I Miss Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton LegacyI miss Bill Clinton.  No really…I do.

I’m all teary eyed and nostalgic about him.  White Water, The chinese donations, Lincoln Bedroom renting, stains on blue dresses…it really was fun.

We even had some serious deep throat (no pun intended) stuff going on with the Vince Foster death.  Remember that?  I still think Hillary had him off’ed.

Yet, among all this, nobody ever thought Clinton was subversive.  Everyone thought he was just another opportunistic politician.

And that he was.

The economy was also strong.

We all know Clinton raised taxes and allowed Hillary to push her little commie dream of healthcare, but at the end of the day, Clinton didn’t screw the country all that bad.

Maybe – it’s likely – the country did well in spite of Clinton.

Whatever the case, we did not fall into a depression or anything remotely like what we have now.  It was just fun partisan politics with a vibrant America as a backdrop.

Oh, and Bill was slick.  I mean, super-slick.  Remember his nickname, “Slick Willy?”  Ha!  What a great nickname.  This guy could stand there and tell a bald-faced lie, back it up with lies and do it with such conviction, you figured he couldn’t possibly be lying.  I was reminded of just how slick Slick Willy was after watching a video over at Conservative Hideout.  You should check it out.

Politicking is in Bill Clinton’s genes.

With all the shenanigans, nobody ever thought he was actively trying to damage the country, which brings us to an important point, one that has been repeated on these pages over and over:

There are two kinds of liberals, those who think they are helping people, and those who want totalitarian power.

Bill Clinton is the former, Barack Obama is the latter. There is no better illustration of Obama’s motivation behind his policies.

So if we’re going to have a Democrat in the White House, for goodness sakes, let’s make it one like Bill.  Someone who is smart enough to know when to change positions to help the country – even if it is really just to save his own skin.

Obama is such a nasty ideologue, he’s going full bore in his attempt to bring down the country, so he can “fundamentally change it.”

To what?  To a totalitarian state, of course.

I miss Bill Clinton.



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