Occupy Wall Street Threat

Friends over at Conservative Hideout alerted me to this.  Have a look at the sickness that is the Occupy Wall Street movement (movement, indeed).

Occupy Wall Street Violence

“If you had any doubt what we’re up against with #OccupyWallStreet, this image, tweeted to me on Twitter (@snarky_basterd), should not only give you pause, it should send you to your local gun dealer to stock up.

This is a fight for freedom, my friends. It’s a fight for your way of life, your property, your loved ones. If one of the “99 percent” thinks this way, you can bet your ass many more do.

Prepare yourself.

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  1. Thanks for the link Harry. I’ll be adding your link to the original post.

  2. Thanks for publicizing, Matt! I was planning to beat the liberals over the head with all the video and pictures of anti-semitism, communism, racism, and all manner of evil that is taking place at these rallies.

    But….I can’t keep up.

    I’m trying to tally arrests, and I’m up to 1,300. But there are so many news stories from so many states, I literally ran out of time (I have a job to get to). Put it this way – there are some 2,000 news stories in my Google feed about OWS arrests that I couldn’t review.

    This weekend, Obama came out in direct support of the movement. Freakin AWESOME. I just hope he continues to double down. I’m starting to think Jay Carney and David Axelrod are paid Romney campaign workers…

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