Occupy Wall Street Arrest Tally 10/27 – 2750

Occupy Wall Street ArrestsLet’s talk about Occupy Wall Street arrests, shall we?

For the past two years left and the corrupt media have been hoping for an arrest at a Tea Party event – just one – but have not gotten their wish.  That’s alright though, the liberal answer to the Tea Party has them covered!

We’ll keep an eye on this one.  Here are the latest arrest reports from Occupy Wall Street…

140 Occupy Wall Street Arrests in Boston

737 Arrested in Occupy Wall Street in New York City

24 Arrested in Occupy Denver

10 Arrested in Occupy Seattle

6 Arrested in Occupy Washington DC

Update 10/17/2011:

46 Arrested in Phoenix and 53 in Tucson

175 Arrested in Occupy Chicago

74 MORE Occupy Wall Street arrests in New York City

35 Occupy Sacramento Arrests

We’ll keep tabs and update you regularly…

10/28/2011 Update

51 OWS Arrests in San Diego

50 Occupy Wall Street Arrests in Atlanta

30 Occupy Nashville Arrests

300 Chicago (this week)

2750 Occupy Arrests Worldwide

175 Chicago (last week)




  1. Any more updates?

    Oakland – 105 (http://goo.gl/n4x6n)
    Chicago – 175 (http://goo.gl/in584)

  2. Hi Rev – Yep, bug time. I have been able to personally verify (through news stories 1,906 arrests. However, in the Wall Street Journal piece listed above, they cite 2,750 arrests world wide. I have only been watching domestic USA cities, and I am limited because there are so many stories – many thousands – I can’t possibly scour them all looking for verified totals.

    The better way to do this would be to verify the totals through the police departments. But, we don’t need to get that fancy here. For now, we’ll just use the totals printed in the newspapers.

    Taking into account those that I am sure I missed, along with the 2,750 number, I am guessing the real total in the USA is somewhere in the 2500 range.

    Consider this… If our government actually behaved the way these clowns are advocating, they’d likely be shot where they stand. You don’t see nonsense like this in China….


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