Occupy Wall Street vs. Tea Party (Slideshow)

We don’t need any commentary on this, it speaks for itself.  There is an important point to be made about the media coverage of Occupy Wall Street, however.  The media wished for an arrest – a SINGLE arrest – at a Tea Party event.  The media spent three weeks covering an unsubstantiated story  about someone at a Tea Party spitting on a Congressman.  Meanwhile, the Occupy Boston dirt bags spit on a Coast Guard officer in uniform – a woman.  Coast Guard officials are warning service men and women to avoid the area when in uniform.  Nice.  And of course, we have garbage piling up, some 1000 arrests, reports of heroin use and let’s not forget one of the miscreants defecating on a police car.  I guess the media couldn’t find any of those stories.

There is certainly an interesting comparison to be made against the Tea Party, isn’t there?  You tell me…

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  1. Nothing else to say, Harry. The pictures are priceless.

  2. Good job picking only photos of Tea Party members looking onward in reverence with American flags in their hands. Don’t show any of the obviously racist signs they held up or comment on the total misguided message they were chanting.

    Oh what’s that? The Tea Party movement is not a racist movement? I guess those guys holding up signs were fringe members then, right? Just crazies? Maybe they were Democrat infiltrators! With that logic, who’s to say similar infiltrators and nutcases don’t exist within this movement?

    Of course, if police were happily knocking people upside the head, dragging them under barricades, and arresting them by the thousands, I’d feel the police car deserved some poop. Especially when cops seemed to gloat about the number of beating they gave college kids or how many times they could pepper spray women in the face.

  3. @Brandon…

    1) Have you not turned on the TV at all? Maybe you should peruse YouTube for a while. Familiarize yourself with video from Tea Parties and then from occupy Wall Street. You’ll very quickly find that my illustration of the differences between the two is spot on.

    2) The “misguided message” of the Tea Party? You mean smaller government, lower taxes, and an adherence to the Constitution? Yes, that’s terribly misguided.

    3) That’s right – let’s blame the police! The police have been randomly beating kids and spraying pepper spray. Hey Brandon, how many arrests were made at Tea Party events over the past two years? Well, As of Saturday morning, I counted 917 arrests at your occupy Wall Street mobs. 917. That was before the weekend of violence and destruction. But….I’m sure it was the bad, bad police men who are at fault.

    Brandon, I won’t convince you that you’re wrong, but you are. Your notion of what the Tea Party stands for is clearly out of whack. Your understanding of what these OWS protesters demand is either misunderstood, or misguided.

    Ask yourself this: If college tuition is free, who pays the teachers? http://www.ldjackson.net/news-politics/occupy-wall-street-a-personal-observation/

    Your comment is a great illustration of just how misguided you and your ilk are. Thanks – please post more if you have time.

  4. We can thank the so-called “public education system”, the so-called “teachers” and “professors” for what we’re witnessing today. The results of their work can clearly be seen. They’ve successfully indoctrinated three, probably four, entire generations of our citizens to embrace the enemy and to HATE their fellow countrymen, choosing to believe the dirty politicians, terrorists and global elitists over their own countrymen. It’s a travesty of monumental proportions. Those “schools” need to be SHUT DOWN and the so-called “teachers” and “professors” responsible for this crap need to be tried, convicted and PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY for their high crimes against this Nation and Her Citiens. SHUT THEM DOWN, before there is nothing left to save.

  5. @TWG – I’m not sure putting teachers on trial is the answer, though I completely understand your passion. The real answer, I think, is in restoring the family. Particularly in the black community, some 70% of babies are born out of wedlock. When these fatherless children go into the school systems and are exposed to the rampant liberalism, they have nothing else to believe in.

    Children who have stable families have parents to guide their belief system so the impact of leftist teachers becomes much less severe.

    Of course, the way to re-stabilize the family is to eliminate, or severely reduce, liberal policies. When personal responsibility becomes a guiding principle, the leftist influence in schools becomes nothing more than an interesting conversation piece around dinner tables…

  6. HLMenckenIV says

    out of curiosity, i recently attended #occupysf, last week, and again yesterday…

    not somewhere i’d bring my child.

    a chatty septugenarian, who was in awe of what she perceived to be liberal activism at work, began talking me up, asking if i ‘was part of the group’… not to be mean to a lady my mom’s age but i responded, ‘nobody represents me, i represent me’ and was quick to disassociate myself from these malcontents.

    all i saw were a bunch of rejects from Phish tour and a couple dirty canopies… give it time, the horrible weather will set in soon and wash away most of the filth… at least that’s what decent taxpaying residents are hoping.

    a construction worker on his lunch hour was seated next to me; he likewise seemed amused; he couldn’t resist snapping a photo of the ageist/ANTI-CORPORATE ‘news conference’ — this photo was too rich (plus i loved a blue-collar guy zooming in on and pointing out the irony of the occupiers’ breast-beating screed being read off a MAC PRO/APPLE POWERBOOK, whatever it’s called, a brand new one too… i thought these geniuses were anti-corporate and didn’t need the establishment for anything?)

    it’s comparably appalling too, watching YT footage from SF of these shitbags WRITHING on the ground after police use minimal force to detain them; screaming hysterical women getting in front of city vehicles and then getting in the face of cops then being shoved aside *again, with minimal force, SFPD are quite mellow*, and she DEMANDS that the news come down there and watch what THEY have on film, her being BRUTALIZED by the police … obviously none of these pukes have ever gotten up in the face of NYPD… (i recall one clip where some shitbag is walking within six inches of each policeman/woman’s face and holding up an iPad (again, with the hypocrisy of usiing a supposed tool of oppression from the corporate world) — please go to Wall Street and pull that shit with one of NY’s finest). and please, somebody film THAT.

    i’ve seen all i needed to see…

    thoroughly unimpressed.


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