re headed toward a double dip…” just know that they are joking.

Ha! Double dip. We’re in a depression!

I’ll leave you with this stand up routine from Debbie “I’m really a commie” Wasserman “No, really, I am” Schultz:


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