Holder Will Go Down…Hard

Eric Holder LiesEric Holder is a contemptuous jackass.   Just thought I’d set the tone properly…

The first time I thought so was in the wake of the New Black Panther election fiasco. You may remember, Holder didn’t think black on white election intimidation should be investigated, or punished for that matter.

By the time Holder forced Dayton, OH to lower it’s standards on the entrance test for the local police force, but only for black people,  I knew the guy was a corrupt, racist jackass.

Now we have Fast and Furious.

This scandal has legs.

And I have a theory.  (Did you not think I would?)

Obama is out there – again – saying how much trust and confidence he has in Holder.   This even after Holder is proven to be a liar when he told Congress he knew nothing about the Fast and Furious operation.

Here’s what I think.  I think this thing goes all the way to the top.  By Obama saying he totally believes Holder, it makes it look like Obama has no idea anything was ever wrong.

This posture insulates Obama.

So, here’s what will happen…  Obama will come out one more time saying how great Holder is.  By next week, give or take a week, so much will come out exposing Holder’s involvement, he’ll be forced to resign.

Obama will act incredulous.

“Can you believe the AG would be so irresponsible?  It is such a shame,” Obama will say.

But the cynic, no the realist, in me says this thing is stinking up the closet in the Oval Office.

Betcha we find out Obama was briefed on it too.


  1. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see that you are right. I have virtually no doubt that Holder will be forced to resign, sooner than later. As for Obama and what he knows about Fast and Furious, we may never know about that, unless someone spills the beans. If that happens, I fully suspect we will find a very nasty set of skeletons in his closet.

  2. Down goes Odumba. The recovery will begin when Odumba & his wife Mitch take their last plane ride on Air Force One to Chicago next January

  3. I had forgotten about this post… I wrote it back in October of last year – 9 months ago!

    You’re right, TD. I don’t think there will be any confidence whatsoever in the private sector until this guy is sent packing. Lou Dobbs said the other night he wouldn’t be surprised to see the stock market rally as Obama’s poll numbers decline.

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